Susan’s New Obsession

Hang on to your cotton.  Susan has a new obsession.  Remember my friend Susan and her latest obsession with wool that I told you about awhile back?  Well, forget the wool.  She’s throwing that out the window now.  She has a brand new obsession……. Cotton Theory quilting.  Double-sided quilts.  Placemats.  Trivets.  Quilting all her own things now.  Forget the high price of longarm quilting.  She’s obsessed. 

Look at her stitching away.  She couldn’t even glance over and smile for the camera.  She was head down, pedal to the metal all day long.  (What does that mean anyway – “pedal to the metal?”  Who invented that saying?  One of you is in charge of googling that and getting back to me on where it originated and what it means.)  And she thought she didn’t even want to take this class.  She actually decided at the last possible minute that she wanted to learn this technique.  And she got into the class by the skin of her teeth.  (And why do we say that one?  Do teeth have skin?  I think not.)

But I digress…….

I should tell you that my Cotton Theory class was a huge success!  15 ladies took the class yesterday and it was all great fun.  Lots of different fabrics used and I think all were pleased with the technique.  I can’t wait to see all the quilts they make!  I’m a bit obsessed with this one myself and will definitely make another quilt using this technique!  In fact I plan to use this same technique for putting together Janna’s T-shirt quilt.  Now that this class is behind me, I’ll have more time to work on Janna’s quilt.  She’ll be glad.   And you’ll get to see more pics of the progress on that one.

So check out some of the great fabric combinations that these girls put together.



This gal had a totally different plan in mind and it was going to be fabulous!

Pretty bluebonnets and Texas wildflowers!

Look at that organization!  Way to go, Sandi!

These gals put together some great fabrics!

Aren’t the teapots cute?

Very cool fabrics.

Won’t these make some fancy summer placemats?

Fun prints!

Two gals worked together on this cool baseball quilt.  My friend, Suz, is a huge baseball fan.  She’s gonna wish she’d have thought of this one and been there for class to get a good start on it.  Maybe for a price she can get this gal to give up hers.

And here’s the back side.  Blue on the front, red on the back.  Make her an offer she can’t refuse, Suz!


Aren’t these colors wonderful?  These gals really did a great job in the class.  I hope they stick with it and complete those quilts, so that I can see them eventually!

But in the meantime, hide the cotton.  Susan has a new obsession.

Love you, Susan!

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4 Responses to Susan’s New Obsession

  1. Susan says:

    Haaaaaa! Pretty funny, Barb! But seriously, anyone who knows me knows I love handwork, not machine work. I’ve seen Barb and Sally work on Cotton Theory projects, and not only did I not ask them any questions, but I hurried as far away as possible. It looked so complicated, and I had quickly glanced at the book once and bolted. Seriously, who could figure all that out? But I suddenly decided to try to challenge myself (huh?), and I figured I could surely whip out a couple of placemats (NOT that big lap thing Barb was working on). Well, her class was SO much fun, and the lesson was so EASY…I couldn’t believe that all you JSS girls weren’t in there! Everyone needs to try this! Remember that project Barb taught with the circles that all come together, and you have a completed quilt in the end? It’s even more fun than that! Hurry, get her to teach you!! And forget those placemats, I’m making a lap quilt and probably more than one! Thanks for the great class, Barb! You are such a good instructor that even a blonde can do it–LOL! 🙂

  2. Suz says:

    This is too funny! Way to go Susan! I DO need to take this class, so please schedule another one, Barb! All of those projects were great, baseball included! I just hope that “the universe” isn’t telling me now that Susan loves piecing that I need to start appliquing! Yikes!

  3. Sally says:

    Susan, you go, girl! Now I want to make some placemats!!!! And I’ve already made a rug…a very loooooong rug. Barb, I loved seeing all the different fabrics and I’m so glad your class was such a success. COOL BEANS!!!!

    p.s. We gotta get Suz to appliquing`….

  4. Sissy says:

    Okay–Sally girl tried to get me to buy this Cotton Theory stuff at the quilt shows but NO!! Barb, if you have a class I’m signing up. You are one of the best instructors. Yes, I took the circle class from Barb and I am hooked on that technique it’s time for me to move on. Oh wait maybe I need to take my binding class. LOL

    Love the blogs I look here daily.

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