Meet LaNelle

LaNelle is a member of the JSS Bee but was unable to go on retreat last week.  She was very sad to not be in our beeeyyyuuuuuutiful picture at the top of this blog!  So I suppose now I have to find a copy of photoshop and add her into the picture.  Either that or we all could go on retreat again next week and take yet another really cool pic of us all standing in the wildflowers.  Yeah!  That’s the ticket!  I vote for THAT option!  Of course, then Lani would feel bad that she wasn’t in the pic and we’d have to do it all again.  And she’s in Manhattan!  So we’d have to get her back here for a picture.  And then there’s Tracie, and then……. well, you get the idea.  I’m starting to think buying a copy of photoshop might be a better option!  Unless I want to retreat the year away – YES!  (I bet there would be a few other takers on that one!)

So meet LaNelle!

Bad, bad picture!  Very bad!  I stole it off her facebook page.  It was a picture of a large group and I cropped everyone else away so you could just see LaNelle.  Well, you can see how that turned out – or should I say, didn’t turn out?  Fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy!

I had another picture of LaNelle on my computer that I was about to insert here.  But it was not a very flattering picture and I have a feeling LaNelle would NOT want to be photoshopped into the large group picture with that one.  The very last thing I need is to make someone unhappy with a picture in the first week on my blog!  She was wearing a hat that Newbie Cindy made her wear at retreat – a very unflattering hat.  We all got hats at that retreat – many of them unflattering!  And right about now I have a feeling that Lani is very glad that the title of this post is not “Meet Lani.”  I might have used the picture at the retreat when we all painted lips on each other…….. blindfolded.  NOT flattering pictures.  And I don’t think I have a single picture of Tracie.  (Tracie is counting her lucky stars.)  So I guess we have to live with the group picture as it is.  At least until October when we’ll be on retreat again.  Now that I’ve started the blog, everyone will want to dress up for pictures and put makeup on!  They will hide when Barb shows up with her camera unless they are at their very best!  Sigh……

Looks like this blogger better check into photography classes.  Pioneer Woman, do you give lessons?  She’s giving away a camera today!  And a copy of Photoshop!!!  Only 36, 580 people have entered to win as of this moment.  I entered.  I am entry #34,170 on comment page 86.  What are the chances?  Pick me, PW, pick me!  I need Photoshop!

Wanna come over for a sitting, LaNelle?
Happy picture taking…..

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5 Responses to Meet LaNelle

  1. Suz says:

    Lanelle is even cute fuzzy! Thanks for the PW reminder…just signed up.

  2. Judy Linn says:

    Sounds like we are ready for a photography session with several! No fair! They will be prepared with clothes, make-up – well, we had wildflowers!!!

  3. Judy Linn says:

    ???? Who had 13 siblings? I learned it from PW!!!!

  4. Cindy says:

    I’m up for another week of quilt retreat. Where do I sign up? I really want to lose some weight. Can we go on retreat and take another picture after I lose 15 pounds? That would be about six months. Oh, that would be October and we are going then anyway. Okay, now I need to challenge myself.

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