Yeah! There’s a VIDEO!

Well, not in the blog but there is one up on YouTube!  So at least you can see it.  Perhaps one day we’ll spring for the extra stuff that costs money on the blog and have everything here.  We’ll see how this goes.  And hopefully I’ll get more videos up in the next few days so you can see them all.

But first…… more pictures!  YEAH!  I KNOW you were waiting with bated (baited?) breath – OK – we will NOT go there again.  Many of you remember we had the discussion about that word in a previous retreat.

Here’s Susan….. can’t tell for sure, but I think she had a little too much to eat (and those of you who were there know what a big fib that is!)  But she looks like she’s had a little too much of something in this picture…..

Sue O feels a heartbeat?  Or is Susan just HIDING her lovely trash to treasure gifts so nobody will steal them?

And remember I told you that the Newbies made us all signs?  I think I told you the names in an email.  Well, I wasn’t real happy with the name they gave me – “Big Bad Barb” – until Madelyn told me that “bad” is the new “good.”  Still, I was much happier when they picked up our nametags for drawings one day and when mine was returned it looked like this:

MUCH better!  There are some pretty nice words there…… Bouncy, Beautiful, Bold, Babe, Best Friend…. if you make the picture bigger by clicking on it, you can probably read them all.   And Judy apparently wasn’t happy with “Just Judy” either – until we heard the explanation was that she was always called Judylinn, like it was all one word.  I guess that was to distinguish her from our other Judy, as in Roybal.  But the Newbies haven’t seen much of Judy R and wondered why Judy couldn’t be just Judy!  We hope that Judy R will be able to come more often in the future and then Judy will have to be Judylinn again.  But in the meantime….here’s HER addition to her sign….

Yes!  Judy is definitely Joyous!

And now, a little retreat story….. Newbie Suz was a roomie to Susan, Sally and I and she asked us one day why our bathroom was SO tidy!?  Personally, I think she was just concerned that we weren’t showering OR brushing our teeth because there were no traces of anything.  She said, “Wouldn’t it be easier to leave some things in the shower?  And perhaps a toothbrush by the sink?  Why do you put everything away?”  (Again, I think she was worried about how dirty we were getting….just sayin’)  So one day I put ALL our stuff out on the sink.  Wondered how long it would take for her to discover it.  She couldn’t even get to the sink to wash her hands!  Couldn’t fool her, though.  She sat down at lunch that day and said, “The stuff in the bathroom is for MY benefit, right?”  LOL!  Here are the before and after pics……
and next retreat we’re all going to have these……

In our own personal color….. to keep our things all nice and tidy….. but allow us to leave them out near the sink!  And so Suz won’t go crazy, wondering if we’re showering and brushing our teeth…..

Now some Show ‘n Tell……

Barb’s batiks – a Bali Pop and a special ruler – easy!  Fabrics for borders to be added are on the right side.

Susan’s Vintage Valentine – with an up close of the name (bottom row – middle right block)

Kay shows her T-shirts – and an up close of one (turn your head sideways, please…..)

And just to make sure you’re paying attention….. here’s the link to YouTube and the first video!
Every time something was about to happen in the room with Cindy leading the charge, The Twist would begin to play and everyone would get up to dance.  (It was the ONLY exercise some of us got the whole time – give us a break!)  Be sure to watch all the way to the end – do you think Betty was having a good time?

Back to Show ‘n Tell…….
Susan’s fabulous Baltimore Album quilt!  And some of the blocks up close and personal…..

Phyl’s Hydrangeas…… they look like you could pick them!

Sarah had three quilts to show……. all of them wonderful!  Go Sarah!

Peggy had three things to show – the first one was from her brown bag fabric and made by Barb!  Peggy has it ready for hand quilting.  The second pic is her round robin from her Applique Society group.  And the last looks like it will definitely qualify for the 50 or more different fabrics for the challenge for the TVQG Quilt Show in Sept!

And I’m afraid your Roving Reporter messed up on this last one….. I don’t know whose quilt it is!!!  So ‘fess up in the comments and I’ll add your name and the story to the picture!  Sarah ‘fessed up!  (And she thought it was just a trick to see who was reading the blog…..ooooo,  Sarah!  What a GREAT idea!)  This glorified nine-patch is hers.  She started it before she left Dallas and she’s working on finishing up some of those UFO’s!  Looks GREAT, Sarah!

When I got home on Thursday, I decided a special treat was in order.  Those of you who know me know that Pioneer Woman is my hero and I LOVE following her cooking stuff.  So after reading about this dish while on retreat, I decided I HAD to try it.  (Wasn’t that nice of me to link you to the recipe for PW on MY blog?  I’m sure she needs my help maintaining her millions of viewers.)  Here’s a hint:

I know, I know… the stone with the bread looks like it’s about to fall off on the floor!  I’m going to have to get better at staging my pictures if I’m going to be professional at this blog thing!  And Susan tells me I should get rid of the background things, but I think the Rachael Ray garbage bowl looks cool on my kitchen counter!  And before you ask….. I ate THREE pieces while Mark only ate one.  After all, I am trying to maintain my retreat weight, people!  It’s not easy!  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Be sure to wait on pins and needles (ouch!) for the next post and more videos!  I’m trying to keep everyone happy here.  And you seriously didn’t even miss the fact that I didn’t darken the font this time, right?  You read all the way through and didn’t even notice until here, right?  Don’t lie!  I’ll know if you’re lyin’…..

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5 Responses to Yeah! There’s a VIDEO!

  1. Mark says:

    OK, everybody…. Keep those cards and letters coming in!!!

  2. Susan says:

    You are very good at this, Barb!! I love your pics in between all the chatting, it really makes it fun to read/see, and your captions are always great! The mystery Wedding Quilt belongs to Sweet Sarah! She will have to tell you the story about why it’s not finished, and I look forward to seeing it when it is. I made the toast and ate it ALL!! Oh, and the font is great, and the bold emphasis here and there is perfect–all bold would be too much, I think. Just kidding about the toast–LOL!

  3. Sarah says:

    Barb, the glorified Nine Patch is mine. Made like one of Linda Schnacke’s. I started mine before I left Dallas (2002) and am trying to finish some of my very old UFO’s.

    Was this a test to see who is reading your blog? You are doing a great job. Keep it up. I really enjoy it!


  4. Kaye Bowling says:

    ok, now I have to go make cinnamon toast…. the right way, of course. Yummy!

  5. Libby says:

    Love the blog! I’m afraid work is going to seem very boring after all this retreat fun…and lunch from McDonald’s probably won’t measure up either!

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