Decorating with Judy

Recently at The Christmas Party of the Century, I had a chance to stroll around Judy’s lovely home and observe – and photograph – some of Judy’s ingenious holiday decorating ideas.  Thought I’d share them with you today!


First of all, when we arrived at The Party, Judy had special gifts for everyone.  In fabulous holiday bags.  Pretty gift bags are a great way to decorate your home for the holidays.

Cute tiny decorated trees adorned the window ledges.

…..with little village houses in between.  With snowtopped roofs.  Nice.

Christmas, Christmas everywhere!

A fabulous nativity in a very special place.

A great simple decorating idea.  Fill a pretty silver bowl with glitzy shiny ornaments.  I think I’ll do this and just forego the whole “tree” thing.  It will keep me from having to look for those pesky hanger things for the ornaments.  How do those things get lost from year to year?

And you can put those special ornaments in dishes everywhere.

Including in all your crystal vases and bowls in the china cabinet.  They just add color and sparkle to everything!  And I’m all about easy decorating.  Tomorrow I’m filling every bowl in my house with ornaments.  And then pronouncing the decorating done!

All the JSSers got to meet Judy’s beautiful daughter-in-law, Candice.  Here she is laughing at some dry comment from Madelyn.  Or is she really just eyeing Madelyn’s plate of food and trying to figure out how to trip her and catch the plate?

JSSers visiting at the party.  Many in Christmas red.  So they became decorations too!  And added to the festive occasion.

Sandra and Kay’s smiling faces.  They light up a room!

Cindy and her Mom, Donna, enjoying their breakfast.  And I could think of a million captions for this one.  Like, “Why does Cindy’s plate look so much better than mine?  Maybe I can distract her and steal some of hers when she’s not looking.”

Hey Sally!  How about sharing?  I can hear Sally now…… “Not on your life, Barb.  Get your own plate.”  And she says it with such a sweet smile on her face.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the rest of the quilt projects that the gals showed at the party.  They will knock your socks off.

And later today, Miss Kitty and I will determine the winners of our giveaway!  I know you can hardly wait.  I’ve been training Miss Kitty on Random Number Generator basics.  Just a few more training sessions and I think she’ll be ready.  Boo can’t believe she needs training.  I think I heard him mutter under his breath, “Women.”

Happy Decorating!

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6 Responses to Decorating with Judy

  1. Susan Bancroft says:

    Judy’s home was so beautiful and festive! I’ve only ever been there at Christmas, so I just always thought it was ALWAYS a Christmas House–lol! C’mon, Miss Kitty, get with it. I think she is tricking you, Barb…she knows what to do! 🙂

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Great pictures. I’d love to see more of the house. Looks like a fun time for all.

  3. LaNelle says:

    Judy’s house says “Enter with Christmas in You Heart” all year long. I have always felt that way when I go to her house. She and her house are so wonderful.

  4. Diane Wyte says:

    Oh boy – not disappointed – came back from water aerobics to some fun pics and wonderful Judy-decorating ideas. What a treat. Barb – you have to blog and entertain us like this everyday – it is a GREAT way to start the creative juices flowing! Cannot wait for more!!! Bloggers, you know, do not have days off!

  5. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    I so enjoy the faces, it feels like I know them, or wish I knew them, quilting sisters all.

  6. Madelyn Norville says:

    I loved the pics of Judy’s beautiful home. You should see the rest of the year! It always looks like a show place. Thanks for sharing it with us sometimes, Judy!

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