Dear Jane 2

Monday was Dear Jane Club at Quilter’s Dream and I actually got some pictures of Dear Jane blocks.  Aren’t you proud of me?  Now the blog title will actually fit the content!  Wonders never cease….. and you’re gonna love these little blocks.

These are Deb’s blocks.  Deb worked real hard this month and completed 15 new blocks.  Way to go, Deb!

Just to refresh your memory – Dear Jane is a book based on a quilt made during the Civil War by a lady named Jane Stickle.  This quilt is made up of 169 – 4½” blocks – with no two alike!  The blocks are surrounded by a border of pieced triangles too — 52 of those.  It’s a pretty incredible quilt and requires a support group to finish.  If I’m lucky I might finish mine in my lifetime.  I’ve been working on it since the dawn of civilization or about 10 years.

But let me share some more of the gals’ blocks……

These are JoAnne’s blocks completed since last month.  JoAnne already has about 2,793 completed DJ quilts.  She is very addicted and can’t stop making these cute little blocks.  Her current project is going to be all red, white and blue.  She is very glad to have a support group to assist her with her DJ addiction.

These are Sheri’s blocks – including the one she worked on during our all-day stitching day.  Every three months we get together for the whole day and work on our DJ’s.  Sheri’s blocks are all black/white and red – with a splash of orange here and there.  They are quite striking!

Patti has all of her blocks completed AND all of her triangles.  These are the four corner “kites.”  Aren’t they just fabulous?  Way to go, Patti!

This is the block that Donna was working on.  Please notice the fancy, organized carrying case she uses!  I want to be just as organized when I grow up.

This is the block that Jackie completed this month.  Go, Jackie!  You can do it, girlfriend!  (We need cheerleaders to get this quilt finished.)

This is Charlotte’s very first DJ block.  She did a fabulous job!  Only 956 blocks to go, Charlotte.  (Only kidding…..)

Charlotte also showed us these little gems she’s working on.  And just FYI – they are only about 2 inches by 3 inches in size – so you can imagine how small the little sashing squares are!  In case you haven’t figured it out, DJ quilters are a little bit crazy.

Denise finished the binding on this quilt.  No, these are definitely not Dear Jane blocks.  But if you remember from last month’s post about Dear Jane, we allow all kinds of things to be stitched on in this group!

This is the one DJ block that I finished this month.  Don’t even ask what month it was when I started this tiny little block.  It was too far back for me to remember.

I also prepped one block to be stitched on during DJ Club for the next ?? months.

Here are a few of my 110 completed DJ blocks.  I figure if I keep on at the rate I’ve been on for the past year, I will complete the blocks in 24.58 years.  Of course, then I would still have to sew them all together, complete the triangles for the border and quilt the whole thing.  So look for this quilt to be hanging in a quilt show in about 2058.  I sure hope my eyesight holds out.

Just in case I don’t quite make it…. I used some handy, dandy quilting software to actually color in the quilt to see what it would look like finished.   Now doesn’t that make you want to hightail it over to the garage sale to pick up these blocks after I’m gone?  It really will be fabulous when it is finished….. I hope I get to see it!

I better get crackin’……..


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12 Responses to Dear Jane 2

  1. Judy Roybal says:

    very inspiring! maybe one day I’ll try again…I do have three DJ blocks but they hang on the back of closet door 😦 Not at all pretty like JoAnn and friends.


  2. Love the groups work…it must be nice to have other people to work with so that you all keep each other going. At least when it’s finished you can look back at it as a labour of love!!

  3. perches says:

    really beautiful

  4. Patti says:

    These are certainly a labor of love. I do not think I will tackle this sport soon. You ladies are doing a wonderful job. I think I will just look on.

  5. Susan says:

    Omg, those are so beautiful, all those amazing blocks and that intricate work! I want to come back and work on mine again…someday. There are never enough hours in the day or days in a weeks or weeks in a……….nevermind. Really fantastic work, all you energetic, talented ladies! Wow!

  6. Sandi McMahill says:

    I hate that I had to miss DJ and am so glad you posted this so I could share in the day.

  7. Donna Gilbert says:


    You gals are amazing! Seeing your handiwork makes me want to set up a sewing room and quit my job.


  8. Pam says:

    What garage sale?????? I’m going to get your stuff BEFORE the garage sale. Unless I go before you, of course. I’m not sure I’m going to care in approx. 24 years. HA!

    Great post!

  9. Suzy Alotto says:

    I have all of the blocks and triangles made. They are in a box somewhere buried in my sewing room. They are calling my name to find them and put them together. I wanted to go yesterday, but there were too many excuses not to. You keep me motivated. Thank you.

  10. Judy says:

    Barb, and all DJ Girls,
    I may not be making DJ blocks, but y’ll are inspirational!!!!
    Thanks for the motivation!!!!

  11. Jenice says:

    I got the book and started my fabric stash and that is as far as I have gotten. I am very intimated by the process. I think I need to join your group because you guys look like you know what you are doing. These are really beautiful!

  12. AJ says:

    I *thinking* about starting my DJ journey with some friends. Thanks for sharing your blocks!

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