Signs of Oshkosh

Just for fun I took some pics of signs while at AirVenture in Oshkosh last week.  Some of the signs I found were pretty interesting and funny!  Thought you might enjoy them too.


This is one of my favorite signs to see up close and personal while I’m at Oshkosh.  I can spend some serious time near this sign.

I spent several hours in the building where this sign was located.  I can’t resist this sign at all.  No will power when I see this sign.

And could it really be Oshkosh without this sign?  I think not.

This sign was right outside the tent where I took a basket making class while at the air show.  I’ll have more about that in another post.  It was great fun!

And right after I left the Craft Tent I saw this sign.  Make a basket, then learn to make a propeller!  There apparently is something for everyone.

I bet you thought you knew what this sign meant, didn’t you?  (The wheelchair in the picture is a hint.)  No, it is not Unidentified Flying Object.  That is very wrong.

Apparently UFO has lots of meanings.  This is one I hadn’t quite thought of.

You can get all the information that you need for your day at this sign at the entrance to AirVenture.   This man studied it for a long time.

Nothing too exciting about this sign.

Unless you see it in context with its surroundings.  Do you suppose these people are just having a little picnic?

This one makes my mouth water just looking at it!

And it was located right near this sign.  You didn’t actually fly into the theater….. more like walked in.  Carrying a lawn chair to sit on.  But all the movies had flying scenes in them.  It wouldn’t be Oshkosh unless it was all about airplanes.

I found this sign in the campground right near a motor home and it was one of my favorites.  I especially like the “Have a Nice Day” at the end.

The sign in the window of this airplane is no big deal unless you know airplanes.  Dear Hubby right away said, “Huh?  That’s not a 172.”  (He insisted that my friend, Susan needed to see this sign.)

Of course, you just had to get close enough so you could read the fine print.

I was very happy when I saw this sign.  And I promise there will be another blog post with more pics from here later this week.  Yes, I did go to the quilt show!

This one made me laugh and laugh.  Did they think we were looking for suspicious activity so we could hang out near it?

And the most welcome sign of all in the whole week was this one…….

…… where I spent four hours last Monday using their free wifi.  Writing four separate blog posts for you, my faithful readers!

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…..

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4 Responses to Signs of Oshkosh

  1. Susan says:

    Well, that was a pretty little 152, but what was up with that sign? My favorite was the “No Camping” sign–actually your comment under the photo following made me laugh out loud! 🙂

  2. Kaye says:

    Love that Bar and Grill sign!! You are so creative to think about taking pictures of these…love that! In Germany we used to take pics of things like phone booths, fire hydrants, post offices…cuz they were so different than here.
    Hey, now I’m singing that 70’s song “signs, signs, everywhere signs…” Thought you’d like that stuck in YOUR head today too…..!

  3. Judy says:

    OCTOGENARIANS!!!! THIS one made me LOL!!!!

    Can you say octogenarians five times fast – how about spell it!!!! Yup it is in spell ck!

    O Barb and Mark – you may want to take a pic of the temperatures up thar! It would refesh us all. 104 here yesterday and I am in total denial what the forecast is today. Just WRONG!

  4. Peg R says:

    Perhaps you missed one of the most interesting quilt sites at the EAA — the annual aviation quilt block contest in the EAA Musuem.

    Here’s where you’ll find the entry form for next year.

    Glad you had a good time despite the rain. When you come again please visit Central County Airport for it’s reknown $7 Friday lunch. With a bit of a stretch you can count it as a quilt destination because there IS a T-shirt quilt hanging on one of the walls. (It’s 40 miles northwest of Oshkosh.. serving all year long EXCEPT during EAA when EVERYONE is is Oshkosh.) If you come up to any of the people doing dishes and say that Peg sent you, they’ll probably let you help do the dishes, too! You can even check airport 68C’s menu before hand.

    Thanks for the splashy photos from Oshkosh. This year will be long remembered.

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