Quilts & Food – Another JSS Bee Day!

It’s that time again.  Another JSS Bee Day!  Once again I am compelled to show you everything.  The food, the quilts, the ladies of the Bee.  It just wouldn’t be right to not keep you completely informed.  And besides, that would mean I’d taken a lot of pictures for nothing.  Can’t let those pictures go to waste, now can I?

This month we were at Pat’s house and she did not disappoint.  Once again the food was fabulous!

This was breakfast.  All set out on the dining room table to greet us as we arrived.  Because we’re all about the eating.  All day, if possible.  And aren’t the flowers gorgeous?

I had to play with the camera and take this up close shot of the flowers.  Just because.

And this chocolate cake was sitting in the kitchen waiting for lunch.  Lunch is in the pans behind the cake, but my camera couldn’t focus on anything but the chocolate.  And I’m surprised you can’t see my drool.

Some of us bring stitching along for Bee days.  But some are rebels.  You already guessed that about Cindy, didn’t you?  She’s a rebel with yarn on this particular day.  Don’t listen to her when she tells you that she learned that from me.

I took the liberty of strolling around Pat’s house to take a few pics of anything I found interesting.  And there were lots of interesting things to find!

What an inviting kitchen sink!  It almost makes me want to stand there and do dishes.  Almost.

And this is where all of Pat’s quilting creations are birthed.  In a fabulous quilting room!

Where this cute little button/spool doll presides over her creativity.

And how about this fabulous guest room?  I’m moving in tomorrow.

You can picture me having my morning coffee on the patio overlooking this fabulously landscaped back yard.  Watching the birds and other creatures.  Wanna join me?

You can have this room.  Equally warm, cozy and inviting.  We’ll meet on the patio for breakfast.

Pat had to beat on a pot with a wooden spoon to get these girls’ attention to begin show ‘n tell.  Otherwise we’d still be there waiting.  Once these gals get to talkin’ it’s tough to get them to move on to the task at hand.  And it would soon be time to eat again!

Karen brought the book with the story of the necklace to pass around for her show ‘n tell.  And her boots.  You remember from the most recent post.  We got to hear all the details of the events of her daughter’s wedding.  And we were hanging on every word.  What a fun time Karen had!

Karen also brought this fabulous collection of her daughter’s bridal portraits.  What a beautiful bride!

Meet Kay’s show ‘n tell!  I think his name is Grant.  It was good that I snapped a picture quickly.  Because exactly 4 seconds after I snapped this picture, he realized that there was a dull roar in the room from 294 women all talking at the same time.

This is how he looked in all the rest of the pics I took of him.  He was not happy with all these women!  Just give him a few years, Kay.  I bet he’ll outgrow it.

This is Sue’s show ‘n tell.  A new grandbaby!  What’s that you say?  You thought this was a quilting blog?  And all you’ve seen so far is babies, food, guest bedrooms, wedding pics and a little knitting?  OK, OK…. I’ll show you some quilts!

How about this amazing quilt made by Jules?  Does that meet your expectations for fabulous quilts?

And this is Jules with another of her fabulous quilts.

Yet another creation by Jules.  This is about the time that I hid my show ‘n tell.  Who wants to follow an act like that?  Just kidding, Jules!  I really didn’t have any show ‘n tell that day.

Surprise!  This is a show ‘n tell work in progress from Lani.  She wasn’t even at the Bee but she heard there were going to be show ‘n tell pics on my blog and she sent along a few pics I could share with you.  She’s making two patriotic quilts and this is one of them.

Very nice, Lani!  She’s been busy in that little NYC apartment sewing room.

Lani also sent this hat block to Linda.  You remember we all gave Linda hat blocks recently because she’s moving away and we don’t want her to forget us.  Cool NYC fabric background, Lani!

Linda also received this cute hat block from her daughter, Maxine.  She saw the blocks that we made and wanted to join in the fun.  Very clever, Maxine!

Sue O showed us some great embroidery that she brought along to work on.  Very Texas.

Sue H is working on her Baltimore album blocks.  Betty has some hand quilting in her lap and Madelyn is working on a cute dresden plate that I bet we’ll see finished real soon.

Nancy is also working on Baltimore album blocks.

And Davene showed us this great quilt.

And then it was time for lunch.  Yeah!  More eating is always a good thing with this group.

A fabulous corn & bean salad.  It was extraordinarily yummy.

And a nice healthy fruit salad.  Isn’t it pretty?

My plate.  Are you hungry yet?  I’m all about getting your juices flowing to start your day.  Or in the middle of your day.  Or right before dinner.  Or whatever time you’re actually reading this.  The chicken casserole was pretty awesome too.

But this was the show-stopper of the day.  A sort of Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake combo.  Pat gave me the recipe because everyone wanted me to share it on the blog.  But I think it deserves its own day.  I’ll be making this one real soon and showing you the step-by-step easy process.  It might become my new Thanksgiving dessert recipe for this year.  And it might just become my family’s all time favorite.

Notice I didn’t forget the chocolate cake.  I had to have a  substantial amount of both desserts.  Because a skimpy little piece of each wouldn’t have made for a good picture for the blog.  And I’m all about good pictures on the blog.

This cute little devotional book was sitting on the end table in Pat’s living room.  I think I’ll give her a call and see if she has any of that pumpkin pie cake left over and I’ll go try out that guest room.  Put the coffee on, Pat!  I’ll be right over for some pie/cake on the back patio.  And perhaps I’ll read a bit of this little book while I enjoy the birds.

Happy Monday!

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12 Responses to Quilts & Food – Another JSS Bee Day!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ok that does it – I moving down to Texas!

  2. Linda says:

    I’m already living in Texas and I want to move to where you gals meet! I love the blog and what your group is doing. I miss being part of a group like that!

  3. sartenada says:

    Oh, yeh, some quilts are really very beautiful and skilful. On my blog You’ll have more quilting ideas.

    Happy quilting!

  4. Jane Winton says:

    Will you tell Sue O, Judy, and Madelyn hi for me?
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Judy Terry Linn says:

      I am hungry all over again looking at these pics of Pat’s fabulous feast!

      Hi Ho to Mrs. Winton! Missing seeing U!!!!

      Thanks, Barb, absolutely – did I say – ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHY!!!! I LOVE the close-ups! Color on quilts is fabulous as well as the flowers!!!


  5. Joyce says:

    Looks like you all bunch of fun…

  6. Judy Terry Linn says:

    Barb, Lani,

    You two are great – Lani’s show ‘n tell added!!!!

  7. Susan Bancroft says:

    It should be against the law to miss JSS. I had a doctor’s appointment in Dallas that day, but I don’t know what’s worse…missing JSS and THINKING about what’s going on that day, or missing and having to see it all on the blog…LOL! Omg, Jules, your quilts are spectacular as usual! All the show ‘n tell was fabulous, and Lala’s hats from Lani and Maxine were so cool, I couldn’t stand it! What a beautiful home and backyard, what yummy food (and what a beautiful grandbaby, Kay)! Great blog, Barb!! 🙂

  8. Sandi says:

    The quilts were super fantastic!!! Am interested in the giraffes in Linda’s lap. Any story there?? And how about the recipe for the corn and bean salad. I don’t ask for much, do I?LOL

  9. Sally says:

    Amen to Susan’s comments. I just cant stand missing a JSS day!!! And, now that I see the WONDERFUL pictures, I can’t stand it a pillion times over! (By the way, a pillion = pretty many!) Looks like you all had such a grand time and Pat….beautiful job!!! I want to see all those fabulous quilts up front and personal! And, I want to see pictures of THE WEDDING and hear all about it, Karen. So, you all just have to start over at LaNelle’s in October. I mean it and Susan will back me up, huh, Susan???

    Barb, we are so blessed that you do what you do so that we can enjoy this over and over again. Now, don’t tarry in posting that pumpkin yummy thingie recipe…I just might need to make that for Bunko coming up in two weeks.

    I sure missed you fabulous ladies and can’t wait to see you at LaNelle’s.

  10. What a fun day – and look at all that beautiful quilting going on! Have you discovered all the great quilting links at http://www.WeAllSew.com yet? Great inspiration!

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