Star Command Central

Reporting in on Star Making Mission here.  The stars are coming right along!

This is Command Central.  Everything I need right at my fingertips.  Finger pincushion? Check.  Thread? Check.  Scissors? Check.  Water? Check.  Phone with audio book plugged into speaker? Check.  And the pile of stars grew……

Here’s my design wall bed.  The only thing white I could find for a background was my robe.  So on my robe they lay.  I spread these out just because I was deciding about whether or not to make multi-fabric stars too.  I decided not to.  I like the stars better all one color.  Don’t tell me you like the other ones too.  I’ve already put that decision behind me.  And I absolutely refuse to change my mind.  Absolutely, positively.  I think.  Oh, I am stuck in the Land of Indecision!

Remember last week I showed you how I was cutting out the pieces while watching Mitchell’s baseball game on my computer?  Well, over the weekend we took a road trip and I continued cutting in the car with my scissors.  We had an hour wait at the border crossing and it was nice to have these to keep my hands busy.  But it’s slow going with scissors compared to a rotary cutter.  I’m just happy that cutting with Inklingo gives me lots of options to suit my location!

The other thing that forced me to arrêt (excuse me while I digress into the language of the hour) with the cutting the other day was the horrible cutting mat I’d brought along to use.  You can view it here if you don’t remember.  Those white mats just don’t work well.  So off I went to buy a new Olfa mat.  Olfa just makes the best mats!  And I needed to have one to leave at the apartment.  So that I have supplies on my next visit too.  I will finally have this apartment fully stocked and ready to go about the time Dear Hubby’s job is done and he returns to Texas.

Hint:  Arrêt is the word on all the red octagon signs out on the street.  It’s the one word that I can remember.

By the time dinnertime rolled around my little piles of cut pieces had grown considerably.  I love little stacks of fabric shapes.  Aren’t they just cute?

And let me remind you that apparently the people of Montreal don’t have time for quilting.  Not a quilt shop in sight!  So we had to drive to New York for a cutting mat.  If anyone knows of a quilt shop close to Montreal (and by “close” I mean within 100 miles), please let me know.  I’d love to see what Montreal quilters are making.  If there are any Montreal quilters.  How is it possible that they don’t quilt here?

After dinner I got a bit distracted.  I figured out a way to watch the Rangers while I’m in Montreal!  I was so excited I watched them on both laptops for awhile.  I was figuring out which one had the better picture.  It took awhile to figure out.  They were pretty equal.  So after dinner was done and the dishes washed, I played with computers and watched the Rangers.  It took me awhile to settle down to my stars stitching again.

Here is the stack of completed stars now.  I still have a ways to go, but I’m on a mission.  And I have a deadline.  And I have a good audio book to entertain me by day and the Rangers to entertain me by night.  Life is “practically perfect in every way.”  (Name that movie.)

For those of you who are curious, I have not had any Timbits yet.  I was all prepared to walk over to Tim Hortons to reward myself for the pile of stars completed yesterday morning, when Mother Nature had other things in mind.  Pouring rain.  All the rest of the day.  And me without even an umbrella.  So the Timbits had to wait again.

But today……. (insert evil Timbits-craving grin here)…. the sun is shining gloriously and the temp is cool and wonderful.  And besides that, I’ve run out of coffee.  Horrors!  A visit to THs is very necessary today.  I will reward myself after I have completed at least 2 more stars.  Later today, you may find me in a sugar-induced coma with the Rangers playing on my computer and stars at my feet.

Hugs from Star Command Central,

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13 Responses to Star Command Central

  1. Suz says:

    I like the same color on the stars, too! I can voice my opinion as long as it agrees with your decision, right? AND I’m so excited to have won the bet with Cookie as to how long it would take you to give in to Timbits. 😉 Thank goodness for the rain!

  2. Cyndie in Ohio says:

    I like the same fabric ones best. There is enough variety in the stripe fabric to furnish the interest needed. When you mix the pink and beige they loose their subtle pop against the white solid. It is such a happy quilt, the Texas Star pattern is so fun to look at, especially the hexagon centers.

  3. Susan Bancroft says:

    I agree with Suz and Cyndie–same color on stars looks great! The other two started to make it look too busy. But you KNEW that, you were only confused because you had timbits on your mind so much–BIG distraction! Get on over there, you don’t get them that often!!! Love, love your stars! 😉

  4. Cathi says:

    Hmm — wonder if by now you’ve gone to get your Timbits and TH coffee. 😉 I was so sure you’d have picked up some Timbits at the airport as soon as you landed.
    Love the same colour stars – they are so cheerful and happy!

  5. Synthia Noble says:

    I support you in your decision to make your individual stars in one fabric. They are lovely!!

  6. I agree with same color stars! And I soooo lost the bet! I can’t believe you’ve gone this long without Timbits! I’ve heard withdrawal can be really ugly. You need to get some SOON!


  7. candy says:

    I like the same color stars, too! Glad you got to watch the ball game. It’s one thing I miss when I travel in the summer,

  8. Judy Linn says:

    Mary Poppins!

  9. Robin Farley says:

    I agree as well, the same color stars are the most attractive! And I believe the name of the movie was in deed Mary Poppins! So I agree with Judy. Also proud of you for holding out this long with out Timbits! You deserve some after all those stars!

  10. Cindy Smith says:

    In Italy quilting is called patchwork. Maybe you can try looking one up using different terms?

  11. Margie Adams says:

    I am currently working on a hand work project with hexagons – a quilt as you go ‘thingy’ – and I don’t want it to stop as I am enjoying it so much… I have seen these ‘stars’ in projects fitted together with hexagons and just love the idea … already planning my next hand work project…. are you able to send me or give instruction on the ‘templates’ you have used : centre of star, star petal, and bigger hexagon joining stars together…….would so appreciate it.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  12. Peggy Snyder says:

    Hi I was wondering what Inklingo patterns you are using? I am a fellow Inklingoist(if that i a word),and love your work. I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and love it.Keep up the great work. Stars look awsome.
    Peggy S

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