Roses of Sharon, aka Circles of Bonnie… and Sherry… and Kathy… and…

The Rose of Sharon Block Book sparked a lot of interest at Quilter’s Dream last year. 

So we started a club.  Appliquéing all those blossoms, leaves and circles would require a support group, it seems.  Over 40 ladies signed up to be a part!  And I’ve been taking pics at our meetings each and every month.  And haven’t had time to share a single one.

Until today.  Get ready for a boatload of pics of these fabulous blocks made by some fabulous ladies.  A very fun group!

I actually have 71 pics.  It could be a long day.  You better go get your coffee and pinto bean waffles.  We could be here until lunch.

We always have a grand Show ‘n Tell at our monthly Rose of Sharon Club.  Lots of fabulous appliquéing going on here!

I’m not sure if this block belongs to Sherry or Sue, but they both appear to be quite proud of it.  Maybe they are sharing their quilt?  Not.  After all the time and effort this quilt requires, nobody in their right mind would make this one to share.

Some just got their blocks prepared.  And brought the parts and pieces for Show ‘n Tell.  We allow all kinds of  showin’ and tellin’ in this group.

Laura had lots of prepared leaves.

A very nice pile of them, actually.  And blossoms.  And circles.  All prepared.

Lynda was quite proud of her background square all cut out and ready.  Please imagine lots of leaves and circles and blossoms appliquéd on.  We allow all kinds of Show ‘n Tell in our group.  Even when we have to really use our imagination.

Beth shows a partially completed block…..

And I think that’s Teresa hiding behind this partially finished block.

And then of course there are always the overachievers:

This is Marge with her block the first month…..

….and also many of the setting triangles – all completed!

Some just hide their faces when the camera comes out for show ‘n tell.

And there are always other things to show too.  Mary shows a block from another quilt she’s making.  It appears we all do many quilts at once.  And bring them to show our friends.

These are all Bonnie’s blocks.  Overachiever.  She’s also branching out from the 13 blocks that make up the cover quilt in the Rose of Sharon Block Book.  And making the quilt very much her own.

See this block of Bonnie’s?  In the original block in the book the pinkish red circles were actually little bitty blossoms.  But Bonnie chose to make hers circles.  Those little bitty blossoms are a bear to stitch!  Thus we are renaming Bonnie’s quilt “Circles of Sharon.”  Or better yet…. “Circles of Bonnie.”  Some of the others in the group agreed and decided they might like to make more circles too.  Being a part of a group has its benefits.  We learn a lot from each other.

Donna had a boatload of blocks all fused and ready for stitchin’.  Notice the bandage on her left index finger.  Rotary cutter.  But that didn’t keep her from fusing that boatload of blocks!

Tracie’s block is perfect!  She added fancy stitches to hold down her fused appliqué and everyone ooo’d and aah’d over how nice they looked.  Somehow I missed getting up close pics of that!  So I got more pics at her house just the other day.

See the cool stitching?  Now everyone wants to do theirs this way.  It looks fabulous.

Lynda’s block is as pretty as her smile.

Another really fabulous block.  Can’t wait to see these finished quilts.

Another great block.  With well-chosen fabrics from a stash.  Pretty nails too, eh?

Janet shows her cool bag.  Stitched by her friend, Jan.  We all want one, Jan!

And how’s this for Susan’s show ‘n tell?  Cute.

Beautiful block, Susan!

I believe these four blocks belong to Valerie.  Very nice.

Kathy forgot to bring her finished block.  So she showed us a pic she took of it on her design wall.  We’re not buying it, Kathy!  The next month she was sure to bring her actual stitched block.

Nancy was working on one of the more difficult, intricate blocks in the quilt.  And another project that she brought along to share too.

I have a lot more pics of everyone’s work in the group.  Remember I said there were 71?  I wasn’t kidding.  But I’ve been trying to get this blog completed for many days now.  And if I show you all of those pics, you’ll have moved right past lunch and on to dinner.  So I’ll save them for another day.  Or just take more at the next Rose of Sharon Club day.    I think I’ve given you a really good sampling of the work in the group.  So you could be sufficiently jealous.  There will definitely be more to come!


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7 Responses to Roses of Sharon, aka Circles of Bonnie… and Sherry… and Kathy… and…

  1. Lani says:

    It was so nice to read your blog while having my morning coffee! I don’t care if there are 2 or 22 or 52 pictures…I just like seeing your blog in my inbox!!

  2. Judy Terry Linn says:

    Reading from TN. Good to hear from you, Barb! Love all the smiling faces! Beautiful, beautiful blocks!

  3. Marj says:

    Loved seeing all the blocks and I am very jealous/envious as I have the book, but have not started the quilt yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Peggy says:

    All the blocks and their stitchers are wonderful………….great way to start the day!!!

  5. I’ve been avoiding looking at pictures of this quilt so I wouldn’t buy another book!! 😀 Now look what you’ve done!!!! LOL They are gorgeous. Did I not see YOUR block? Where is it? You’ll have to include some o’ that next time as well!!
    Mary Lou

  6. Jocelyn says:

    Wow they all did a GREAT job! Beautiful blocks.

  7. Kandy Murray says:

    What a great and talented group of ladies you have around you. You are so very blessed. I had to take a hiatus from quilting for a few months due to the illness and passing of my Dad, but your blog kept my spirits up. I’m now quilting again and looking forward to returning to my guild meetings. Just wanted you all to know that you inspire me and make me smile even when times are tough!

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