Inklingo Kaleidoscope Stars

I wish you could actually hear the oos and ahhs we heard as we placed templates on each person’s fabric for these fancy kaleidoscope star blocks.  You’d have thought you were watching fireworks or something!  OOOOOOOoooooo, look at that one!  Ahhhhhh, how cool is that one!  What a fun time at our JSS Retreat!

The gals asked if I’d teach them how to do this fabulous technique with Inklingo at retreat this year.  It might have to be repeated at our next retreat!  It is much like Stack ‘n Whack, but oh, so much easier than lining up and cutting through six layers of fabric to get this cool look.  I wrote in a little more detail about how to do this technique here.  You’ll see in that post that I used 8 repeats of a matching shape.  In the stars we did at retreat this year, we went with the 60° diamonds to make 6 pointed stars.  But you can use this technique with loads of different shapes.  It’s very, very cool.  Lots of instruction about them on the Inklingo blog, including Linda’s latest post with the very newest collection!

Here are the individual stars made at retreat this year…..

These are Patti’s.  We decided that we didn’t have to be too particular about where her printing landed because all her stars were going to be fabulous out of this fabric.  And if I’d been smart and thinking about my blog, I’d have taken a pic of each of the fabrics used in these star combinations.  Maybe next time?

These are Dena’s.  You should have seen her dancing as she hopped over to show us when she’d pieced the first one.  She was so excited!  They really are quite fun to make!

These are Cynthia’s.  She found this fabulous fabric right at The Compass Centre Shop!  And they are all going to be marvelous!

These are Davene’s. I think she was the only one who pieced hers on the machine.  The others were excited to learn all about hand piecing and did theirs that way.  Inklingo makes it easy to do them either way!

These are Hope’s.  The soft colors in her fabric are going to make a fantastic quilt!  So fun!

And here are 3 of the gals sporting the latest in quilter’s jewelry…… finger pincushions!  Every quilter needs one.  And here’s a cute little Inklingo video on how to make them:

I love what a good helper Monkey is!  He’s so very photogenic.  And these finger pincushions are the best!

Off to stitch more k-stars of my own…..

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9 Responses to Inklingo Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. ROBIN L FARLEY says:

    Such beautiful stars…I’m almost jealous!

  2. Cathi says:

    They all look fabulous. Your description of the oohs and aahs made me grin as I can well imagine it. There’s nothing like Inklingo kaleidoscope stars! I love piecing them and seeing how each one turns out.

  3. Every one is a winner, Purple Rosettes to each quilter. ( down here our Grand-daughter gets a Purple Rosette when she wins Champion in a horse show event!!)

  4. lindafranz says:

    Texas quilters are amazing! I wish I could have been there to hear the oohs and ahhhs! You know how to have fun in Texas!

  5. sunburntquilts says:

    The stars all look wonderful. So many great fabrics in use. It would have been great fun.
    Cheers, Karen

  6. ROBIN L FARLEY says:

    I need to do something…lol. One of these days I’m going to try them.

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