The Gals of JSS

I had plans.  High hopes even.  Good intentions.

My camera was loaded and ready.  Yeah, like we load cameras anymore.  Right.  And I had every intention to take lots of pictures of faces at our JSS Bee this week.  And show you the Gals of JSS.  Up close and personal.  I got a few pics.  But once again, the day was all about the quilts.  So you’ll just have to live with quilt pics too.  I know you’re very disappointed.

The Gals


This is a whole roomful of JSS faces.  Very focused on the quilt in the corner.  It’s just what we do.

See how focused?  Impossible to get good face pictures when all these gals can do is look at the quilts.  But Kay, Suz and Nancy would be really cute looking at the camera too.

Karen and Patti.  Checking out those JSS quilts.  Show ‘n Tell is an important part of our Bee days.

LaNelle was very excited to show us the new iPad she got from her Dear Hubby.  It was an action shot.

Look how cute Lynn is.  Lynn always has fun stories to tell at our JSS Bee Days.

I had to show you this pic of Karen.  Karen has flat iron elbow.  The doc told her it was tennis elbow, but Karen doesn’t play tennis.  She has, however, been experimenting with a flat iron.  Thus the wrap on her arm.  What do docs know anyway?

I’d have shown the T-shirt quilt she was holding if not for the bright light coming through the window behind.  Really messed up my picture.

And how about this face peeking over the orange bag?  Isn’t he/she a cutie?  Just another JSS face……

And because never in the history of a JSS Bee day have I given you only 7 pictures, we’ll move on to other things.

The Quilts

Show ‘n Tell is always a big event at our Bee Day.  This month was no exception!

This is Lani’s Alaska quilt.  You’ve seen it before, but I bet you forgot.  She was working on it at Retreat in April.  And now it’s all put together and quilted.  Good job, Lani!

Dede put together this cute baby quilt.

And the back is just as cute as the front.  Great job, Dede!

I should point out that I arrived a bit late and the showin’ and tellin’ was about half over when I started the picture taking.  Sometimes you just get what you pay for.  Repeat after me:  Free Blog.  Just sayin’.

How about this great quilt that Pam quilted at The Quilting Depot?  There’s a story involved with how she got the top that Judy was going to put on the free table at guild.  Pam completed the stitching and then quilted it.  Fabulous quilting, Pam!

LaNelle made this cool easy quilt for a fast wedding gift.  Nice.

Sally’s cute puppies look out from this fabulous quilt.  She made this one for Dear Hubby.  I’ll get a better pic of it at the Quilt Show in September!

LaNelle is full of surprises.  From an Easy Breezy to this fabulous far-from-easy one!

Jules is also known for fabulous not easy quilts.  Great quilt, Jules!

Jules also made these fabulous blocks and the JSS gals decided to do an exhibit of all of them at once.  They are spectacular!

There was even this cute little caterpillar, climbing over the letters.

This lovely quilt belongs to Sally.  But it was made by Dede.  Out of Sally’s Brown Bag fabric last year.  Very nice!

Patt made this pretty quilt.  Great job, Patt!

Kay made this wonderful T-shirt quilt.  Nice, Kay!

Suz made this cute little baby quilt.  For a neighbor who comes by when walking his dog all the time.  We were glad to hear that the quilt was not for the dog!

Suz made this one too.  And told us all about how easy it was to do the curves with the special foot she has.  Love the red!

Lynn put together this stunning one.  She had lots of advice about the borders at the last JSS Bee Day.  And it turned out wonderful.

Everyone ooed and ahhed when Peggy showed us all her Baltimore Album quilt.    Peggy is hiding behind the pillar on the left side of her quilt.  Her applique is exquisite!

You needed to see it up close and personal.  More pics of this one at the Quilt Show next month too.  I bet it will have ribbons on it then.

And Patti showed this very large T-shirt quilt.  She just sewed the shirts together!  Fabulous, Patti!

This mat was crocheted by Nancy.  And it’s made out of… you’ll never guess…… plastic grocery bags!  Nancy is trying to make a bunch of them for charity.  So she’s collecting plastic bags.  I’m sure she’d be happy if you recycled yours to her!

The Food

It’s just not a JSS Day without pics of food, right?  Patt was the hostess with the mostest and had a really nice lunch for us all.

Here’s the spread of food set out on Patt’s lovely kitchen island.  Patt is dishing up tasty tomato basil soup at the stove.

See?  Lovely, creamy, dreamy tomato basil.  With bread toasts on the side.  Yum.

Tasty chicken salad.  There was broccoli salad too and it was very yummy.  I ate it too fast for a picture.

Fruit salad.  Pretty, isn’t it?  Healthy too.  And a lovely bowl.  I filled my plate, but I wanted to just take the whole bowl.  Only I didn’t want a JSS riot to break out.

There were fabulous desserts too, but once again I failed in the picture department.  Just fire the blogger!  And picture the desserts very yummy.

It was another great JSS Day!  I’m sorry you couldn’t be there to see everything first hand.  Patt is probably not sorry.  Her house was already bursting at the seams.

And a few JSS Gals even got a little stitchin’ done.  Beautiful embroidery, Sally!

Happy Quilting!

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10 Responses to The Gals of JSS

  1. Suz says:

    Do you realize that you have blogged for us 3 times this week? Are you sure we can handle it? Well, I can, but I was worried about everyone else. Wonderful day at Patt’s…hope all those quilts show up at the TVQG show in September! Did you discover Patt’s secret ingredient in the fruit salad?

  2. Susan Bancroft says:

    Suz, I am fainting, too! We should all have a Recovery Party!! Maybe I could make it to that one? I have missed so many meetings, I could cry. But thank you, Barb, for the blogs to keep me going. This one was especially great, seeing everyone and the incredible, beautiful quilts…I needed that! I miss and love everybody! 🙂

  3. Peggy says:

    Thanks Pat for hosting and Barb for blogging and photos…………such a fun, theraputic day with wonderful, creative and supportive friends. Soooo good to see everyone and missed those who couldn’t make it…………………so here’s to next time!!!!

  4. Lani says:

    Thanks for letting me revisit so many wonderful memories from the day. The women in this group are the most supportive, embracing, creative bunch of women anywhere! Next time we’ll need to make sure there’s a picture of you in the blog because you look GREAT!

  5. Jocelyn says:

    What a fun group! Wish we had something like that here. I love the quilts. Can Suz tell what pattern she used for the brown and blue baby quilt. It is darling.

  6. Suz says:

    Hey Jocelyn, its just a simple courthouse steps pattern that I saw made up at a quilt shop. It’s really quick if you use a jelly roll…lots less cutting! Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  7. Judy Terry Linn says:

    Nice friends, eh, Barb, fainting because you are blogging again…Recovery Party sounds like a grand plan! Come on over! Barb may need more blog “material!”
    KY quilters will be glad to have the blog too!

    These quilts and projects are fantastic!!!!

  8. LaLa says:

    So cool to see all the Texas JSSers again and their wonderful quilts!!! Thanks Barb!!!

  9. Sueme says:

    SO gladddd to see quilt pictures again! Was a little worried since you found Words with friends on your phone! Just the sound of brown bag sends shivers up my spine!

  10. Joellen says:

    Show and Tell is my favorite activity!! I love all the beautiful work your group has been working on. Thanks for the eye candy!

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