The Biggest Day of Her Life

But I’m not sure if I’m talking about the Bride.  Or perhaps the Bride’s Mother?  You see, Susan is my very dearest friend.  We actually met on the internet.  And now here I am on the internet, blogging about her daughter’s wedding.  And what a grand affair it was!  I hardly know where to begin.  Perhaps at the beginning?

One day, long, long ago, Susan wrote a note to the Dear Jane quilting group on the internet to mention that she had just bought the DJ book.  And that she lived in Dallas.  So I wrote her back.  What?  Not that beginning?  Oh, yeah.  I really should just start at the beginning of the wedding.  Since that is what this blog is all about today.  Sorry.

Once upon a time there was a sweet girl named Brooke.  And a nice Irish boy named Ronan.  They grew up millions of miles apart.  But one day they met.  In the city of San Francisco.  And they fell in love.  And got married.  This is their wedding day.

The Ceremony

St. Patrick Cathedral was all decked out for the Big Event.  With the sun streaming through the beautiful stained glass windows.  I got there early to not miss a single moment.  You can tell by the empty seats how early I really was.

This cute guy sat right in front of me and entertained Dear Hubby and I while we waited for the ceremony to begin.  He was apparently used to pictures being taken of him and smiled nearly every time I pointed the camera in his direction.  But he was so wiggly that most of the pics were blurry.  A very cute wiggle-worm!

The happy Irish Groom walked his equally happy Irish Mom to her seat at the front.

(Disclaimer:  I don’t pretend to be a professional photographer.  Many of my pics are very blurry and I apologize for them all.  I try to capture moments – the pros can make them all be in perfect focus.  Lighting was very low for the whole event.  ‘Nuff said!) 

Then came my dear quilting buddy, Susan, being seated by her handsome Son.  She looked elegant and beautiful.  The perfect Mother of the Bride from head to toe!

This was just after she was seated.  A perfect, elegant profile.  I couldn’t resist this candid shot.

But we were there to see the Bride.  And we didn’t have long to wait.  The doors at the back opened and there she stood with the sun streaming in behind her.  What a shot!  Too bad I missed it.

But I did recover to get a pic as she came down the aisle.  And a beautiful Bride she was!  From the front……….

……..and from the back.  Notice Susan dabbing her eyes.  But she was not the only one!  You can see one of the bridesmaids behind her doing the same.  Brooke was indeed a Beautiful Bride!  And brought tears to many eyes.

The Priest was from Ireland.  But came this day from Tyler, Texas to perform this special ceremony.  Father Kelly.  Dear Hubby and I enjoyed him very much.  He had many fun stories to tell.

Dear Hubby was glad that one of the groom’s prankster friends hadn’t painted “Help” on the bottom of his shoes.

Isn’t she beautiful?  A profile as lovely as her Mom’s.

Another pic just for Susan.  Because the Mother of the Bride especially appreciates all these pics of her lovely daughter.  So that she can see all the things that passed by in a big blur for her on The Day.

Father Kelly sometimes spoke just to the congregation.  Admonishing us that “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.”  In other words, don’t you dare do anything to come between this beautiful married couple!

The beautiful couple shared a private moment while Father Kelly talked just to us.

They held right hands as instructed as they exchanged vows.  (Check out the beautiful lace on her dress!)

Look at the dreamy looks on their faces.  Just what a wedding is all about.

They exchanged rings.  As most newlyweds do.

A happy moment!

I included this pic because I wanted you to see all of Susan’s beautiful dress as she took communion.  Of course it would have been much better if I’d used the flash.  But then I would have disturbed the sacred moment and we couldn’t have that!  Use your imagination to unblur the picture.  Please.

The happy newlyweds heading off to the reception.  Is that a big sigh I see coming out of the groom?  Love the smile on Father Kelly’s face.

Susan, her Dear Hubby and the Groom’s Mom.  They all look fabulous!

The Bridal Party on the steps of the church.  They are all looking at the professional photographer as they should.  A blogger has to be happy with nice profile pictures.

What a beautiful, happy couple.  In half profile.  Especially for the blogger.

This one’s for Susan.  She is quite beautiful.  And she looks a lot like her beautiful Mom.

The Flowers

The Bride’s Bouquet.  Stunning.

Flowers at the Reception.  Exquisite.

More flowers at the Reception.  With candles.  On the tables where we dined.  Magnificent.

I had planned to show more in this blog today.  But rather than overwhelm you with it all in one day, I think I’ll wait and continue on another day.  Keep them coming back for more.  That’s my motto.  And I have more.  Lots more.  Including The Reception, The First Dance,  Dancing with Dads and of course, The Food.  Because if you’ve been reading this blog for long, you know we are all about The Food.  And I know my faithful readers will want to see pics of all the food.

There is also some very cute video of the dancing.  With Ronan’s sweet Irish Aunts and his Mom doing their own line dancing – so cute!  It will be on YouTube soon and I’ll include the link for you to see.

Blessings on you, Brooke & Ronan! 

And Susan, it’s time for you to get back to quilting.  I’ve missed you.

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11 Responses to The Biggest Day of Her Life

  1. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    Love it, so beautiful, thank you for blogging.

  2. Lani says:

    Barb, thanks for the lovely blog! And Susan, thanks for giving Barb such a lovely event to blog about!

  3. Suz says:

    I have just been soaking it all in, and the word “Gorgeous” comes to mind with each picture! Everyone looks so natural and yet so perfect! And what a beautiful setting… Barb, you have a wonderful way with that camera, even with the limitations that are presented with a wedding!

  4. Patty Spinelli says:

    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. What a magical day. You are doing such a great job as a wedding photographer.

  5. Judy Terry Linn says:


  6. Karlene E. Hyer says:

    These photos are simply amazing, Barb! You have caught so many treasured candid moments that the pros aren’t able to do. I love you comments, too–so fresh, warm, and full of life! Thank you for being such a grand friend to Susan, whom we both hold most dear.

  7. Brooke says:

    Barb, thank you for posting this blog and these pictures! Ronan and I looked through it this morning and you really did capture some wonderful shots. We are having a blast recapping the weekend so this was especially fun to see. Thank you for being a part of our special day…

  8. Pam Barr says:

    Barb, stop apologizing for the pictures! You could not help the light and they were all wonderful! I read the blog twice and may do again. You did a wonderful job of giving our circle of friend a window into the day that has taken our Susan away from us for a year.

    We miss you Susan, come back to us! You look so lovely in the pictures!

  9. Kay Burton says:

    Okay, I had to ‘copy’ from the ‘Wedding Teaser’…. leave it to me to comment on the wrong blog………
    Again, your photos are just wonderful! It was a fun afternoon and evening!! Brooke looked just Incredibly BEAUTIFUL (I love the photo you took “Just For Susan”. And SUSAN….. well, what a lovely and Special Lady SHE is!! They have such deep love in that family!
    And, didn’t we just LOVE the little one sitting in front of us at the church?! The FIRST great-grandbaby for Susan’s parents…… what a cutie!
    Your writing is Just Wonderful!! It was a beautiful, precious wedding…… brought tears of happiness back to me, yet again. SO GLAD we sat together at the ceremony (as you took photo after photo, and the one of Susan wiping her tears as her daughter walked past REALLY got to me — GREAT photos!!) THANK YOU for all your writings!! Since I don’t quilt, I am always amazed at the art pieces you all do!

  10. Jill Allen says:

    So multi talented! Blogger, DJ’er, quilter, fantastic cook and wedding photographer.!! I so enjoy your blogg.

    • Anne Monahan {friend of an aunt from Ireland ) says:

      Beautiful pictures and a great insight to an American wedding – such a handsome couple too!!

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