Post Christmas Laziness

I was feeling a bit lazy the day after Christmas.  Too much good eatin’ going on around here.  I’m going to have to get going on a healthier diet in 2011.  But don’t we say that every year?  I mean it this time.  But I think I say that every year too.  Some things are just meant to be repeated year after year.  And good intentions in January can’t be all bad, right?


This is the spread of healthy food at my sister’s house on Christmas Eve.  Except for the healthy part.  Snacks, snacks and more snacks.  And not much that could be called healthy.  Unless you count the spinach in the spinach/artichoke dip.  But I do believe that’s stretching it a bit.  Can you say delicious?  We ate our way through Christmas Eve.

And then the day after Christmas we had our first fire in the fireplace.  I love a warm, cozy fire.  And it was necessary because it had turned frigidly cold here in Texas.  That’s 35° for all you northern climate readers who might not understand frigid cold in Texas terms.  You can stop laughing now.

And of course, that meant I could roast some of my homemade marshmallows in the fire.  Boy were they yummy.  And very healthy, right?  Not.

But I’m really writing this post-Christmas blog to show you the really cool Christmas present I got from Dear Hubby.  A gift that will help with blogging!

It’s a lapdesk for my laptop!  Now I can blog away with my feet up on the couch and the laptop stabilized on a neat-o tray.  And room for the mouse at the side so I don’t have to run it over the cushions on the back of the couch any more!  Notice I did not remove the tags that say “not to be removed under penalty of law.”  But I’m going to throw caution to the wind soon and cut those things off.  I think the small print says “except by the consumer” and that would be me, so off they go!

And yes, I was watching the Sound of Music while doing blog stuff tonight.  I love that movie.  I can probably recite all the lines and I certainly can sing along to all the songs (and mostly do), but I still watch it every time I come across it on TV.  It’s just an all-time favorite.  And I couldn’t resist.  Funny how it looks like smoke coming out of Julie Andrews’ head in that picture above.  It’s really the sky, but it sure looks like smoke.  I imagine Julie would be happy to hear that.

The lapdesk will come in handy for other things too.  Like reading magazines.  Especially this really cool one I got from my Sis for Christmas called “Where Women Cook.”  Maybe I’ll find some new recipes to try and to share with all of you on the blog.

This premiere issue had my hero, The Pioneer Woman, on the cover!  And a cool article about her inside with loads of pics from her kitchen.  And lots of other neat kitchens too.  I’ve already looked at all the pics and plan to go back and read it cover to cover too.  And since my nieces and nephew and their respective boy/girlfriends/spouse gave me a subscription, I’ll be sharing more things I learn from it as the year progresses!  Thanks, Kids!  They love it when we call them kids.

It’s a cool writing desk too.  For “blog notes” or good, old-fashioned letters.

And how about polishing fingernails?  Another really serviceable use for the desk.

So if you don’t already have one of these lapdesks, you probably need one.  Perhaps you have a birthday coming up soon?  Might be a good thing to ask for.  I’m sure you want one now that I’ve shown you all these good uses.

And now I’m off to stoke the fire.  I may need one more marshmallow before it goes out.

And one last goodbye to Christmas until next year.  Only 363 shopping days left!  Isn’t my Sis’ tree pretty with all the gifts piled beneath it?  I just thought you needed one last look at Christmas festivities.

Lazy hugs from behind the lapdesk,

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2 Responses to Post Christmas Laziness

  1. Libby says:

    What! No comments and it’s 7:06 pm! Where are all the people who think it’s wimpy to believe 35 degrees is cold? And what about the “Sound of Music” lovers? I got to go see that movie in Indianapolis with a bunch of my girlfriends for my 6th birthday! (or was it my 7th?) Toasted marshmallows – I’m hungry! Gotta go fix dinner!

  2. Carol Parker says:

    Barb, another good blog. Think the laptop desk I might have to put on my wish list – maybe not though because using my lap is so convenient I might not use it. Happy New Year !!!

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