A Fish Out of Water

Yes, that’s what I am.  I mean, I’m a Texas gal, living for the summer in the outskirts of Montreal, Canada.  Do you know what the Mexican food section looks like at the grocery here?  Pitiful, I tell ya, pitiful.

At least from this Texas gal’s perspective.  And worst of all?

They have never heard of Rotel tomatoes.

Yes, my Texas friends, you read that correctly.  I searched and searched for them.  And it appears that Rotel just didn’t think they had a market for their wonderful product in Canada.  Either that or they didn’t want to repackage it with French on the label.  But don’t get my friend, Cathi, started on that one.


And this is what the Mexican food section looks like at the grocery here.  And WalMart.  Didn’t I tell you it was pitiful?  It appears that the people of Montreal have not learned the finer points of Mexican food and only eat tacos and salsa.  At least the ones near the grocery in my neck of this Canadian woods.


Because this is what I’m used to in Texas.  Mexican food ingredients that stretch on down a long row.  Yum.  My mouth is drooling just looking at this picture.  Yes, dear Montreal friends, all that you see in this pic is Mexican food ingredients.  Like any of them are reading my blog.  But if they are, they should really know what they are missing.

And especially Rotel.  If I were them, I’d be on the phone right now, calling Rotel and demanding that they sell it in Canada!

But this gal?  Not to worry, my Texas friends…….

A Fish out of Water (7)

….. because all these cans came back with me when I went to Texas in July.  In fact, they put me over the weight limit with my luggage and I went back home and repacked my luggage into two suitcases.  Really.  It’s a long story.  Remind me to tell you about it sometime.

Because there was no way I was taking that Rotel out of my suitcase when the gal told me I had to decrease my weight by 2 lbs to get on the plane.  Seriously.  A Texas gal has to have her Rotel.  Notice that one can in that picture was already opened and ready for use.

How would I have lived two more months without Pioneer Woman’s Restaurant Style Salsa?

And I’m down to only one can now.  Must be about time to head back home.
Barb, 68° at 1:30 pm.  And it was 42° when Dear Hubby left for work this morning.  Brrr.

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6 Responses to A Fish Out of Water

  1. Lynn Bynum says:

    Fun post, and you didn’t even discuss the lack of fajita seasoning in the stores! Love the temp. Hot oh hot here. Praying for adventure for you! Must be time to meet someone In the laundry room that could be a friend. Or, a vegetarian French speaking , chef, just wanting to practice on you! Xox Sent from my iPad

    • Barb says:

      Where is that chef, Lynn? Now THAT might be an experience! And we are coming home soon. Both Dear Hubby and I hear Pappasitos calling our names!

  2. Sandi says:

    I had never had Mexican anything till we moved to Texas and now I can’t believe a life without it. We have friends in Nebr that visit and take Rotel back with them so there are still places in the states that don’t know Mexican. My bro in law has to eat Mexican every time he visits. He lived in Boston. Infact one time we took Mexican food to him at the airport when he had an hour layover. That is not to say there is no Mexican there….just not the good stuff. LOL we would welcome you home with a case of Rotel. Hurry up!!!!

  3. Yvonne says:

    Funny you bring tomatoes to Canada. When I visit the US I am loaded with jeans and fabric and have to re-pack sometimes to at the airport…..

  4. Sue Hauptmann says:

    Hey Barb! Summer’s over! Come home.

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