Pre-Party Party Teaser

Today’s the day.  It’s the humongous JSS Bee Christmas Party.  I barely slept last night.  Too excited.  And I had a bit of sewing to do.  Because the deadline is today.  I’m all about getting done in time for the deadline.  Our Christmas Party is a much anticipated event.  Bee gals come from far and wide.  And bring their Moms.  And friends.  I guarantee multiple blogs to cover this huge event. 

In fact, it’s so huge that we had to have a party to celebrate having a party.  Well, that and we also needed to celebrate Pam’s new business venture.  And she wanted everyone to see the place.  And have a chance to play on her new machines.

And there was food.  You can’t have a JSS gathering and not have food.  It’s absolutely forbidden.

See?  Yummy food.  Right in front of the longarm machine.  Some great dips, fabulous barbecue sandwiches, chips, cheese, cookies, fudge and chocolate mousse.  And just a precursor of things to come.   

I have more pics from last night’s party too.  But no time to show them to you today.  I have a party to get to!  And Judy has promised gifts to the first five people to arrive.  Judy doesn’t want to be delayed one minute to get started on The Big Reveal of our brown bag challenge quilts.  So she enticed us all to get there early with surprise gifts.  From the conversation happening last night, she’s in danger of having 25 ladies on her doorstep at 7:00.  So I better get crackin’!  I don’t want to miss a single minute.

More soon!

Happy partying,
P.S.  Did you notice that it’s snowing on the blog?  You probably won’t see it if you’re just reading this in an email.  So you better check out the site so you can see it!  Just in time for all the Christmas festivities.  Some of us Texans take our snow any way we can get it.

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6 Responses to Pre-Party Party Teaser

  1. Ranch Wife says:

    Sounds like you’re in for a day of fun and laughter! Tis the party season! Enjoy and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it. Love your snow. I want snow!

    • Doreen, Houston, MN says:

      To those who want/like snow, we, here in the Midwest, will gladly share! SE Minnesota will be getting their/our share beginning in about 24 hrs. Been great quilting days, though, and much accomplished………the days tick by and wait for no man (or woman)!!!!:-)

  2. Kaye says:

    Love the snow!!! Have a fun party!!

  3. Phyllis says:

    Hi Texas JSS’ers. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH I’m missin the party.
    Have a GREAT time and hug each other for me. Am missing my Texas sisters.
    Be joyful, love, Phyl from Kenticky

  4. Cindy Smith says:

    The snow is cool!

  5. Jill Allen says:

    Love the snow and wish I had been able to come to the Pre Party.

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