Motto for a Saturday

This is my motto for today…..

Don’t you think it’s a good one?  A friend gave me this little sign a long time ago.  I keep it in a prominent place where I will see it often.

Even Boo wanted in on the playing action today….

“What’s that?”

“OOOO – let’s play today, Mom!  I wanna play.  I wanna play!”

However he was not so much in a playing mood last night when Jack and Josh came over for a visit.  You remember them – you met them at Pam’s house in yesterday’s posting.  Jack and Boo are great friends, but Boo wasn’t too sure about that new dog, Josh!

Boo’s hair stood out big when Josh came running in the house.  Way bigger than it is in this picture.  But by the time I got the camera ready, he had already calmed down a bit.

Still he didn’t take his eyes off of Josh.

Except to briefly give me this wide-eyed look.  He looks really scared to me.  Much different than his usual pose for the pictures.

Like this one…… nice, calm “are you done taking pics yet, Mom” kind of look.  But very different from the look he had last night when Josh was here.

By the way – while I’m talking about Boo, let me point out that he is a very tough photography subject!  Too much black.  Lots of times he becomes a big black blob.  He is quite challenging in the photo taking department.  But I’m learning to cope.  He might someday need a little brother or sister who looks more like Aunt Willadene’s Dolly.  But don’t tell him.  He goes crazy over kittens.  And he’d get that hair-all-standing-out-wide-eyed-look if we had a new kitten.  And the look might stay for weeks.

But I was talking about playing……

So my day started with making breakfast.  I learned this recipe from Pioneer Woman, like many of my most favorite foods.  You can read about how she makes it here or just follow along with the few pics I took this morning.  It’s easy, peasy and one of my most favorite things for a quick breakfast!  It’s called “Egg in a Hole.”

You start with a slice of bread and cut a hole out of it.  I just use a small glass to do that.

Heat up a skillet and throw in a pat of butter.  You knew there would be butter involved, didn’t you?  It wouldn’t be a PW recipe without butter involved.

Add your slice of bread to the buttery skillet and let it sit and soak up the butter and begin to grill for a minute.  Then crack an egg and add it to the hole.  Sprinkle some salt and pepper on top.

After the egg cooks just a bit, flip the whole thing over.  I accidentally broke my yolk when I flipped today, but I didn’t care.  It’s just as good with a broken yolk!  Then, because I love pepper, I sprinkled a little pepper on the back side too.  Cook it for just a minute and…..

Voila!  Quick, easy, delicious breakfast!  Toast and egg all in one!  I usually throw the little round of bread out back for the birds, but today I decided to spread some plum jam on it and eat it too.  After all, I had decided it was a day to play.

So sewing is definitely on my agenda for the day.  And maybe reading.  And probably listening to my favorite Saturday morning radio program, “Wait, wait, don’t tell me” on NPR.  And I might just stay in my pj’s all day.  Dear Hubby is off to the Texas Soaring Association for some fun with his hobby of flying glider planes.  He’ll be gone ALL day.  He loves gliders as much as I love quilting.

So won’t you join me today?  I mean, not here at my house.  But wherever you are…… don’t you think it’s a good day to play?  I’m beginning with some snuggling time with Boo.  Now where is that book……….

Happy playing,

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4 Responses to Motto for a Saturday

  1. Susan says:

    Omg, POOR Boo! Make Josh go away–LOL!!! (Sorry, Pam, but that second-to-last look on Boo’s face was hilarious!!) Barb, I hope you made eggs and toast for Boo to make up for his trauma……..

  2. Judy says:

    Yeah, I am thinking Boo would have voted NO on this PLAY day!

    I noticed no pics of humans on this play day! hee, hee!

  3. Laurel H. says:

    When I worked at a residential school, my students taught me how to make these; they called them Bullseyes. Yummy!

  4. Susan says:

    PW likes her butter AND her sugar!!!! can’t believe when the sugar comes out of the pantry how much is added to the project….. and then some more…. just because.

    It is a good day to play….. is also a good motto for Sunday… off to the fabric cave here….

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