Piles #345

They’re baaaaaackkkkk.  The piles that is.  Just when I thought I had them under control.   I’ve been working on them a bit lately.  And they’ve kept me from the blog.  Did you miss me?  Don’t tell me if you didn’t.  My fragile psyche might not be able to take it.

Does your kitchen table look like this?  Don’t tell me if it doesn’t.  My fragile psy…… well, you get the picture.  Why does the mail have to pile up so?  Why do we seem to barely be able to make it in the door and then drop things here?  How are we supposed to eat dinner?  OK, OK – who cares if most days we eat on TV trays in the living room.  Obviously this picture proves why we do that.  This pile makes me crazy.  Bet you can’t even tell that the Christmas table topper is still on the table.

So last week I worked on it.  Which meant many hours of going through all those envelopes and papers.  Yukkkkkk…… not my favorite thing to do in the world.  I have much better things to be doing.

Like working on this pile.  This is a pile a quilter can love!  All these quilts that need to be quilted.  And I long for the day I can go the The Quilting Depot and work on them.

But lately this stuff keeps consuming all my time.  It’s making me crazy.

Look how unconcerned Boo is.  I know you can only see part of him, but it’s obvious that concern is not what’s consuming him.  He’s all about a nap.  Even the stack of books way in the background needs attention.  “Come on, Boo.  Show some concern.”  Not happening.

This pile by the printer is actually in my sewing room.  And it keeps me from feeling good about being in there quilting.  Every time I walk in the room, I think I should be going through this pile and dealing with it.  So I feel guilty if I sew.  It’s a curse.  Can somebody please come over and just blow up my piles?

This corner in the kitchen actually isn’t too terribly bad.  At least the cookbooks in the corner are somewhat organized.  But the rest of the stuff needs some work.  Look!  There are even a few leftover Christmas peppermint marshmallows hiding there!  I can just imagine how stale those last 3 marshmallows are.  Help.

But look at the kitchen table now!  It’s almost too clean.  Give it a few days.  At least the Christmas quilt is gone.  And I’m working hard at keeping the mail at bay.

And how about this space on the kitchen counter?  But wait.  That looks a little too stark even for me.

There.  That’s better.  Because we might need to write a note and not only blow our noses or salt and pepper the food on the stove.

I’m off to quilt.  The rest of the piles will just have to wait.  Today is Dear Jane Day at the shop where I work.   And I have a project to work on that has a deadline too.  But the JSS Bee gals are coming over for the day on Thursday.  Wonder where I can hide the rest of these piles?  Maybe there’s room under the guest bed.

And how are the piles at your house?


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11 Responses to Piles #345

  1. JoAnne says:

    Ohhh, I see why you’re working on those piles. Nothing like company comin’ to get you motivated – right? Works for me too!

  2. Susan Bancroft says:

    We hardly ever use it, so sometimes I put stuff (I mean, I STUFF stuff–LOL!) in my dishwasher! Guest rooms are great, I can stuff the closet pretty good…containers under bed and also up on shelves in there works great. Why is it so hard to stop the piles? I remember FlyLady used to say to set your timer for something like just 5 minutes a day and go throw stuff away during that time…….I might do that today! In fact, I just looked her up., haven’t read her site in a long time, but I am due for some lessons. Here ya go, Barb: http://www.flylady.com/pages/begin_babysteps.asp Start with Lesson one, then skip to 7 and keep going! I love her overall “Flying Lessons!” http://flylady.net/pages/FLYingLessons_11commandments.asp Hey, I gotta go fly now, I have family coming in for the week!

    Love, Susan 🙂

  3. Sandi says:

    Your piles are invited to my house to keep mine company!!! I like you even more now. lol I saw the 5:30am and thought Barb must be turning over a new leaf. This is early for you. But…after reading, I understand. Our dining table gets all the good “stuff” also.
    It’s good to see you back. I was getting a little worried.

  4. lynn says:

    When I got up this morning, I thought, I will just get a big rubbermaid,..and hide this pile of stuff I should have done something with! Relatives will be here this afternoon. The good thing is they are related, and they can’t do anything about it! Close up of the table quilt would be appreciated, I love looking.

  5. Rhonda says:

    You know what I too am a pile junkie but only on the kitchen table…oh wait there are two other spots…next to the filing cabinet (I hate filing) and next to my bed! I won’t allow any piles in my sewing room – they distract me and that simply is not fair. Distractions in the rest of the house is no big deal; distraction from what the cleaning that needs to be done? That is a welcome distraction! Looks like you made a good dent so pat yourself on the back and reward yourself with chocolate and extra sewing time. Oh and I am with the other lady…I want a close up of the lovely on the table!

  6. patti says:

    It is always heart warming to know you are not the only one with pile challenges. The mail I often find annoying. Throw it away or keep it?. I like to think I do not have enough storage, but sometimes maybe it is just too much stuff….?? Thanks for keeping it real.

  7. Susan says:

    And how are the piles at your house?


  8. Carmen says:

    My piles are pretty bad too! Unfortunately, I have to get everything picked up this week (people coming over). My table looks pretty much like yours. 🙂

  9. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    I have been missing your blog too. I spent last week in Minneapolis, MN to help my DH on his business trip. It was -20 below with a wind chill of -26 or something. I could not believe how brutal it gets at that cold level, yikes. I highly recommend FlyLady to you, her techniques work if you do them, she has a great sense of humor too. Oh, Mall of America on a cold day is a great escape, IKEA too!

  10. Vicky T says:

    I knew there was a reason I liked you! My sewing table is in perpetual chaos because it is a horizontal surface and like the rest of the horizontal surfaces it’s a constant accumulation of junk that I don’t feel like I can throw away but when it comes down to “company’s comin’!” all I do is drag in another rubbermaid container, fill it up and set it somewhere out of the way until a later that never comes!!
    Thanks for the giggle!

  11. Sueme says:

    So …..impressed with the clean flat surfaces but now really want to see a picture under the table!

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