More Quilt Show Pics!

For Sarah.  Because she asked.  I knew someone would.  I’ve been busily organizing my 5,632 pics that I took at the Quilt Show.  Apparently organizing photos is something that takes days and days to do.  Especially when there are 5,632 of them.  Or is it 5,633?  Something like that.  I needed to clean house too.  But the vacuum cleaner decided to stop working.  Of course it did!  Because I’m having an overnight guest this weekend.  It’s just the way things happen, isn’t it?  Maybe she won’t notice the cat hair?

But I digress.  I was talking about Quilt Show pictures.  Dear Hubby and I went back to the exhibit hall after the wedding last Saturday night.  Just to take pics of all the ribbon winners so I could post them to the guild website.  And I’ve been organizing and organizing.  I might as well glue the laptop to my knees.

So on with the Show!  How about an online show of quilts that were made by JSS Bee ladies?

I love these fabulous embroidered dresses by Susan.  And not just because I did the binding either.  I think these dresses are the cutest little things.  But you need to see them up close. 

What a great poodle skirt!  Complete with a teeny, tiny poodle.  It’s impossible for me to decide which dress I like the best.

Susan’s embroidery work is exquisite!

Notice that this quilt won second place in its category.  The first place winner was also the Best of Show quilt.  Doesn’t that mean that Susan can say she came in second to the Best of Show quilt?  Sounds like a good line to me.

Have I mentioned that I still have all of Susan’s quilts?  I’m starting to decide which walls I should hang them on.  I told her possession is 9/10 of the law.  The next time she comes over she might find my house decorated with her quilts.  Surely she won’t have the heart to pull them down and take them home?

Suzanne worked on this quilt at our last JSS retreat.  If I had picked up Suz’ quilts at the show, this one would already be hanging in my bedroom.  It goes beautifully with my decorating!  She better keep her eye on this one!

Here is Sally in her “serious website” pose with her beautiful Best of Show quilt. 

And here she is in her “silly blog” pose.  Or maybe it’s her Vanna White imitation.  Whatever pose she has her quilt is spectacular!

I think you need to see the baskets up close and personal.  You might even need to see every one of them up close!

Look at that embroidery.  I call it fabulous!

Did I mention that you need to see every basket?

The quilting by Susan Corbett is pretty spectacular too.  It’s just a wonderful quilt.

Sally’s work is pure perfection.  She says it’s a sickness.  But I bet winning Best of Show two years in a row ain’t a bad gig either.  Now it’s time for her to share the wealth, don’t you think?  Give someone else a chance, Sally.  Make an ugly quilt!  Never mind.  I know that’s not possible for Sally.  Even if she tried really, really hard.

Tired of baskets yet?  Too bad.  You get to see every one – at least every one that I snapped a pic.  One more……

And you also need to see what she did with the binding……

She did a little fancy embroidered edge treatment just inside the binding.  And it’s fabulous!  I wanna be Sally when I grow up.

This little quilt for the Silent Auction started out as a Block of the Month that I received.  It ended up going into Trash to Treasure when I discovered I had too many projects started to finish in my lifetime.  Unless I live to be 153.  Then I might be able to get these UFOs finished.  These blocks (some with finished applique, some still in their baggies) went home with Linda, who passed them on to be turned into Silent Auction quilts.  Peggy got this one and won a first place ribbon with it!  I think I should claim the fabric back, don’t you?

This little auction quilt was made by Sue O, who is forever saying that her appliqué needs work.  The judges apparently thought differently and awarded her a ribbon too.  Great job, Sue!

This quilt started out as fabric in a brown bag for our Christmas exchange.  The fabric belonged to Peggy.  I got the bag and made the quilt top.  Peggy quilted it and the quilt belongs to her.  So does the ribbon and the cash prize.  I guess possession really is 9/10 of the law!  But I had fun making this little quilt last year.  My brown bag fabric this year is still in its brown bag.  Do you think we can postpone Christmas?

This cute little quilt was made by Sue O.  It’s Boo’s favorite.  Love the pumpkins, bats and ghosts in the quilting.  But Boo likes the border best.

Pam shared her lunch with me at the Show.  Including these teeny, tiny, little grapes!  They are called champaign grapes and they are so tiny!

They are very juicy and very tasty.  And very small.  That’s a raisin on top of the sandwich that we shared.  Just to give you some perspective on how small they really are.  And also because we have to have a little food in this blog.  It’s important!  To make you hungry if you read this before breakfast.  It’s just what I do.

And I leave you with this show-stopping quilt.

The appliqué was done by Sharon Schamber and it was quilted by Janet S. Stuart.  They are not JSS ladies.  It won Viewers’ Choice and it was quite striking!  The sign said it’s the donation quilt for the Houston Quilt Festival in 2011.  I bet there will be lots of tickets sold on this one!

All of the winning quilts will be posted at the guild website as soon as I get them organized and uploaded there.  You could check there in a few days to see them all.  Or next week.  Because I’ll be vacuuming the whole house with a dust buster this week.  And I have a feeling that might take awhile.  Anyone got a vacuum cleaner to spare?


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7 Responses to More Quilt Show Pics!

  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much Barb!!!

  2. Judy Roybal says:

    again I say thanks Barb! enjoyed seeing all the pics. I agree with you that Suz’s quilt would look great in your M.B. What sweet friend to make a quilt that matches YOUR decor!

  3. Susan Bancroft says:

    I would like Suz’s quilt in MY bedroom–or in ANY room! I’m crazy about those colors. Sally, your Best of Show was exactly that–you are a perfectionist in the best way ever! My ’50’s Dresses wouldn’t have won a thing if not for Judy Linn (she came over and did all the cutting and the layout), Barb (she did the binding and took it to the show) and Janet Hill (she did the very pretty quilting)…so as Janet said, it takes a village! Peggy and Sue OK’s mini-appliques were more perfection, and Barb’s beautiful embroidery and Sue’s CUTE cats were also very cool! That Sharon Schamber quilt was really something…are they selling tickets yet?!! (Wow, who could give that away?) I am so happy to be a part of this quilting world!! 🙂

    • Suz says:

      …and Susan ripped out all my errant seams at retreat so that I could eventually get those red blocks right! It does take a village…

  4. While *all* of the embroidery and applique quilts are stunning, I am most taken by the embroidered 50’s dresses because …. I am currently working that pattern myself! My middle daughter & I saw it at a local county fair; she fell in love it with it immediately. I then saw the pattern offered at a local quilt store. Needless to say, I bought the pattern. I’m doing the embroidery in shades of purple and it will get done when it gets done … I’m not hurrying and I’m not dawdling … it has it’s own schedule.

    thank you for showing the beautiful layout …. another source of inspiration!


  5. sartenada says:

    Thank You. They are great. I love them.

  6. Carol Parker says:

    Quilts, quilts, quilts-all so different and impeccable work! Loved your post, blog, or whatever it is.

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