A little furrball and a duck

Oh, my.  I’m smitten with this little baby.  What a cutie she is!

Isn’t she just the cutest thing?  I want her.  Wonder how Boo feels about that statement.  Probably not good.  Boo has been near a little kitten a couple of times in his life and both times he turned into a crazy cat.  Then he hissed at me for 5 days.  OK, maybe it was only a couple of hours, but it felt like 5 days.  I even have the video of him to prove it.  Did I mention he turned into a crazy cat?  I don’t think he wants a new little sister.  Good thing he didn’t see me today.  Dolly was all over me.  He might not be happy if he knew that.  And it’s important to keep Boo happy at our house.  Boo rules.

Dear Hubby liked her too.  I think if I had tried real hard, I might have been able to convince him that we needed her.  Boo would have to adjust.  It would be good for him.  But alas….

Dolly belongs to Dear Hubby’s Aunt Willadene.  And I don’t think there is any way she is giving her up.

Even if she has to give her a talking to every once in awhile.  They have bonded.  And you’d have to pry Dolly out of Aunt Willadene’s hands.  But…..

Dolly enjoyed playing with Dear Hubby.

Action shot!  And even though it doesn’t look like it, Dolly made it to the chair and Dear Hubby’s lap.

Dear Hubby teaches kitties bad habits.  Like biting and scratching and, for all intents and purposes, ripping your arm off.  Maybe we don’t need one of these after all.  I kind of like the skin on my arms.  I’ve become very attached to it.  And I don’t particularly like it bloodied.

But isn’t she cute?  Don’t you just want to give her a big hug?  I do.  And I did.  And kisses.  She bit my nose.

That cute, innocent little thing bit my nose.  At least she didn’t draw blood.  And I kissed her again anyway.

And she can play all day all by herself!

“What’s that little snakey thing back there?”

“OOOOOO I got it!”

“Wait!  It got away!  How did it get over there?”

“I can get it, I’m sure I can!”

In exactly 3 minutes and 29 seconds Dolly wore herself out and had to take a nap.  You could play with her feet and tail and she didn’t even wake up.  When a kitten falls asleep, it falls asleep!

Isn’t she just the cutest?  Did I menton I want one?  She’s a bit hard to resist.  Especially when she’s sleeping and not ripping the skin off your arm.

Look at that little pink nose.  Don’t you just want to kiss it?  I do.  Dear Hubby would not.  He doesn’t care for kissing cats.  But that nose is very tempting to me.  Dolly is just too cute for her own britches.

And after we left Aunt Willadene’s last night, we went here for dinner…….

Dinner in a gas station.  But what a dinner it was!!!!!  You can check out their website for more information.  Be sure to watch the video.  It tells a lot about the place.  You have to go there.  It’s a must see restaurant.  Wanna meet me for lunch?  Just call and I’m there.

It is not your typical gas station.  The shirts that the wait staff wear tell the truth…..

Five Star Food, cooked by an unbelievable chef.  It was so good!

Dear Hubby and I shared this Duck a l’Orange.  Well, actually this is just my plate.  They split it for us before they brought it to the table.  That sauce was unbelievable.  I wanted to lick my plate.  I guess in a gas station that just might have been acceptable.  After all, it was OK at Susan’s house.

Dear Hubby was really focused on that duck.  And I really just wanted you to see the atmosphere of the place.  How many times have you eaten Duck a l’Orange at a place where you can grab a Coke out of the cooler on the wall too?  Interesting place.  And you can fill up with gas before you head home.

But this is really why we shared dinner.  I wanted to have room for dessert.  Bread pudding with cognac sauce.  Oh, my.  We picked up our spoons and chowed down so fast I forgot to take a picture until it was almost gone.  And I really, I mean really, wanted to lick this plate.  So call me any time you want to share a bowl of bread pudding.  I’m there.

The people at the table next to us had a mean bread bowl of lobster bisque.  I think I’ll try that next time.  Then you can not only lick the bowl, you can eat it!  YUM!

Happy duck hunting,

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6 Responses to A little furrball and a duck

  1. Judy Roybal says:

    That is such an adorable Kitty! Don’t you just love it when they love people too? Lucky Aunt W! My Abby cat is all about baseball this a.m. She stayed in the middle of our ballpark this a.m. as my grandson and I got in a little practice before 7 in the front yard. Aggie cat was catching wild things in the field next door.

  2. Cindy Smith says:

    Yes Barb, that cute little nose is very kissable. I totally agree. Kittens are adorable. The pictures are incredible. Thanks for providing a warm fuzzy to start my day.

  3. Kaye says:

    This place needs to be on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives – one of my fave HGTV shows. Wish it was a little closer to us! Oh, btw, Dolly is a doll!

  4. Pam says:

    Cute kitty!

    Tell Dear Hubby to look up from his food next time. He is very handsome after all. Of course, I might be somewhat prejudice!

  5. carol parker says:

    Hey. I tried to answer your email re: your Mom trying to reach me, but something didn’t let it go through. I have talked to her and so the confusion is cleared up. ME – Have had trouble w/blood pressure, blood sugar, no bm’s so was at the hospital ER twice. All tests indicated I needed something for anxiety – probably because my #’s were at dangerous levels and I knew I couldn’t do anything. So I’m much improved. just need to be patient w/myself. Thanks for emailing – anytime. Love, ME

  6. Judy says:

    Definitely a CUTE KITTY! Keeping Aunt company and providing amusement too! Ya gotta post that video of Boo seeing the kitties through the window – just sayin – I think you own an ‘only cat.’ Hisssss, boooo, *grins*

    Chef Point is amazing. My brother and sister-in-law from Tennessee took us there. They had seen it on Country Reporter (TX) – too funny! And I think there are posters all over the walls of Diners, Dives, …. Paula Dean and all those tv celebs who have been thar! GREAT FOOD! Can just see you there with camera in Mark’s face – can U blame him for not lookin at the lens. I bet he is learning how to ignore that camera – it is following him everywhar – well, maybe not…. Dear Hubby is a keeper, but Auntie needs to keep kittie!

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