Random Quilt Show Pics

Because I know you’re waiting.  And because I had 98 pics in my camera.  Ninety eight.  And because I know I’ll take 357 more pics today.  And who knows how many on Sunday.  And because I didn’t think you’d stay awake to view all 5,829 pics at one time at the end of the show, I thought I’d better do installments.  So away we go!   

Set-up Day

Pam shows off all the beautiful Silent Auction quilts.  Ready for judging.  

Did I mention she got 88 little quilts to auction this year?  Eighty eight!  Must have been all the cute little treasures she made and gave away to encourage participation.   

A small sampling of the beautiful quilts that will be auctioned off.  Proceeds fund the guild scholarship program.  Come and bid on one and help a good cause!   

 Cindy & Pam.  Two of my favorite quilt buds.  Love those smiles, girls!

Cindy was armed with a lint roller and ready to take on any stray threads or cat hairs on all the exhibited quilts.  No animal hair was safe with Cindy on the job!

The long line of bidding sheets for all those cute little Silent Auction quilts.  Did I mention you should come and bid on one?  Or two or three?  It’s for a good cause you know.

The late night set-up gals.  All helping Sally get the information input in her computer for printing labels for all the ribbons for the winning quilts.  It apparently takes a village.

Seconds after Sally found out she won Best of Show!

I thought she needed a new fashion accessory.  Nice Best of Show Ribbon earring, Sally!

Working hard.  Suz had even gone home and came back.  She was afraid she was missing out on all the fun.  But she did not arrive bearing brownies like we told her.  Where’s the Pioneer Woman when you need her?  We worked until 2:00 a.m. I might add.  Dedicated guild members for sure.

Opening Day

Sally’s beautiful Best of Show basket quilt.  I’ll have more information and up close pics of this one later.  Stay tuned.    

Cindy and Patt are happy to sell you a ticket or two or ten for our donation quilt.  The proceeds on this project fund charities in our community.

 My two favorite redheads.  Always a smile on these girls’ faces!

Always a crowd checking out Sally’s fine hand embroidery stitches.  How does she do them so perfectly?  I’m hanging around Sally in hopes that some of that talent will rub off.

My friend, Dot, from England on the left.  I told her she wins the prize for coming the furthest to see the show!  She’s visiting her friend, Jill, on the right.  And that’s Sherrill in the center.  She’s their tour guide at the show and a good quilting friend and fellow blogger.  Check out her blog and see if she has more pics from the show!  By the way, Dot will be joining us at our Dear Jane group on September 27th for an all day party at Quilter’s Dream.  She’s a fellow Dear Jane fanatic.  And because Sherrill thought I should be in a pic too……

My friend Susan’s Beautiful Baltimore Album quilt she named “Amazed.”  If I’d made that quilt, I’d name it “Amazed I Finished It!”  Notice the Blue Ribbon for First Place in the appliquè category!

Sally attracts a crowd around her fabulous apron quilt.

Sally & Mary.  Mary is our official guild historian/photographer so she is rarely actually in any pictures.  Now she’s famous on my blog.  Yeah, Mary!

Sally, when asked to do a “silly blog” picture as opposed to a “serious guild website” picture.  Cute, Sally.  Real cute.

My friend, Suz, ready to sign you up as a new member of our fabulous guild.  And if your last name begins with a “q” or an “x,” please come and grab me before you sign up.  You’ll get one of those fabulous fat quarter flowers.  Well, you’ll get one of those no matter what your last name starts with.  But I get a prize too, if your last name begins with q or x.  So come and find me before you sign on the dotted line…….

My friend, Madelyn with her spectacular hat box quilt.  Great fabrics!

The top 5 winners in the Silent Auction little quilts.  Don’t you want to come and bid on one and take it home with you?

One of my quilts in the show.  Hand appliquèd.  Hand quilted.  Notice the fabulous blue ribbon.  YEAH!

More to come……… stay tuned!



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12 Responses to Random Quilt Show Pics

  1. Lani says:

    Thanks Barb! So fun to see all the pictures of the quilts and the friends! I sure hope Pam remembers to bid on the Silent Auction quilt I want to win!! I think I’ll send her a text to remind her 😉

  2. Lani says:

    I forgot to check the little box at the bottom, and since I just realized I missed a comment from Susan to me through your blog about labels, I decided I’d best post another comment and “check” the box!

  3. Judy Terry Linn says:


  4. Kaye says:

    I don’t know how you find time to write your blog when you are up until 2 a.m.! I hate that I cannot get to the show because I would bid on ALL those small silent auction quilts! They are beautiful! Thank you for helping me “visit” this show and I am looking forward to more installments…

  5. Judy Roybal says:

    OMG! What wonderful quilts this year! I am so inspired. Thank you Barb for posting and thank you Sally, Susan, Maddy and MORE quilters who made this a really classy quilt show this year with your gorgeous ART!

  6. Jill Allen says:

    I am so enjoying your show pictures. I can’t say how much I wish I were there. I know it’s still hot, but I am ready to come home. Maybe by the end of this week if I can talk Ron into it. Have fun and I’m looking forward to more pictures.

  7. Carol Parker says:

    Great work, all you prize winner!

  8. Carol Parker says:

    CORRECTION – Great work, all you prize winnerS!

  9. Ranch Wife says:

    Looks like that would have been worth a trip back to Texas! What great quilts and congratulations on your win – gorgeous quilt!

  10. Betty Clark says:


  11. Phyllis Briggs says:

    Hey JSS’ers, what a show. I’m sooooooooo excited to see all those blue ribbons.
    And to think I have even seen these quilts. How incredible. Congrats to everyone.
    Oh Sally you are soooooooooo talented. And good at posing for the camera. What fun. Can’t wait to see you all at Compass next month and for my dear friend Linda to meet every one of you talented quilters. Keep up the good job. Be joyful, blessings, Phyl (Judy Linn’s sister from Kentucky)

  12. Joyce says:

    What an awesome ART….I am glad that I went to the show….thanks Pam and Barb….for teaching to wear the glove…hahah

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