More Retreat Quilts and Some Fun!

A quick trip around the design wall to see what’s new today…….

Suz’ latest amazing creation!  Or at least the part she has completed….

Cookie’s latest wonderful wool project.

Madelyn’s latest lovely quilt! (Oops! This is really Cookie’s! Guess I was tired last night.)

Sally’s little bag and coasters.  And Hope’s marvelous Inklingo k-stars!

Cindy’s fabulous quilt!

Cynthia’s Darth Vader creation.  With a few Inklingo k-stars dancing above his head.  Made by Cynthia and Davene.

Dena’s?  At least it’s behind her chair.  Cute! (And this one belongs to Patt! Oops.)

Dena’s Inklingo k-stars.  Aren’t they great?

And these little diamonds will become more stars.

I know this will shock you, but these are mine.  Part of a Dear Jane block.  And yes, this is all I pieced today.

And the completed block!  At this pace I’ll complete this quilt by 2050.

Our newbies have done a great job with our initiation games this year.  Because there were only 3 newbies, we drafted oldies throughout the retreat time and had competition between Oldies and Newbies.  The Oldies ended up pulling out a 3-2 victory.  Everyone was a great sport!

In this game, each contestant had to blow up a balloon and then use the air inside to knock the cups off the table to the floor.  Some faces got very red!

The very last game drew the most laughs.  Here’s Davene describing what they all have to do with the cotton balls and vaseline.  The game was called Nose Dive.  They each had to stick their noses into some vaseline and then use that to pick up a cotton ball and run to the other end of the table and drop the cotton ball in the big bowl.  No hands allowed.

Well, here.  See for yourself.

You never heard such laughter!  Oh, wait…. if you had your sound on, yes you did hear the laughter!

So the Oldies have bragging rights for a few months – or at least until the next retreat.  A come-from-behind win!

The weather has been glorious!  Several of us took a walk after lunch.

Isn’t the sky a glorious blue?  Nice.

Judy wanted to go see the cows.  I told her I could see them from here!  Especially if I zoomed.  <grin>

This is what The Compass Centre looks like from the street.  A lot of farmland around it!  And out in the boonies, for sure.  A lovely place!

And already we are marching on to the last day.  Why do the days always go so fast?  Sigh.  At least we have the satisfaction of knowing the next six months will zoom by too and we’ll soon be back again.

More to come!


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7 Responses to More Retreat Quilts and Some Fun!

  1. Cyndie Shindle says:

    Barb, Just discovered your blog is back. So Fun!!! I have missed your kitties and quilts and the laughter. Good to hear you’re having a great retreat! Love, Cyndie (from Ireland)

  2. Kandy Murray says:

    I just love all those works in progress. It looks like so much fun!

  3. Karen Smith says:

    Awesome work ladies! Wish I were half as talented as you.

  4. Lani says:

    Love the photos, can hear the laughter, and await more stories!

  5. jrp53 says:

    Barb, I’m in Austin and wondering if you know the pattern for that gorgeous clamshell quilt on the wall? Looks like you guys are having too much fun. The Compass Center is a great place to share some memories.

  6. Susan Bancroft says:

    Omg, that video was hilarious, and the quilts are stunning! Sending love to all! xoxo

  7. Carmen Ostrander says:

    So glad you are back, and hope you stay back. I’d love to see more cat pictures, and hear everything that has taken place. Also all your quilt get togethers!

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