Ever notice how quilters see quilt blocks everywhere they look?  It’s an addiction, really it is.  Incurable.  Don’t even try.  If you are not a quilter, but hanging out with one, it’s better to just nod and agree when they see a tile floor or garden trellis and immediately pull out a kleenex or a cute little magnetic notepad and start sketching a new quilt.  Don’t try to see it!  Just leave them to their addiction.  It’s incurable.  Didn’t I tell you that already?

A good friend came into the quilt shop where I work today and she was wearing a beautiful quilt block.  I immediately wanted one just like it!  And because I am now a blogger, I had to have a picture.  And me without a camera.  Guess I’m going to have to start carrying my camera EVERYWHERE now, aren’t I?  Well, you’re in luck!!!!  SHE had her camera in her purse.  So she got it out for me to use.  And here’s what she was wearing:

All you quilters:  See the beautiful little nine-patch of champagne diamonds?  Surrounded by two lovely borders, one of white diamonds and then of black.  Exquisite!  Now if you’re not a quilter, you just see a pretty diamond necklace.  And that’s really OK.  Just not nearly as fun as seeing a beautiful necklace and a quilt block.

And how cool is technology anyway?  I saw her necklace, we took a picture, she emailed me the pic when she got home and now you are seeing it on the internet!!!  Not too many years ago that would have been an impossibility.  And now her necklace is a star on a new blogger’s blog.  And her dear hubby is a hero.  He bought it for her.  (He’s a keeper, Jill!)

And here’s another picture – the one I took with my Blackberry today.

And the reason I will now have to carry my camera everywhere I go.  This picture isn’t nearly as good now, is it?  The BB camera just isn’t as good.  And a quilter/blogger MUST be able to capture every moment on film for all of you.  Well, not film, but digital image….. but you get the idea.


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3 Responses to Addictions

  1. Susan says:

    Now THAT’S a necklace!! Whoda thunk it…in diamonds, no less! It’s beautiful!

    • Jill Allen says:

      The funny thing is….I didn’t make the block connection until Barb said something! I just loved the necklace. I wear black a lot and the champagne diamonds were different. While we were visiting friends in Houston in April, she wanted to go to the Jewelry show and I “reluctantly” agreed. Ron just moaned and he and Jack came along. At first I didn’t see anything that I “just had to have”…..then I saw this. Ron had said it would be a good place to get my birthday present so I brought it home. I’m enjoying it very much and now that the quilt block connection has been made, it’s even better. Jill

  2. Suz says:

    (Addiction?) Oh, I can quit anytime I want. Or maybe that should be – I can QUILT anytime I want!

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