Breakfast at Tiffany’s

OK, it was really at Sally’s.  And lunch was included too.  And a snack.  Sally was apparently trying to keep up with the precedent set by Susan last month.    I’m having peanut butter and jelly next time.  Gotta get these girls back to earth!

When we arrived there were cute little boxes on our plates on the table.

Aren’t these the cutest things??  Judy got the Happy Birthday box because she has a birthday in July.

Aren’t these just the cutest things?

Upon further examination (shaking), it was discovered that there was something inside.

The cutest little bracelets you could imagine!  They were quite something.  I’m sure they came from Tiffany’s.  At least you would have thought so by the way we all reacted to them.  That Sally knows how to give good gifts!  Even if they come from the dollar aisle…….

And this was breakfast!  Stuffed French Toast, or as Sally called it “French Bread Cut into Cubes Covered with Cream Cheese/Peach Preserves Mixture Topped with More French Bread Then an Egg/Half & Half Mixture Poured Over the Top Refrigerate Overnight and Bake in the Morning” (Sheesh, Sally!  Can you please give this concoction a shorter name!) sausages, syrup on the French toast.  The syrup was in that fancy blue pitcher.  Which Sally bought at a cheap place in Fort Worth.  I think it had a fancy name, but Sally called it The Crap Shack (See?  She is capable of shorter names.)  She got that pretty blue pitcher for $2.  I’m jealous.  Now I have to find this place!!!!  Sally better leave a comment for us all with directions, dontcha think?

Oh, my!  Doesn’t that just look yummy?

And here it is swimming in syrup.  I’m a bit late with the blog this morning so hopefully you’ve already had breakfast.  These pics will make you ready for lunch!

The Sherbet Sisters showed up for the day.  I’m Orange and Suz is Lime (like you couldn’t figure that out.)  We hoped that Sister Raspberry would show up too, but alas.  Neither Judy nor Susan got the memo that they were supposed to wear pink.  Judy could have been Blueberry Sherbet, but we weren’t sure that even existed.  Ever hear of blueberry sherbet?  I thought not.

After breakfast we went up to Sally’s very cool sewing studio to stitch and chat….. and chat and stitch…. and chat some more.  Because after all, we had to do something while waiting for time for  lunch.  And I took the opportunity to stroll around Sally’s house and take pics of a few things to share with all of you.  They thought I was in the bathroom…. I’m very sneaky that way.  If I ever come to your house, you better watch me like a hawk if you don’t want me wandering off for pictures for the blog.  Just a little warning there.

A pretty cardinal checked us out through the kitchen window.

And Badger apparently can sleep in any position.  “Can you please get comfortable, Badger?”  And don’t you just love the special “dog noses frosted glass” on the door?

Pretty flowers adorned a table……

….. and this beautiful arrangement decorates the bathroom!  Cool, eh?

The next time my a/c goes out and I need a place to stay, I’m moving into this great guest room.  Where pretty quilts adorn the bed and the walls…..

…including this one that Sally made using Sizzling Circles – like the ones you’ve seen in some of my earlier postings about that class.  I love her fabric choices!

This pretty Patriotic table runner makes the coffee table festive for the season.  She changes this out for all the holidays.  I’m going to have to go back and see what she does for “back to school” time.  I suppose that would be the next occasion change?

This is Sally’s rug that she made using the Cotton Theory method.  You’ve also seen that earlier on this blog.  I guess you have to pay attention if you want to know everything going on here, eh?  Or you can refer back to previous posts and read them all.  That’s if you have 156 hours to kill reading a blog.  I’m apparently a fairly prolific writer on this thing.  Who knew?

After I took my photographic tour, we had Show ‘n Tell in the sewing studio!

These are Sally’s fabulous baskets from a pattern by Alice Wilhoit.  But you need to see a few of these up close and personal…..

Aren’t the embroidery touches just the best?  And Sally’s stitches are impeccable.  Faultless.  Unable to find a stitch out of place.  Perfect.  Have I told you that she’s a Best of Show winner?  Twice.  And now that I’ve thoroughly embarrassed Miss Sally I will move on.

Aren’t these baskets just the cutest?  You needed to see them today.  One more…..

….. because that’s how many pictures I took!  And you needed to see them all.  By the way, the spectacular quilting was done by Susan Corbett. 

This is Suz’ Cotton Theory project that she started in class recently.  Suz is cringing right now because she had to follow the pics of Sally’s baskets, but I think this is a fabulous quilt too!  Beautiful colors, Suz!  Red and tan are my favorites.  Are you making this one to give to me for Christmas?  I sure hope so, because I love it.

This is the back side of Suz’ quilt.  Equally as stunning in fabric selections!  I would love for this one to live at my house.  Suz?

I also took the visit to Sally’s as an opportunity to see how she handles her piles – remember my postings about those?  Again – if you have 156 hours available you can go back and read everything.  Just sayin’.  And I really think I need Janna to come over again for a day at my house soon so I can get my piles organized again.  They are piling up as I speak write.  They have a mind of their own.  Silly piles.  Maybe if I worked on her T-shirt quilt, she’d come over and help?

Of course at Organized Sally’s house, I couldn’t find any piles no matter how hard I looked.  Sally is probably laughing right now.  She had them hidden very well.  I did not look under the beds.  Here’s what I found…..

A cool lineup of boxes to contain the piles.

Very organized shelves.

More prettily contained piles on shelves.  I wanna be just like Sally when I grow up.

I also found this as I was taking my pictures……

The Wall of Ribbons.  All very much deserved for Sally’s fabulous quilting artwork!  See?  Even her ribbons are contained and organized.  All of my ribbons are scattered here and there around my house.   All three of them.  Did I say I wanna be like Sally when I grow up?  Maybe if I hang around her some of the talent will rub off.  One can hope.

And after all of that picture taking it was time for lunch.  Finally!  I thought we’d starve to death waiting for it to be time for lunch.  Not.

Isn’t this the coolest container for the peach iced tea?  Sally bought this recently at World Market.  For a very special price that I’m sure she wouldn’t mind my sharing.  $20.  Isn’t it the coolest?  And it worked really well too.  Didn’t drip at all when you stopped filling.  When you run to WM and pick one up for yourself, will you get one for me too?  Before they are all gone.  You better hurry.

And because I took this picture and I think it’s really cool, you get to see it.  Oh, just humor me and enjoy it.  I’m having fun at your expense these days.  And I’m easily entertained.

Here’s lunch!  Tyler’s World Famous Chicken Salad (Tyler is Sally’s son who is a chef), yummy cole slaw and Lay’s chips (is there any other kind?)

“The Passing of the Croissants” for the chicken salad.  Susan decorated her sandwich.  I did not take a picture.  Apparently Susan is even more easily entertained than I am.

And remember the dessert that I told you about yesterday.  The “white stuff” is actually cream cheese mixed with marshmallow fluff.  And it is more than yummy layered with fresh fruit. Slivered almonds on top.  (Unless you are my niece who, along with her hubby, doesn’t like nuts.  I’m sure you could make it without nuts, Janna!)  I don’t think there’s anything else mixed with the cream cheese and marshmallow fluff.  But I’m sure Sally will tell us in the comments if there is!

And I forgot to take pictures of the afternoon snack that Sally had prepared.  Or maybe we were so famished when she brought it out that we gobbled it up too quickly for me to get any pics.  Just imagine it good.  Because it was.  Sorry you missed it.

This is what it said on the top of my little box that I got at Sally’s…….

…. and it was my motto for the day.  Maybe my motto for life.  Pretty good motto, don’t ya think?

Now before I close, QUICK!  Someone call The Pioneer Woman and tell her to read my blog today!

Because she needs to know that this is what a real Texas Pioneer Woman looks like.  Armed, dangerous and smiling.  Well, maybe not really armed (I don’t think there was any ammunition in sight.)  But doesn’t Susan look impressive?  Don’t mess with a Texas Pioneer Woman!

Now go fix yourself some lunch or dinner or a snack.  Because I’m sure that after all that food, you have to be hungry.


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6 Responses to Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  1. Janna says:

    When do you want me to come over (especially if it means you’ll work on my quilt :D) ? As of now, I’m free next Saturday. I’ve been looking for red canvas bins for you- no luck 😦 so you may be getting a different color(s) and/or other options 🙂
    Just let me know!
    p.s. I’m sure I could make that dessert without nuts too, I just might have to try that!

  2. Sally says:

    OK, I am thoroughly embarassed! Me thinks I should have cleaned the “dog” frosting off the back door and dusted better. Who knew Barb was so sneaky with her camera!!!! Wait a minute, I guess we ALL should know that!

    How about those bracelets that came from Tiffany’s by way of Dollar Tree??? And the Crap Shack is really Norma Stone’s Floral Supply which is located at 5555 E Belknap St. in Haltom City. My BFF Joy and I have found treasures there for over 20 years but you really have to dig for them.

    The mixture around the fruit is just cream cheese and marshmallow cream mixed together and, by the way, it is more delicious the second day. Ask me how I know that!

    Don’t you just love Susan posing as Bonnie! Hmmmm….where’s Clyde? Actually, Tyler had just brought in an antique WWII Japanese rifle that Ragan’s father gave him. Pretty cool treasure and no, it was not loaded. Everyone was safe!

    Now we’ve got to come up with a cool name for that breakfast bread thingie…..any suggestions from you wonderful creative ladies???

    Anyway, fun, fun day and fun, fun blog, Barb! You’re the blogiest best!!!

  3. Sarah says:

    Sally,I love the fact that you had dog frosting on your windows. I always try at the last minute to clean those windows (and French doors) because you can only do it at the last minute or they get frosty all over again. But sometimes I don’t even bother (I’m talking about when I have the sewing ladies over) Other times, I can’t be bothered at all. So I now know that although you make wonderful shirts and have a very organized sewing room and the fact that you have all of those quilting ribbons, you are human, too. Thanks!!

  4. sueme says:

    While reading and looking at all the pictures I kept thinking……..I saw these guys at JSS yesterday and then worked last night. Took a little nap when I got home this morning and WOW… look at all that wonderful food. I kept checking the date, it’s still July 9th, but i feel like I have missed a week of food and sewing! How does Sally win all those ribbons when she is cooking all the time? I even purchased a lottery ticket on the way home in hopes of not having to work again, but I’m not a winner YET.

  5. Suz says:

    Can’t get over how natural Susan looks with that gun! And she loved on it just like it was fabric! Great stuff, as usual, Barb!

  6. Patti says:

    Sally, I think we all feel a little bit better with all your perfectionism that you are human.
    It is OK. You are so talented and (almost completely) flawless. You are Amazing!

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