Inklingo Passacaglia & Stars

I’ve been on a blogging sabbatical.  Hiatus.  Big time vacation.  Holiday.  Break.  Recess.  Did you miss me?  Don’t answer that.

Seems it takes an Act of God to get me to blog any more.  Or a new Inklingo collection and a challenge from my dear friend, Cathi.

It’s been a weird winter in Texas.  Or maybe that’s just the last 10 days.  Because the rest of winter was pretty uneventful weather-wise.  Only I just looked out the window as I’m typing this and oh, my!  We have a bunch of snow.  In March!  Pretty much unheard of in Texas.  I would include a picture here except…. DARK.  Maybe later?

Pappy played in the snow last week.  Wanna see?

And when I went out a few minutes ago, he desperately wanted to go out with me.  He’s the silliest cat!

Speaking of silly…… here’s his latest thing:

Isn’t he a hoot?  He makes me laugh every day.  I just might have to let him help me build a snowman.

But I was talking about Inklingo and a Cathi challenge, wasn’t I?  Sorry.  I got off on a rabbit trail there.  So Linda announced a new Inklingo Collection last Friday.  And I was intrigued.  It’s based on the cover quilt of this book:

And you can get the book and the collection at a special introductory price for a limited time at Linda’s Inklingo website.  Click on the book cover above to go there directly.  Of course Cathi purchased the collection and started printing while I was still studying the shapes. I was very intrigued by them! So I decided to go for it.  Cathi and I needed another simul-blogging experience.

passacaglia (1)This is my rosette made using the collection.  Isn’t it pretty?  And what fun it is to stitch!  All inset seams and great continuous stitching.  I especially loved adding the striped fabric pentagons on the last round.  But see the cute fussy cut fabric in the center?

passacaglia (8)

I printed 12 of those using Linda’s ingenious no waste fussy cutting method.  And although I’m leaning towards using the rosette as a center medallion in a quilt, I really want to use at least some of the other 11 stars.

passacaglia (9)

Because aren’t they the coolest?  Sometimes the toughest decision of the day….

passacaglia (10)….is which end of the diamond to place in the center!  (Same diamonds as last pic, just turned around.)

And remember my pretty Inklingo Stars from a previous post?

passacaglia (2)

When that blue paisley fabric showed up at Quilter’s Dream, I had to make some more Inklingo Stars.

passacaglia (3)

Lots more Inklingo Stars……

passacaglia (5)

Because they are way too much fun to only make one quilt.

passacaglia (4)

Once I started, I just couldn’t stop myself.

passacaglia (6)

I also made two blocks with an alternate setting from the Inklingo Star Collection. This one…..

passacaglia (7)….. and this one!  Oh, they are such fun to make!

So what do you think about a lovely Passacaglia rosette medallion?  That might perhaps grow into a bigger medallion – somehow incorporating more of those fussy cut center stars……… surrounded by Inklingo Stars.

passacaglia (11)

A good idea?

Be sure to check out Cathi’s rosette at Quilt Obsession today.  I hear there’s a fun ‘toon by Mr QO too.  And she always has fabulous pics of her kitties, Baxter and Jake.

And I’ll try not to be gone on a long sabbatical from blogging again.  But first, Pappy and I have a snowman to build…..

Happy Quilting!

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Around the World Blog Hop

My dear friend Cathi at Quilt Obsession seems determined to find ways to make encourage me to blog.  She recently asked/begged/pleaded with me to join in on the Around the World Blog Hop.  I think you could actually call it grovelling.

Here’s how it works….. I am to answer a few questions and then tag more blogs to continue in the fun.  I tried hard to resist, but resistance was futile.  So here’s my posting in answer to the begging/pleading/grovelling from Cathi.  You can thank her later.  Or blame her.  I haven’t decided yet which I’m doing.

1.  What am I working on?

Ha!  At the present I am working on quilt blocks for my Bee.  We exchange them at our annual Christmas party.  And I always wait until the last minute to do them.  Always.  I operate better on a deadline, it seems.  And I truly only finish when the deadline is tomorrow.  Case in point…. I’m writing this blog at midnight of the night before I have to post it.  Even though I’ve known about it for several weeks.  It’s the way I roll.  Without deadlines I probably would never get anything done.

Would love to show you pics of these cute blocks I’m working on, but alas.  I can’t.  The girls they are for are blog followers and the blocks are to be a secret.  So I guess you’ll just have to come back here later and hope that I actually blog some pics of them after the party.  Cross your fingers that I get them done!

But I’m also working on these blocks using my favorite process – Inklingo.

A Machine Pieced Star (14)

I absolutely love these blocks!  I love the way they look and the happy surprise as each one comes together.  Because you don’t know exactly how they will look until they are done.  They are also loads of fun to stitch with lots of continuous stitching.  I’m mostly stitching them by hand.  Also my favorite technique.  A bit slower, but I like to just enjoy the process from my recliner.

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m not sure it is different!  I am a pretty traditional quilter.  I like the old traditional patterns and techniques.  If I had my way, I’d piece and quilt them all by hand.  But I already have started enough projects to last way past my life expectancy.  And I somehow keep starting more.  Why is starting something new so much fun anyway?

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?

I quilt because it is very therapeutic.  Beats paying a therapist by a mile.  Somehow it makes sitting and watching TV acceptable, if I have some stitching in my hands while watching.

And I blog just for fun.  I enjoy trying to write something that makes my readers laugh.  It just makes my day to feel like I’ve brightened the day of another.  I also love that I have my very own online journal.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve looked things up on my own blog to jar my memory on what year something occurred.  It’s nice to have a way of keeping track of things, complete with pictures!

4.  How does my writing/creating process work?

My writing tends to all start with pictures.  As I take the pictures, I’m writing things in my head.  Trying to come up with something funny to say about them.  Sometimes the pics just make the blog write itself!

Especially when I write about my sweet kitties, Panda and Pappy.  I love taking pics and have about 7,539 pics on my cell phone.  7, 538 of them are cat pictures.

The weather turned cold today in Texas.  We even had snow tonight!  Snow that would be laughable to anyone living up north.

pappy & fireplace

So we had our first fire of the season in the fireplace.  And Pappy was totally mesmerized by it all.


Panda prefers a warm lap.  She is laying on my legs right behind my laptop as I type.  She is my little heater!  And oh, so very, very cozy.

On Monday, November 24th, my dear friend and fellow quilter, Cookie at Cookie’s Creek will be joining in on the blog hop.  Be sure to check out what she’s got going.  She loves BOM’s and makes about 836 of them every year.  She is a very, VERY prolific quilter.  She gets things done. Even if she doesn’t have a deadline.  When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

Enjoy the blog hop!

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A Machine Pieced Star

I confess.  I love hand piecing.  In fact, you could say I’m pretty much a hand piecing snob.  My relationship with my sewing machine is not what it used to be.  Of course, this could be because when I walk into my sewing room lately and see all the cleanup that needs to be done before I can sew, it’s easier to turn back around and sit in the recliner with my feet up and some hand piecing in my hands.

Did I mention I love hand piecing?  However, for the sake of proving it can be done, last week I machine pieced an Inklingo Star.

A Machine Pieced Star (14)

Can you pick out the machine pieced one?

I am loving these Inklingo Star blocks!  They are such fun to stitch.  Even by machine.

A Machine Pieced Star (2)

On Machine Piecing Day, things would have gone much smoother had this guy remained all nicely curled up on this quilt.  Sleeping.  And not helping.  Fat chance.

A Machine Pieced Star (3)

Things started out well.  I had my wonderful instructions from the Inklingo Star collection printed and near the machine so I could follow along as I stitched.

A Machine Pieced Star (4)

I learned I could even chain piece while doing inset seams!  And things rolled along quite smoothly.

A Machine Pieced Star (8)

Until The Helper decided he wanted in on the action.  Not sure if he was sniffing the star at this point or considering taking a bite out of it.  Probably he was contemplating how far he could get if he grabbed it and ran off.

A Machine Pieced Star (7)

And as is always the case, he had to chew on Mom’s fingers a bit too.  I know this picture looks like I have him by the head.  Do not be fooled.  He is in total control here.  And I’m about to have holes in my thumb.

A Machine Pieced Star (12)

I managed to get him to move and I added the kites and the outer pieces to my fabulous star.

A Machine Pieced Star (13)

Only to have him turn up in a new location to help, just as I was stitching the last seams together.  And I use the term help quite loosely.

A Machine Pieced Star (15)

But I prevailed!  And this is my first machine pieced Inklingo Star.  I am quite pleased with the results!

Later it was time to print some more kite shapes……

A Machine Pieced Star (16)

And I discovered this layout that really uses my fabric to its best advantage!

A Machine Pieced Star (17)

I have to confess that one of my favorite parts of this whole process is watching the sheets of matching kites roll out of the printer.

A Machine Pieced Star (18)

What is there about seeing them feed out of the printer that is so fun and makes me snap pic after pic?

A Machine Pieced Star (19)

And I also must confess that I hold my breath until all 8 of them successfully slide out.  Not sure why I hold my breath as I haven’t had a single problem!  But still.  There’s always that worry that one of the sheets will decide to not behave itself.  Or a little orange kitty will jump up and stick his paw in the printer and totally mess things up.

It’s been known to happen.  The kitty helping with his paw, I mean.  But so far he hasn’t succeeded in messing anything up.

A Machine Pieced Star (20)

Ahhhhhhh….. there’s just nothing like seeing 8 perfectly printed sets of kites.  And knowing there are many pleasurable days of hand stitching ahead.

Because hand piecing is still my first love.  After all, I really am a hand piecing snob.

Cathi is posting her Morse Stars on her blog today too.  Be sure to head over there and check them out.  Remember how she threw down the gauntlet and got me started on this project?  And I totally had planned to just make a couple blocks after her challenge.  But they are too fun to stop!

This quilt might just keep growing and growing and growing!  And Pappy will definitely tell everyone that he helped.

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The Boy Grew Up

And he grew up way, way too fast.  What happened to my little kitten?  Sigh.  They don’t remain kittens very long.

Oct 29

Oct 29

Remember this picture?  Taken on Oct 29th of last year.  When he was just 7 weeks old.

Nov 30

Nov 30

And a month later, this one.

So today, on Pappy’s One Year Birthday, Dear Hubby and I tried to get a pic of Pappy on this same pillow so you could see how big he is now.  Emphasis on the word tried.

The Boy Grew Up (1)

What?  Lay on this pillow, Dad?  Why?

The Boy Grew Up (2)

Oh, this is so not my idea!  And the reason you want me to lay still on this pillow is…..?

The Boy Grew Up (3)

Now Mom’s in on the act!  What IS there about this pillow anyway?

Panda even tried to help, but to no avail.  You can see her looking on in the above picture.  I think it was Panda who suggested trying treats.  She’s all about the treats.  She’ll do anything for a treat.  Well, anything has a different meaning in the cat world.  It mostly means that she’ll come running.

The Boy Grew Up (4)

How about some more treats?

The Boy Grew Up (5)

What?  Lay down?  Why exactly do you want me to lay down?

The Boy Grew Up (6)

I’m outta here!

The Boy Grew Up (7)

Hi Mom!  And why is this pillow laying behind my back?

Well, hopefully you get the idea.  The boy definitely grew up.  He now weighs 12 1/2 lbs.

And don’t you need to see him in action?  This video was taken on a road trip in our motorhome a few weeks ago.

He and Panda are quite animated playing on their tree.  Even while we travel down the highway.

There's a New Kid in Town (1)

Happy First Birthday, sweet Pappy boy!  I think you’re just as cute as you were the day you came to live with us.  Well, almost anyway.


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More Inklingo Star Fun

I’m stuck on stars.  Inklingo Stars.  You can’t believe how much fun they are to make.  Each one a surprise as you stitch them together.

More Inklingo Star Fun (10)Remember this block?  My first Inklingo Star.  I started this quilt after Cathi threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to blog with her about this new Inklingo collection.  And Cathi and I had such fun blogging together that we decided we ought to make it a regular thing.

So be sure to run on over to Quilt Obsession today and see what Cathi’s been up to with her Inklingo Star collection too.  She’s an Inklingo guru with at least 7,823 Inklingo finished quilts in her small high rise apartment.  Where she lives with Mr Q.O. and two fabulous kitties.  Be sure to ask her how many Inklingo UFOs she has in her apartment too.

More Inklingo Star Fun (14)Cathi is also the one who taught me that every project deserves a pretty box.  So I had to find one for my Inklingo Stars!

In my secondary block for my quilt, I decided to fussy cut the LeMoyne star diamonds for the centers.  And I had one block partially completed when I first blogged about this new collection.  Not to be outdone by Cathi’s fabulous Morse Star block, I decided that perhaps I should also fussy cut my triangles and squares for my secondary block.

More Inklingo Star Fun (1)Which lead me to cutting these 4 rectangles on the bias to get the right look for the corner squares for my secondary block.

More Inklingo Star Fun (2)Which made for some interesting cuts on my fabric.  Good thing I have 6 1/2 yards.

More Inklingo Star Fun (3)I didn’t want to waste a single piece, so I was happy to see that I could get 4 triangles out of the large triangle that was left between the cuts for the squares.

More Inklingo Star Fun (4)And soon I had printed 4 repeats of squares and triangles for the edges of my secondary blocks.

More Inklingo Star Fun (8)And here it is!  I think it was worth it to fussy cut those triangles and squares, don’t you?

More Inklingo Star Fun (9)This is my next block……..

More Inklingo Star Fun (7)….. and the next.  Oh, I am having such fun with these!

More Inklingo Star Fun (11)This one is in progress but still needs the green triangles and squares to be added.

More Inklingo Star Fun (12)And here are two more centers for my secondary blocks.

Fussy printing/cutting with Inklingo is the bomb!

Linda did a blog post with some setting ideas.  And I immediately loved the setting of the second one on that posting.

More Inklingo Star Fun (13)So this is what my version will look like!  My plan is to make the quilt 5 blocks wide by 7 blocks long.  But with all this fabric and such fun surprises, this quilt might just keep growing and growing and growing!  And growing.  We’ll see.

Don’t forget to go see what Cathi’s been up to!

And I’ll do my best to keep you posted on my progress…..

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