More Retreat Quilts and Some Fun!

A quick trip around the design wall to see what’s new today…….

Suz’ latest amazing creation!  Or at least the part she has completed….

Cookie’s latest wonderful wool project.

Madelyn’s latest lovely quilt! (Oops! This is really Cookie’s! Guess I was tired last night.)

Sally’s little bag and coasters.  And Hope’s marvelous Inklingo k-stars!

Cindy’s fabulous quilt!

Cynthia’s Darth Vader creation.  With a few Inklingo k-stars dancing above his head.  Made by Cynthia and Davene.

Dena’s?  At least it’s behind her chair.  Cute! (And this one belongs to Patt! Oops.)

Dena’s Inklingo k-stars.  Aren’t they great?

And these little diamonds will become more stars.

I know this will shock you, but these are mine.  Part of a Dear Jane block.  And yes, this is all I pieced today.

And the completed block!  At this pace I’ll complete this quilt by 2050.

Our newbies have done a great job with our initiation games this year.  Because there were only 3 newbies, we drafted oldies throughout the retreat time and had competition between Oldies and Newbies.  The Oldies ended up pulling out a 3-2 victory.  Everyone was a great sport!

In this game, each contestant had to blow up a balloon and then use the air inside to knock the cups off the table to the floor.  Some faces got very red!

The very last game drew the most laughs.  Here’s Davene describing what they all have to do with the cotton balls and vaseline.  The game was called Nose Dive.  They each had to stick their noses into some vaseline and then use that to pick up a cotton ball and run to the other end of the table and drop the cotton ball in the big bowl.  No hands allowed.

Well, here.  See for yourself.

You never heard such laughter!  Oh, wait…. if you had your sound on, yes you did hear the laughter!

So the Oldies have bragging rights for a few months – or at least until the next retreat.  A come-from-behind win!

The weather has been glorious!  Several of us took a walk after lunch.

Isn’t the sky a glorious blue?  Nice.

Judy wanted to go see the cows.  I told her I could see them from here!  Especially if I zoomed.  <grin>

This is what The Compass Centre looks like from the street.  A lot of farmland around it!  And out in the boonies, for sure.  A lovely place!

And already we are marching on to the last day.  Why do the days always go so fast?  Sigh.  At least we have the satisfaction of knowing the next six months will zoom by too and we’ll soon be back again.

More to come!


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Around the Retreat Walls

I know, I know….. I said I was gonna blog again.  And here it’s already been a whole week!  But alas, life gets in the way sometimes.  And I had a retreat to pack for and things to get ready.  Because JSS Retreat is a major event!

But you all need to see quilts, don’t you?  So without further ado, here is what’s happening on the design walls so far.  Hopefully I am attributing them to the correct quilter!

Cookie’s.  Love these cool applique designs.

Lynda’s.  I think she is required to make a few more courthouse steps!

Judy’s.  Love those cute happy prints!

Suz’s.  Oh, how wonderful are these stars!

And Suz is a brand new Grandma so be sure to ask her about little baby Ethan.  She made this cute little book just for him!

Isn’t it fun?  (And please don’t ask why this pic is sideways.  Just turn your head.)

Mimi’s.  I need to find out about the rest of this quilt!

Patti’s.  Notice the cute little Inklingo no-waste fussy cut stars!  See them in between the blocks?

Cindy’s.  What a cute Christmas quilt!  I want one!

Karen’s.  Wow.  Just wow.  And it all started with a Saturday Sampler Block of the Month.

Peggy’s.  More Wow.  And…… what is she thinking?  <grin>

Sue G’s.  Sweet little foxes.  Very cute.

Dena’s.  Stack ‘n whack.  Dena is now over the moon with Inklingo and the no waste fussy cutting!  She did these blocks before she knew about Inklingo.  Silly girl!

Sue H’s.  Cute little wool piece that she’s had a l-o-n-g time.

Sue H’s newest project.  How fun is that?

Peggy’s amazing wool with tons of cool embroidery stitches.  Neato.

And for those of you non-quilter’s out there who read my blog, this is just a small taste of what retreat packing is like.

This small suitcase contains everything I need for the week as far as toiletries, clothing, etc. goes.  Pappy wanted to be in the picture too.  Because we can’t have a Just Sayin’ Sew blog without a cat pic, right?

This is the amount of quilting related things I brought this time.  And my pile is small compared to what some of the gals brought along.  Like their whole sewing room.  And they bought more fabric when they got here.  (And yes, there is a sewing machine in that pile.)

Because retreat is all about the quilting.  And the laughter.  And the wonderful friendships that we share with our love of quilting as our bond.  A diverse group of ladies all brought together with a common love.  And oh, my how we’ve laughed!

For those of you who have been here before, here’s a little trip down memory lane.  We read this blog post together here today and laughed about that retreat as if it were yesterday.  If you were here, you’ll get a big laugh out of remembering it too.  I’m talking to you, Vicki.  Were your ears burning today?  We wondered if Karen told you the retreat dates this year.  Ha!  Click the link and check it out!

More to come…… we have 2 more full days of fun ahead!

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Major Stash Busting……..

…is happening here!

Again, I cannot stress how major this is for me. Prepping for retreat ahead of time? What a novel concept. One that many of you discovered long ago. I’m a little slow in the learning curve apparently.

And now my entire stash of Christmas fabrics is cut into strips for a log cabin quilt. Or perhaps quilts. And it may or may not be the entire stash. I bet I will find more lurking somewhere.

Last night when I got home I found this on my nicely stacked strips.

Apparently Pebbles has already added a little fur to the warmth this quilt will provide.

And that is perfectly fine with me.



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Fresh Beginning

Hi there. I’m thinking about coming back. Starting afresh. Beginning anew. I recently got a new phone. And I’m thinking maybe, just maybe it could be fun to do some short blogs from the phone. Where perhaps inserting pics could be simple? And writing could happen anywhere? Although I have always hated writing on the phone. The keyboards are terrible. So there is that. Sigh. I loved blogging when I was doing it regularly. Wonder if it’s possible to get my blogging mojo back? Hmmm….

 Meet Pebbles. She’s the newest member of our family so I guess she’s a good place to start. And she’s been with us for over a year!  It all started with a backyard full of kittens who randomly showed up last summer. Three mama kitties. And thirteen babies. Oh, the stories I could tell!

But this is destined to be a short blog. Not one that goes on and on and on and on. And on. So perhaps we’ll tell those stories another day?

Pappy is still up to his usual tricks. Although he has slowed down a bit. He loves Pebbles. They are great buddies.

Panda is still around too. She doesn’t love Pebbles. Tolerate might be a better word. But she doesn’t even tolerate her very well. However I do think she’s happy for Pappy to have a distraction. She’d be perfectly content if we just fed her treats all day long. And I do mean All. Day. Long. In her mind we live to serve her. Treats. Constantly. I have no pic of Panda in this new phone. Maybe next time?

Next week I’m heading out for our JSS quilting retreat. There are always loads of things to blog about there! We’ll see if I’m up to the challenge of blogging again. I might need some encouragement from you.  Does anyone even read blogs any more? Or are Facebook and Instagram where it’s cool to be these days?

Off to cut up some fabric for retreat while I ponder whether or not blogging can enhance my life. <grin>

Hugs and kisses,


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Pappy Pose

pappy pose

Hey, Mom!  Whatcha doin’ in the sewing room tonight?  Can I help?

He makes me laugh every day……
Barb (and Pappy)

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