Bee Stitchin’ Day

Yesterday was stitchin’ day with my Bee.  Always a fun day with great quilting friends.  I had high hopes of progress on preparation for a class I’m teaching next week.  Only there was a slight problem.  OK, I’ll show you….

Here is my stack of stuff to take with me.  The quilt on the right is the one I’m binding for my friend, Janet.  And the pile on the left is for the class I’m teaching.  Did I say I had high hopes?  Story of my life.  I always have good intentions of getting something done.  Just doesn’t work out that way.  9 times out of 10.  Could it be I’m too busy socializing?  Nah…… (stop laughing all you who know me!)  Anyway, I loaded all this stuff in a basket and a bag and headed off to Bee.  Boo helped, but I did not load him in the basket.

This is the stack of things that I unloaded from my basket and bag after I got home last night.  Slight problem.  The pile on the right grew while the pile on the left doesn’t look one bit different.  I now have two quilts to bind for Janet.  Thank goodness she’s going on vacation and I’ll have extra time now.  Which, of course, means that I won’t start the binding on that second quilt until the day before she gets back.  You know me too well.  And yes, Boo is still around.  Just not in the mood for posing with the “stuff” tonight.

But the best part?  That bag of coffee that got added to the basket.  One dear quilting friend brought me that.  I can always use a good cup of Starbuck’s.  And I’m going to need it when I chain myself to my sewing machine on Sunday afternoon and make class samples of that stack of fabric on the left.  Which, even though it sounds like a bad thing, is not necessarily so.  Being chained to a sewing machine, I mean.  Can definitely be a good thing to a quilt addict like me.

And the food today?  Amazing as usual.  And me with my camera along and not a single picture taken.  I blame it on sugar/carb overload from the day before.  I just wasn’t myself.  Blame the sugar.  I promise to do better next time.  As long as all my photography subjects don’t scatter when I get out my camera.  At least the food holds still.

Until next time…. keep on quilting!

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