More Videos!

Two posts in one day!  Don’t get used to it…. I just have lots to make available for you right now while the retreat is still fresh in our hearts and minds.  The videos are just tooooo fun and you need to see them!  All of the laughter really rings out!  It is fun to re-live the memories and for those of you who weren’t there, I KNOW it will make you want to sign up NOW for the next retreat!  Which happens to be Oct 17-21 for anyone who’s interested in getting it on their calendar.  You DO have it on your calendars, right?  Once the general blogging world reads about all our antics they will be flocking to sign up.  Our retreat could become world famous!  Do you think we can get Pioneer Woman to come?

So without further ado…….here are the links to the videos!

Madelyn gets the best Trash to Treasure of all!

Lynn tries to steal Madelyn’s pin cushion/bag – I think a few retreaters put her up to it!

The Olympic Orchestra again plays the National Anthem!

Training for the Newbies!

And the Newbies play their own song!


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1 Response to More Videos!

  1. Susan says:

    I don’t want our retreat to be world famous–I don’t think we could fit anymore women in our room unless they haul in cots and mats…and I would surely step on their heads when I get up to go to the bathroom 10 times in the middle of the night. ‘Course, we had four in our room. Those of you in the privates and semi-privates would no longer have THAT luxury! But maybe we could have contests like PW where someONE wins a prize and gets to attend…and they could sleep in the laundry room if we are full up. Or not…cuz they’d want to come back, and if everyone came back, then Melissa would have to build on an extension…and soon we’d be sleeping in the wildflowers. Barb, the videos were great! Majestic Madelyn rules! (that was TOO funny!)

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