Dear Jane, Etc.

Yesterday was our Dear Jane Club meeting.  If you’ve been following this blog, you know that Dear Jane is not all that these girls do.  Not even at Dear Jane meetings.  Some months there is very little “Dear Janing” going on.  I was beginning to think we ought to just rename the club “Dear Jane Lovers” with the subtitle, “You only have to like the Dear Jane quilt to join.” 

Sandi suggested that we are “Dear Jane, Etc.”  I like it.  I think it’s gonna stick.

This was a teachable moment that happened.  And, wonder of wonders, it actually was about Dear Jane.  JoAnne brought her DJ to work on hand quilting.  She’s doing it in sections and then will stitch the sections together after they are quilted.  Sandi and Bertha watched with rapt attention, wishing they were to the quilting stage on their own DJ quilts.

Jane is working on the borders of her Dear Jane quilt.  I’ll be working on my borders in about the year 2023.  Someone needs to give me a deadline.

Sandi worked on these cute pinwheels.  Not Jane.

Bertha worked on a DJ block.  Way to go, Bertha!

She also did these.  They qualify for Etc.  Beautiful knitting work!  Quilters just like to work with their hands.  And create beautiful things.

Charlene organized her DJ things.  Can you come to my house, Charlene?

JoAnne worked on the hand quilting on her DJ.  This makes DJ #63 for JoAnne.  She’s a DJ Fanatic.  We’re making her Queen of the DJ’s next month and bringing her a tiara.

Poor Lynda!  She brought a pillow along with her.  Or maybe we could say it’s a very large pin cushion.  But she had to permanently hold it under her right arm!  That’s what happens after rotator cuff surgery.  She has to endure 6 weeks of that big pillow under her arm. 

Thankfully she could still work on this pretty knitting.  She needed it to keep her sanity.

And me?  I actually worked on DJ this month. 

I worked on this lovely block.  I sewed one seam.

But it’s a really pretty seam, isn’t it?  At this rate I figure I’ll complete this one block in 3 years.  And my DJ quilt will be finished and hanging in a quilt show in the year 2046.

Help.  Somebody needs to give me a deadline.

And I need to stop taking time for Etcs.  These girls are no help at all.


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5 Responses to Dear Jane, Etc.

  1. Love the seam! Stop! Your speed is too much! I can barely see you! Just a blur! Or is that just the camera? Really, love the frequent blogging.


    PS – Don’t hurt me on Thursday, OK?

  2. JeniceD says:

    At least you have started yours…. I haven’t even cut the first piece!

  3. Cyndie in Ohio says:

    Wow, I’m impressed with all the exact markings on the freezer paper patterns. Is that how these are to be done from directions in the book? I just learned about using freezer paper for needle turn applique, obviously I don’t get out much and am very behind the times. I think you are doing very well. Loved all the cute and beautiful Etc.s Are those scarfs really knitted almost looks like tatting.

    • Barb says:

      All of that beautiful knitting was Bertha’s and it was indeed all knitted. Lace patterns. She does beautiful work! And there are a million ways to do Dear Jane patterns. Many in this group enjoy hand work and the freezer paper templates are the easiest way to get the pattern onto your fabric for hand piecing. You need to come and visit, Cyndie, and we’ll quilt the entire time you’re here!

  4. Dot says:

    Hi Barb,
    It was so nice to see the pics of your day, and wow Jo Anne – your DJ looks great. I am so sad to say I don’t think we are coming over to Tx again this year as our friends are still having subsidence problems with their house and we totally understand visitors would be difficult !
    Best wishes to you all and miss our get togethers !!
    fond memories,
    Dot in England, UK.

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