Videos…… AGAIN!

You know you love ’em.  The videos, I mean.  I aim to please so I’m getting them posted for all to view.  Even though Boo is begging me for a nap right now.  He knows it’s Sunday afternoon and time for a nap on the couch while the TV plays something that’s easy to nap to.  Golf is best.  They even whisper so they don’t wake you.  Boo is rubbing all over the keyboard and my arms, begging for attention.  But I know him well, what he really wants is a lap to nap in.  Good cat!

So here’s the last of the retreat videos.  I broke them into two parts so you wouldn’t get video overload yesterday.  More fun to drag it out…. on and on and on and on and on with retreat things to keep you coming back for more.  It’s a trick of mine.  To get as many hits on the blog as possible.  Makes me feel loved and wanted.  I seriously must be having self-esteem issues, dontcha think?   But there’s something about the graph that wordpress makes for me.  I want to see it go up, never down.  So do me a favor and log on and off the page multiple times today.  It will feed my psychic need for affirmation.  Or is it psycho need.  One or the other.

OK – ON with the VIDEOS!  Stop chattering, Barb!

 A brief clip of the JSS Newbies as they tell their stories so we can all get to know them better.  Sometimes we even learn things we probably shouldn’t know….. where did you live, Kay?  And are you SURE you weren’t hit in the head with the baseball, Suz?  Your Mom has the ball to prove it, after all.  Sure it was your sister…..this could be your prime excuse for any weirdness you might profess to have.  The game is called “Two Truths and a Lie.”

And since when did the entertainment become the veteran retreaters doing all the entertaining??  Whatever happened to the NEWBIES doing all the entertaining?  Somehow we have lost our way here, girls!  We are going to have to make sure the next Newbie Leader gets it right.  Better training needs to be given these retreat Newbies!  Watch here as Sally gets carried away as her group performs the winning song (there were 3 groups competing.)

The next group included the photographer!  So since she can’t play her magical musical instrument AND take videos, you’ll have to be satisfied with just THIS video…..

And group #3 really got carried away with their song.  Apparently they thought if they danced along to the song (or is that more like a parade clown march?) that we’d all surely be able to guess the song.  They got the lowest score of the 3 groups which was an 8 (just happened to be the lowest score possible because that’s all the scorecards they made!  We tried to tear it in half and make it a 3…. or tear the other way and make it a 0 – sorry group #3!!)  See if you can figure out what the song is as they march and play here.

And finally, Newbie Leader Cindy gets her own prize for leading the Newbies so valiantly this year.   And who will next year’s Newbie Leader be?  We must start training her NOW – it’s all about the Newbies.  Repeat after me….. “It’s all about the Newbies, It’s all about the Newbies.”  We have six months to prepare her, whoever she is!

OK – there’s no holding off Boo a moment longer.  Nice to have a cat to use as an excuse for a Sunday afternoon nap!  I hear you saying, “Who needs an excuse?”  And I agree….. with you and with Boo.  Whoooooooooooo’s with me?!!?

Zzzzzzzzzzzz until next time……

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5 Responses to Videos…… AGAIN!

  1. Suz says:

    My son will be so embarassed that I’m on YouTube…so I’m going to send him the link right away! Thanks, Barb! You help us all make life more interesting!

  2. JoAnne says:

    Just found your blog – great job! I know I’ll enjoy keeping up with you through it.

  3. Peggy says:

    Well Barb, it’s almost midnite and I think I’m still on retreat! Think I’m finally figuring out how I get the blogs and not just the comments so eventually I’ll get through all these! Just so you know…..I am NOT going to hand quilt your/my brown bag challenge quilt, at least if you ever want to see it finished. AND I now know I have been making cinnamon toast the absolutely WRONG way my entire life!!! Do you think it’s toooooo late to change??? And then there’s those videos…………This is all tooo fun but the only negative is that we can’t actually quilt on the computer…..what to do about that?

  4. Judy Linn says:

    I love the end of the one video!!!!

    Blurrey eyed photographer with GREAT comment!!!!

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