Susan Gets the Prize!

If you’ve been following this blog very long, you know that we recently had our first ever giveaway.  It was announced on August 11 in the post entitled, “A Talented Friend” and the winner was announced on August 14.  Boo helped with the Random Number Generator so that everything was totally random.  And the winner was my dear friend, Susan. 

I wanted to do something special in awarding the prize, so I planned to make a big presentation at our Bee Day this week.  Much to my dismay, Susan called me early that morning to tell me she was sick and wouldn’t be coming to the Bee!  We had discussed via email all week the fact that she had been sick for what seemed like forever – only really has been probably 2 weeks.  Which is the same as forever when sick is involved.  Susan was totally in the dark about my plans.  And I was so disappointed that I decided to go ahead with the presentation at the Bee anyway.  And here are the pictures….. sorry, Susan!

First, I asked for a volunteer for the special presentation.  Nobody at the Bee actually knew what it was all about.  Cindy, ever the fun-loving gal that she is, cheerfully volunteered and boy, was she glad she did!

At this point, Susan, aka Cindy (and everyone else too) is trying to figure out exactly what is going on.

This is Susan, aka Cindy, just starting to understand that she is receiving the prize in the real Susan’s absence.

Susan, aka Cindy, is now really happy that she volunteered when I asked for a volunteer.

And the celebration is beginning!

This is sort of like sending someone to accept your Academy Award in your absence.  Even if Susan didn’t actually send anyone.  And you’d have thought that Susan, aka Cindy, had indeed received an Oscar.  Or maybe she should get an Oscar for her performance for the pictures?

Susan, aka Cindy, is now ready to take the prize and run.

So she ran right over to give Sally a big hug.  Sally, you see, was the talented friend who designed the pattern that became the first ever giveaway on the blog.  And Cindy, aka Susan, wanted to get it autographed to make it even more special.

Sally was happy to comply.

And she personalized it quite well, don’t you think?

I do believe that Cindy is home stitching up this quilt all hours of the day and night before Susan reads this blog and discovers her beloved winnings have been hijacked.  And as you read this today, I imagine Susan, if she is well enough, is on her way to Cindy’s house to break down the door and steal back what is rightfully hers.

Me?  I’m laying low.  I just wanted to have some cool pictures for the blog, Susan.  It’s not my fault that she got sick and couldn’t be there on presentation day.

And I’m sure that Cindy will give up the pattern.  Just as soon as she finishes her quilt.

Running for cover lest Susan stop at my house on the way to Cindy’s,

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1 Response to Susan Gets the Prize!

  1. Susan Bancroft says:

    Barb, you are too funny–you always have something up your blog sleeve! Cindy, I think you made a very exuberant and happy me, thank you, thank you! Sally, that WAS me giving you the Cindy Hug, ya know! Cindy, is the quilt done? LOL!

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