The Giveaway Continues!

WOW!  51 comments so far as I’m writing this.  I’m having such fun reading them that I decided to continue the contest one more full day.


So one of these gifts could still be yours.  Just go to the previous posting and enter a comment there to get in on the fun. 

Click here to get the speed trip to the previous post.  A comment on today’s post will not guarantee you’re entered.  You must go to the previous post and leave a comment there.  Of course, you saw where yesterday’s “rules” got me, didn’t you? 

And we have passed the 1,000th comment.  So I’ll put you out of your misery of waiting on that one and tell you that the winner is:

<<<<< Sarah >>>>>

Sarah requested the pin cushion as her winning prize so that little guy will be winging its way to San Antonio to live in her sewing room very soon!  Congratulations, Sarah!

This does not mean that there won’t be more pin cushions for others who requested them if their number is pulled by Miss Kitty and the Random Number Generator.  Boo refuses to be the mouse button pusher this time and wants Miss Kitty to get the grief from all the non-winners instead of him.  Miss Kitty is tough.  She can take the criticism.

There is still more to come from The Party of the Century.  More Show ‘n Tell and a look at some great decorating ideas for Christmas from Judy’s fabulous home.  Didn’t I tell you we’d be revisiting that party for many, many, many days to come?  Remember 518 pics?

I’ll be blogging away about those things and more soon.  But first I have to get out my wet noodle and administer 30 lashes on a few people who commented excessively yesterday.  I bet they are quaking in their boots just thinking about it.

Keep those comments coming……but only one per person, please…… I’m loving them all!


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3 Responses to The Giveaway Continues!

  1. Nicole says:

    I love your give away and the cute way you blog about it! If I was a winner I would pick the pin cushion or the journal. I love the costers but I have made some just like yours already. It was so fun tp pick out the colors and easy to sew. Happy holidays and happy blogging!

  2. Nicole says:

    ok I just realised that I left my comment in the wrong spot. But no worries I fixed it. Not too many people are going for the costers but I think they are great…especially if you are a wine drinker because you can put the stem of your glass inside and travel around the house with it.

  3. LaNelle says:

    GIFTS… PRIZES… Yeah… I love the surprises and the BLOG. Keep up the good word and recipes.

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