12 Random Thoughts

1.  GB Jones won the Iditarod early last Sunday morning in 45th place.  Winning, you see, is just crossing the finish line when it comes to the Iditarod.  He finished the race in 13 days, 10 hours, 59 minutes and 42 seconds.

2.  In the time it took GB Jones and his 14 fabulous sled dogs to run the Iditarod race, Dear Hubby and I drove to Colorado and, with the help of my Sis, packed up almost all of the worldly possessions of my parents.  Then we drove back.  And arrived home in time to watch GB cross the finish line in Nome, Alaska.  GB’s journey took 13 days + while mine took only 8 days (including packing time.)  My trip was over 1500 miles while his was just over 1100.  I guess cars go faster than sled dogs.

3.  Two angels from Texas arrived with a truck and trailer for loading all my parents’ stuff.  And angels from their church helped carry it to the trailer.

4.  This is the view the other direction from where the trailer was parked.  Do not, I repeat not, let my Mother see this picture.  She is already lonesome enough for her beloved mountain.

5.  This is the full view of the mountain behind my parents’ Colorado home.  Again, hide your computers from my Mother.  She is not allowed to see this picture.  She misses the deep blue sky as much as she misses her mountain.

6.  These guys practically live in my parents’ driveway.  We feed them when we are there.  I am glad summer is on its way.  I wonder if they still come to the driveway each morning at precisely 7:45 a.m. and wait for the garage door to open and the food to appear?  You better not let Mom see this picture either.  It will make her very homesick for Colorado.

Hi, little deer!  Isn’t she a cutie?  Colorado mule deer have ears that are bigger than their heads.

7.  Today at noon in Knik, Alaska there is a potluck and bonfire celebrating GB’s Iditarod run.  His last Iditarod run.  Or so he says.  I’ve heard it before.  Iditarod sure gets in a person’s blood.  I wish I were in Alaska today where the temp is 27° right now.  Instead of in Texas where the high today is supposed to be 85°.  OK, call me crazy, but I like that cool Alaska air.

8.  Our friend and angel, Brian, is a hunter.  I have a feeling this picture really goes against his hunter instincts.  Brian was an angel in a whole lot of ways last week in Colorado.  He took care of my Dad all night the night he arrived.  He wanted me and Dear Hubby to get some sleep!  I could write a whole blog about what a compassionate servant Brian is.  He is indeed an angel sent from God to many in times of need.  We love you, Brian!

9.  This is the woodpile that used to be in the back yard at my parents’ Colorado home.  A bunch of this wood is now on the trailer, soon to be unloaded in my back yard.  Where it will have to wait out the summer in Texas so I can burn it in the fireplace next winter.  I just couldn’t leave all that beautiful cut and split wood behind!  I wish I had taken a picture after the wood was loaded on the trailer.  I have no idea how small this pile is now.  Too much else was going on that day.

10.  This is my Mom and Dad.  You can’t tell from this picture but my Dad has been very ill.  Thus the move to Texas to be with their family.  He is now in the hospital in Texas.  And finally beginning to improve.

11.  This is Dad sitting in the recliner in my living room before he went into the hospital last Tuesday.  Talking to his brother in Florida on the phone.  See the pockets of swelling around his left eye?  He has had terrible edema.  That all started with a staph infection in his left arm.  He looks much better now and we are breathing a huge sigh of relief and praising God that he is still with us.  And he is lamenting that he is so weak.  He wants to be back to his active self!  It’s going to be a long road to recovery.

12.  I am a blogger.  I am happiest when I am blogging.  Today is a happy day.

It’s good to be back.  And congratulations, GB Jones!

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22 Responses to 12 Random Thoughts

  1. Peggy says:

    Barb, what a journey you have had………I can truly empathize and all I can say is you are in my thoughts and prayers. And the only word of advice I have is that you have to take a little time now and then to take care of YOU!!! So glad you are back and on the blog too, we’ve missed you! Big warm hugs……………..

  2. Bertha Mallard says:

    Welcome back. You were sorely missed.

  3. Suzie says:

    Dear sweet Barb, I’m so glad you’re home – safe and sound. I’ve missed you and missed reading about your experiences. Cleverly written, as always! What a cute little couple – your parents.
    It’s so hard to move someone away from their longtime home. After going through this, I hope they’ll settle in and feel well enough to enjoy their new adventure. I’m glad your father is being well cared for and now they’re close to great hospitals and you, Mark and family.
    Take care and if there’s anything I can do for you, I’d be so happy to help. YOU are an angel!

  4. Brenda Foster says:

    You forgot the other 2 angels that helped your mom and dad-you and Mark. You went to do probably the hardest job ever required of a child with their parents. You have handled it with grace and compassion. You located a lovely place for their relocation that is close enough for you to check on them regularly. I’ve been taking notes on what to do, because I know some day I will have to do the same thing. I hope I can handle it as well as you.

  5. Ranch Wife says:

    It’s so hard to watch our parents age. Sending healing prayers for your Dad…and your Mom. I understand how she misses her mountain. I miss mine too and it’s been 6 years. Took 2 years before I could look at photos and sometimes I still tear up. One of these days I hope to get to Alaska for the Iditarod. You have been busy…and such a blessing to your parents. May you be blessed as you continue helping them.

  6. Diane Wyte says:

    Dear Barb,
    You are back! We all missed you. Your parents are lovely and with time, will love Texas too – especially with you, Mark, and family nearby! It is so hard to relocate parents – I can empathize with you completely —- all those angels that came into your life when you needed them most – that’s the way it works!!!! You do the same —
    Thinking of you tons – take time for yourself, too – most important for you to rejuvenate!

  7. Diane Heller says:

    I, too, have missed reading your blog. I am with my mother (soon to be 92 and still living alone) now taking her to doctors and trying to boost her spirits. My prayers are with you, your family and especially your father.
    Thanks for the pictures of the Iditarod!

  8. Kaye says:

    I can only repeat the same words as previous comments, and I pray you and all your family can finally settle down and enjoy being with each other. Wow what a beautiful place! I’m not sure I would have been able to leave. Hope your dad is doing better, and that they can feel settled in their new home soon. Take care of yourself and give yourself a big hug from me!

  9. Carol Parker says:

    Like your blog – you made me feel like was there. So glad your Dad is seeing improvement. Your Mom was in high spirits when she called this morning. Will be anxious to hear what the doctors have planned for him next. It’s good to know they are in good hands. Thanks for keeping us up to date!!! Love, Carol. tell Bob hi for us and keep doing what doctors say!

  10. Judy Terry Linn says:

    Sooooo good to hear from U today! HUGS to All!

  11. Kandy Murray says:

    My prayers and heart go out to you. I just moved my 87 year old mom in with me, while my sister took my dad to live with her. He then spent a week in the hospital and a month in a nursing home recovering. It’s quite a journey when you undertake to look after your parents. I’ll keep you in my prayers and your parents as well. Thanks for the wonderful pictures too. I enjoyed them so much!

  12. LaNelle says:

    Glad you are back in Texas. Hope your Dad is better soon. Also hope mom settles in quickly. Colo is beautiful and I know she will miss it. But Texas has beautiful people to make up for lack if mountains. Take care…

  13. Alycia says:

    Boy they lived in a gorgeous place, but so glad that they can be with you! Glad your trip was safe.

  14. Jocelyn says:

    Barb, I love picture #5 of the beautiful mountains. That picture should be in a magazine! Gorgeous. And we have another friend who is a musher lover.


    Danielle is the daughter of my BFF. Her sister Carlee (& family) lives in Nome, so Dani was there for the race. Danielle is the caretaker of Elizabeth Elliot, so she is not back in Boston caring for Miss Elizabeth.

    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures.

  15. Jocelyn says:

    oops……. typo. Should have said………. she is NOW back in Boston 😉

  16. sue says:

    Barb, you are breaking my heart. I hurt for your dear parents….I know how they love the mountains. May you all be surrounded by angels.

  17. Linda Sue Garrett Johnson says:

    So glad you are back, and we missed you at guild! I will keep you in my prayers while you and your parents are going through this transition period…been there–done that!

  18. Susan Bancroft says:

    This was such a sweet blog, Barb. I loved your angels…wow! What a transition for all of you, and what a wonderful daughter you are! There will be a special place in heaven for children who take such good care of their parents…Love you! xoxo

  19. Barbara Callaway says:

    Congratulations to GB and I’m sending prayers that your father improves quickly and that both your parents adjust to their new surroundings. 🙂

  20. Susan says:

    13. We are with you Barb. You have done a lot in the last two weeks…….. rest as possible.

  21. Mary Kuykendall says:

    I woke up this morning thinking about you… so I decided to check your blog to see what might be going on in your life. Now I know. So here are the verses that carried me through when I was going down this path you are now going on.
    Isaiah 41:9-10…
    “You are my servant, I have chosen you…. ….. I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with MY righteous right hand…….”
    I pray that you will feel His arms around you as you go along the way….
    Love you, Mary

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