New Year, New Project

It’s a new year and I’ve added to my UFO’s already.  That’s UnFinished Objects for those of you unfamiliar with quilting terms.  A new project is always a temptation.  Why is it so fun to start something new?

I’m certain I talked about this Roses of Remembrance quilt before.  This block is a sample I made last summer for the shop where I work so that others might want to start a new project in the new year too.  I love having others join me in adding to UFO’s.  It’s helpful to have a support group. 

By the way, my niece, Janna, just rolled her eyes.  I’m just sure of it.  She has now decided that she will be 95 before I finish the T-shirt quilt I started for her way back in 2010.  (That was a ploy.  I’m sure I’ll finish it by the time she’s 70.  Shhhhh.  Don’t tell her I said that.  I can’t wait to surprise her on her 70th birthday!  In the year 2052.  When I’m 98.  There’s something very wrong with those numbers.)

I made this block last summer too.  Another sample for the shop.  And apparently this quilt is quite popular and/or they liked my sample blocks.  We have a very large group of ladies who wanted a support group for making this quilt this year.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing pictures of their progress.   What a fun time we had at our first meetings last week!

Here are the fabulous batik fabrics from Island Batiks just after I’d washed them and pulled them from the dryer.  I tried my hardest to get Boo to fold them for me, but as you can see he just turned his back.  He only wanted to revel in the heat of the fabric from the dryer.  Lazy cat!

See Mom?  I knew you could fold them all by yourself.  He was just interested in laying on the ironing board and swishing his tail.  His tail is always moving.  Unless he’s asleep.  That’s the only time his tail stops moving.

Here’s the book with all the blocks for this fabulous quilt.  My fingers are just itching to start on the applique.  Now if I can just get these itchy fingers off this blogging keyboard.

The other day I stole borrowed Janet’s templates and traced the pattern on all the pieces for the first block.  These templates made the prep process so easy!  Don’t tell Janet, but she may never get her templates back.  At least not until I finish prepping all the blocks for the whole quilt.  Sure hope she’s not reading the blog.

I whipped out this little stack of prepared pieces in no time.

Hard to believe that this little itty bitty stack of fabric pieces…………

…………is enough to do this whole block, isn’t it?  Very hard to believe.  And by the way, that is not my finished block.  I just took a picture of the block in the book.  Fooled you, didn’t I?  I’ve already warned the group that I take a long time to do anything.  Just visit any Dear Jane posting on this blog and you’ll see what I mean.  I’m a little slow without a deadline.  Just ask Janna.

But you never know.  I just might surprise them all this year.  Including Janna.  Maybe I’ve turned over a new finished leaf?  Don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile…… yesterday was NQIT’s Birthday.  (Alias Dear Hubby – he says that looks like I’m calling him “niquit” – sort of like nimwit – but I just see the letters in my head and not really a pronounciation of a word.  And I kind of like calling him the New Quilter In Town.)  Here’s how he celebrated:

Life is tough at our house, isn’t it?  Pretty nice when it’s a two-cat-lap day.  No worry about cold winters at our house.  With all that body heat, NQIT was burning up and shedding cats in no time.  But it was nice to see Boo and Miss Kitty getting along so handsomely.  At least while they were sleeping.

Happy Day After Birthday, Dear Hubby!
Dear Wifey, alias OQIT

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4 Responses to New Year, New Project

  1. Judy says:

    gorgeous colors…I am VERY inspired (tempted) to buy this book and make at least some of these blocks. Love my kitties too…I know from years of experience they are best as entertainment and cuddling ….they don’t do windows(except for scoping out birds) nor laundry.

  2. Rhonda says:

    I have to say that finishing project is highly over-rated. If we, as quilters, finished all our projects what would we have to talk about?
    I thought all T-Shirt quilts were supposed to be half-finished in a box/tote somewhere. Just ask my daughter-who complains about hers all the time.

  3. Patti Munro says:

    Maybe Jana should get the NQIT interested in her T-shirt quilt or better yet become NQIT #2. The Rose of Sharon is beautiful. I think I will resist however. I will never finish that and the challenges for the year.
    Thank you,

  4. Sueme says:

    I am in total agreement with hubby…. my brain also makes non-complementary words for NQIT !

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