Retreat Sillies

Just a few silly things to start your morning today.  From silly retreaters.  These gals really know how to laugh and create laughter.  You can’t be depressed around this group!


Newbie Linda fits right in.  And her Secret Sis gave her this fabulous seasonal tiara.  So her Secret Sis gets a big shout out for a great secret gift!  Newbie Linda wears it proudly.

The Compass Centre is on the cutting edge of new electronic gadgets these days.  Apparently there is a brand new, super charged hair dryer available on the market that has the shortest cord imaginable to man.  Or woman.  And I had a terrible time trying to dry my hair after my shower yesterday.  But a picture is worth a thousand words.

As you can see, I was having a very hard time drying my hair with the really short cord!  But I kept a smile on my face through the whole process.

Thank goodness Pat came to my rescue!

Here she is demonstating the fancy schmancy hair dryer cord.    This is how it was when I tried to use it.

Voila!  Instant long cord!  Apparently retractable cords are the newest thing in hair dryers.  Not.  Just to me, I’ve been informed.  I haven’t bought a new hair dryer for a very long time.  It is good to have retreats so I can catch up with the rest of the world.  You probably all knew about retractable hair dryer cords.

Suz was extra cute when she put her clothespin on her hand towel when we arrived at retreat.  We use these to identify whose towel is whose.

So I decided  to follow suit.  New names are the norm for this group.  Blast from the past: Remember our introduction to Bon Qui Qui?

Pam had a little trouble with this block today.  But perhaps you need to see the way it was supposed to be?

Much better, Pam!  I’m sure it was just because she was laughing so hard that there were tears in her eyes.

And that might be because one retreater forgot a very necessary item of clothing when she packed her things for the week.  A particularly sensitive, needed article of clothing.  So one of the other retreaters stitched a replacement for her.  Way to go retreaters!  These gals are so resourceful.  It’s unbelievable.  Really it is.  You’re going to love these next pictures.

And I do believe you need to see the back side too.

Sorry for the blur.  Apparently the photographer was shaking with laughter also.  As well as the entire room.  In fact, I’m sure you heard the laughter all the way to the DFW area.  Which is at least 90 miles away.   These gals can keep a person in stitches.  Quite literally.

One gal wrapped it all up with her Secret Sis gift to Sue H yesterday…….

I think we all need one of these to hang on our doors at home and remind ourselves of all the laughter.  So cute!

More to come – with lots of food and quilt pics too.  Stay tuned.

P.S.  How ’bout those Texas Rangers!   Woo Hoo!
P.P.S  This pic is just a personal one for Susan and Sally.  Look how organized Suz and I are this time.  Cool, eh?

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5 Responses to Retreat Sillies

  1. Peggy says:

    Go Rangers!!!

    Love the newest line of ‘essentials’ for retreaters! Bet you all could make some money on those! Enjoy the day and don’t laugh too hard without the rest of us. We want to see some quilting progress soon……………..Tracie inspired me to purge and reorganize so I can (hopefully) find new projects and UFO’s to work on when I’m done and have a clear space in my room again. So thanks to her I may not get ANY stitching done this week!!!

  2. Susan Bancroft says:

    Waaaaaaaaah, I want a Secret Sister! Where’s mine and Sally’s and Sue OK’s? We are not happy being stuck here in our other-worlds with no fabulous secret panties, tiaras, scented candles or Halloween socks. Nary a Bug Eye. Put my name down for the spring retreat, I am collecting my Secret Stuff as we speak. Tell Pam I emailed her last month to ask who I should make out my $100 check to, but I didn’t hear back, so I went out and bought some nose hair trimmers. I will not call Sally to tell her 5 blogs a day is too much. Last I heard, she was wandering around downtown in a daze dragging some bright yellow wool and mumbling something about sunflowers and her ding-dang refrigerator…those of us left behind go into severe spirals of depression and cope the best way we can. Thank you to Judy for answering my questions about seating! Pictures of the room and all the ladies should be next on your blog agenda, Barb. WAKE UP!

  3. Sandi says:

    Tooooooo funnnnnny!!!!! FUN!!! That is exactly what retreats are all about!!!
    Go go Rangers!!!

  4. Patty Spinelli says:

    Looks like the retreat is off to a GREAT start. Have FUN today..
    GO RANGERS….GO GIANTS..when they play each other I have to cheer
    for the Giants but for now I get to cheer for both…..

  5. Sally says:

    I am so laughing out loud at Susan’s comments. I agree! WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! We HAVE do do secret sisters again at the Spring retreat. So, Barb, let’s see some more pics of SST’s (better know as Secret Sister Treasurers). You ladies take “Retreat Fun” to a whole new level. And, we need some cheering for our Rangers….they’re a little below the winning line at this moment. Let’s hear it…..GO RANGERS!!!

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