A Quilting Adventure

I do believe it’s time for something quilt-y on this blog, dontcha think?  So how about a quilting adventure in Hawkesbury, Ontario.  Woohoo!

A Quilting Adventure (28)

The drive to Hawkesbury takes me through farm country in Quebec.  Lots of trees and lots of green.  I’m looking forward to some great veggies and fruits at roadside stands soon.  It is still Spring in Canada.  They take that June 21st date as the beginning of Summer thing very seriously here.  And so does the weather.  We still have the heat on at night!  This morning it was 55 degrees in the motorhome when I got up.  That’s because I had the bright idea of trying to go without the heat last night.

And yes, I am rubbing it in with my Texas friends.

A Quilting Adventure (1)

As you get close to Hawkesbury, rolling hills get into the picture.

A Quilting Adventure (21)

This is the back of the “Welcome to Hawkesbury” sign.    Because I’m a bad blogger and I forgot to take a picture of the front.  Hey!  I was driving!

A Quilting Adventure (22)

And I love this sign.  Because Ontario = English.  But alas, Hawkesbury is a very French town.  It is only separated from Quebec by a river.

A Quilting Adventure (18)

And it’s a large river.  Apparently the French population doesn’t let a river stop them from migrating into Hawkesbury, Ontario.  Thus it is a very bilingual city.

A Quilting Adventure (20)

This is the large bridge that takes you from Grenville, Quebec into Hawkesbury, Ontario.  Not sure why you needed to see a picture of this bridge, but there you have it.  A bridge.

I’m all about diversity of pictures on the blog.

A Quilting Adventure (3)

Here’s a sign that makes me hit the brakes in Hawkesbury.  Anything with the word fabric in its name is worth a stop, right?  We’ll get into the other half of that sign in a minute.  The “Le Jardin de mes Pieds” part.  I told you it was a bilingual city.

A Quilting Adventure (4)

And this sign was in the front window of this shop.  Be still my heart.

The Fabric Box and Heartworks Quilt Shop is my new favorite place in Canada.  Linda and Marie are lovely, lovely ladies.  They invited me to come for the day and stitch and hang out all day any time.  And if it wasn’t a thirty minute drive and, more importantly, if I didn’t have to get up at 5:00 a.m. in order to take Dear Hubby to work and keep the car, I might just be there every day!

Besides….. Boo and Panda would miss me.  Not.  They sleep all day anyway!  And they are totally sacked out right now and no company at all.  Wouldn’t even hear me if I sneaked out the door.  But they will get hugs and kisses on their heads any time I walk by them all day.  And they will look at me like, Aw Mom!  Did you have to wake me up?

Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  Hawkesbury.  Quilt Shop.  Focus, Barb.

So how about a tour of the shop, you say?

A Quilting Adventure (10)

There is a lovely wall of batik fabrics.  And of course, there are quilts everywhere to inspire you.

A Quilting Adventure (8)

A nifty notions wall.  And of course, information about classes.  Or cours if that is your language of choice.

A Quilting Adventure (14)

There is a whole table of sale items.

A Quilting Adventure (16)

And bolts of sale fabrics.  Sold by the meter.

A Quilting Adventure (13)

A nice little classroom.

A Quilting Adventure (11)

This part of the shop is the Heartworks section.

A Quilting Adventure (12)

And this is Linda helping some shoppers there.  Or rather Linda’s back.  I’ll get a better picture of Linda (and Marie) next time.  Because believe you me, there will be a next time.

And remember the sign out front?

A Quilting Adventure (9)

Half the shop is a shoe store!  Le Jardin de mes Pieds is literally “Garden of the Feet.”  And they look like wonderful shoes.  Comfortable and stylish.  I am definitely gonna have to buy some on one of my visits to this shop.

In the meantime, I was on a mission………

A Quilting Adventure (7)

……..for this fabric.  A line of fabric called “Oh, Canada!”  I had to have some.

A Quilting Adventure (5)

And Linda helped me search for a background to go with it.

A Quilting Adventure (29)

So here are my purchases that day.  Need an up-close look?

A Quilting Adventure (30)

Love the little beaver stripe.

A Quilting Adventure (31)

And these panels have lots of possibilities for a memory quilt of my Summer in Canada.

And before I left the shop?

A Quilting Adventure (33)

Linda went in the back and came out with gifts!  Oh, I’m gonna be visiting this shop a whole lot this summer.  In fact, I’ll be back there again on Friday.  For Linda’s Wool Club.  I’m making a penny rug with snowmen on it.  Very cute.  Can’t wait to meet the other ladies there.

And on the way home……

A Quilting Adventure (23)

I had to have some of this.  Mostly because my friend, Stephanie, in Texas told me that I had to have some for her.  It’s called poutine and apparently it’s a Canada thing.  Just for you, Steph!

And no, that is not ice cream and caramel sauce.  Although that’s what it looks like, doesn’t it?  How about a closer look?

A Quilting Adventure (24)

There are french fries in there!  Under a mountain of cheese curds and gravy.  And this vegan does not even want to know how much bacon went into the making of that gravy.  Not to mention cheese curds.  What have I done?  It’s all Stephanie’s fault.  And I might even have some again.

A Quilting Adventure (26)

See the poutine on the right side of the sign?  I asked the girl what all those different poutines were.  Sizes, Barb, those are sizes you can order.  There is only one poutine.  I got petite, by the way.  I had a feeling it wasn’t very vegan.  And Dear Hubby got some of it later that night.  Reheated in the microwave.  Yum.  Or not.  You can make your own decision.

Notice it says “extra bacon” at the bottom of the sign.

A Quilting Adventure (25)

This is the sign of the establishment that was serving what was, according to Linda and Marie, the best place to get poutine in the area.  And yes, all those things on that sign have something to do with ice cream.  I think.  It’s a French Dairy Queen!  Or maybe Braum’s?  With hamburgers, hot dogs and poutine.

And for all my friends in Texas…….

A Quilting Adventure (27)

…… this was my thermometer on the way home.  At about 2:00 in the afternoon.  Nice.

More adventures to come.
Barb, 65 degrees and sunny today… at noon


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12 Responses to A Quilting Adventure

  1. Cathi says:

    Oh, my goodness! What a fabulous little quilt shop. I adore the Oh Canada fabrics — particularly the little beaver stripe! The panel will be the perfect start for your quilt to remember your summer in Canada where, it’s true, summer really does not begin until June 21 (or sometimes even a tad later)!

  2. Lori Summers says:

    How fun! What an appropriate souvenir for your time spent there! Can’t wait to see it completed. I love all the green and the trees. So envious!

  3. Jill A. says:

    If I told Ron I was going to a fabric shop with shoes…..he’d take my purse.

  4. Cyndie in Ohio says:

    Love the Oh Canada fabric. When in Rome…… you had to try the local specialties even if it will send your cholesterol skyrocketing. But the fresh fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market will save you. Sounds so fun, I want to take the wool class too, enjoy!

  5. Karen Smith says:

    Such a beautiful fabric store! And a shoe store too. 🙂
    You’ll have some wonderful memories making the Oh, Canada quilt…and food adventures, too.

  6. Sandi says:

    Hahaha!!!! Love what Jill said. Glad to hear you are exploring. We are missing your bright, happy face here ……and we don’t discuss the temp in Texas. Take care and enjoy.

  7. What a wonderful adventure! Glad you got to meet some quilting ladies – and ONLY 30 minutes away. Remember, I’m at least 45 away from anything! The “Oh Canada” fabric is wonderful! What a fun quilt to make. And the poutine – was that a petite poutine or a gross poutine? 😉

  8. Peggy says:

    Great combination: fabrics and shoes! Didn’t Mark say buy anything you wanted?????

    Enjoy your quilting days with new found friends. They will all love you just like we do in Texas!

  9. Robin Farley says:

    How fun to find such a warm and welcomingh quilt store! LOVE the canadian fabrics! And I can’t wait to see what you make with it! I do wish that I coulod try the poutine, it looks yummy!
    As always I enjoy your blogs, keep them coming and all of us Texans miss you and the temperatures you are enjoying!

  10. Suz says:

    Thanks for the update! Linda and the ladies sound wonderful! I am glad to know that you will not be having new fabric withdrawals. It is very important to feed the addiction! Not sure about the poutine, but the weather sounds great!

  11. Lani says:

    Thanks for a blog about quilting and SO much more!!! I LOVE your Canada fabric!!! It’s just perfect! And the shops are wonderful! Filled with colourful, inspiring fabrics and friendly quilters! Now you have a place to go to refill your quilting well with all that creativity, so you don’t go through withdrawal. It will be worth getting up at 6am to take Mark to work! Not so sure about the ‘poutine’ ;-), but glad you got to try it.

  12. love all of the pretty fabrics, especially the moose on the one. looking forward to seeing the finished canada memory quilt.

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