A Fly on the Wall Part 2

Back again.  Me…. the Fly on the Wall…..


Thought you might be ready for some Show ‘n Tell!

Let’s start with Sue O, because apparently she had time to do a lot of sewing since the last time we saw her. 

Inspired by Lynn’s fish at retreat, Sue made this cute quilt.  Those fish are really jumping out of the water, aren’t they?

And this is Sue’s Baltimore Basket for her fabulous Baltimore Album quilt that she’s making with the Applique Society group this year.  You’ll have to ask all of them about those quilts – they are going to be wonderful!  You can ask Peggy or Nancy or Sue or Sally- did I forget any JSSers?

Love this Hunter Star quilt, Sue!  And I think this one is dedicated to Boo – see the black cats in the border?  Cute.

And here’s a little up close of the quilting.  Nice.

Sue also enjoyed sitting on the pew at Gloria’s house.  I believe sitting on a pew causes one to raise their hands to the Lord!  Apparently that’s what happened with Sue anyway.

By the way, don’t ask about the upside down basket OR the coffee cake that was in it.  Just eat it and don’t ask questions.  At least that’s what I heard someone say.

Betty made a PieceKeepers quilt, but of course, in true Betty style, she had to make it biggerGood job, Betty!   (Someone please read the blog to her.  How does she live without internet?  Probably that’s why she gets all those quilts completed.  Duh, Barb!)

Madelyn had lots of quilts to show too….. here’s one.  You’ll have to ask her about the story behind this one, but I sure love the colors.

And this one.  Good job, Madelyn!

She also brought her hat boxes to show.  Very cool quilting by Susan Corbett.

Here’s an up close of that quilting for ya.  Great fabric choices too, Madelyn!

Jill showed these cute polka dot dresses.  Aren’t they just the cutest?

And Jill also had this cute little notions bag.  She might have to share that pattern with us all.  Nice gift idea!

Isn’t Karen cute in this picture I found?  How old were you there, Karen?  I think I see Kristell in there.

And speaking of Kristell…..

Karen also showed this cute little hankie hat (Sue holding) that she gave to Kristell at her bridal shower recently.  I was there (not as a fly either) so I experienced the tears as Kristell opened this gift from her Mom and tried to read the card.  Sister Jackie had to read it for her as the whole room (Sue H and Karen were first) had tears!  Kristell’s instructions were to pass this hat on to her daughter one day as she was getting married.  What a treasure!  I just wondered why they didn’t save that gift for last at the shower.  We all had to compose ourselves for muffin pans and sheets and towels that came after! 

Karen also showed her quilt using her Quilter’s Dream Blocks of the Month.  What a great quilt!  And since she only used 6 blocks, she got 2 quilts out of that program.  Good job, Karen!

Judy R showed this cute Colorado themed quilt.  Doesn’t it just fit in a cabin setting?  Judy is all excited about her new condo in Pagosa Springs.  I think I need a trip there so I can blog about it, don’t you?

And she had this great black/white/red quilt that is going in the condo, I think.  By the way…..

Judy would be mute if you held her hands behind her back.  Such an animated girl she is!

But she’s not the only one!  See how Nancy is using her hands for emphasis as she and Tracie pose for the picture?  I understand this issue perfectly.  Hands are required tools for talking, in my estimation.

Suz showed this cool quilt that I hadn’t seen before.  Where ya been hiding this one Suz?  She’s calling it “Moondance.”

Madelyn’s Mom, Shirley, brought her knitting along.  It’s nice to keep our hands busy with crafts, isn’t it?  I like knitting too, Shirley!

And how did Pam have time to finish this cool “It’s OK Sampler” quilt?  Didn’t we just take that class yesterday?  It’s really beautiful, Pam!  Did you get the border on sale at QD?  Or did you still have that much in your stash?

Pam also gave iPad lessons.  If you need help with your computers, Pam’s your girl!

Peggy had a great little quilt to show.  Cute!

And I close with this cute picture of Gloria and her family – Karen and her sisters with Dad too.  What a great looking group!

Hope you enjoyed this recap of the JSS day recently.  Wonderful Show ‘n Tell and wonderful food.  As usual.  Wouldn’t be JSS without those two things!  And great friends.  Most important of all….. fabulous friends!

The Fly
P.S.  Special thanks to Suzanne who provided me with all these great pics so I could share the day with you on the blog!  We’re pretty sneaky, aren’t we?

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4 Responses to A Fly on the Wall Part 2

  1. Susan says:

    Wow…once again, what a talented group! Tracie is also doing that fabulous Baltimore Album quilt, Mr. Fly Person! Those girls KNOW how to applique! I can’t believe I had to miss this JSS gathering–such a pity for any of us who ever don’t make it, we miss soooo much! I still want to know why there was a coffee cake sitting outdoors on the grill under a basket–LOL! It’s not still there, is it? 🙂

  2. Cindy Smith says:

    I think it is really cool that Suzanne took the pictures and she is in one! Wow, now that is true talent.

  3. Nancy says:

    I love the JSS recaps and seeing all the quilts again. Thanks Suzanne for being the photographer for the fly.

  4. Carol Parker says:

    What a great display of skilled quilts and their quilters. I’ve never liked flies, but this one was some kind of photographer! CLEVER!!!!!!!

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