Laundry Day!

Exciting Canada Adventure, eh?  Well, it’s laundry day.  Yippee.  And I am up early to get it done.  So that I can have a sewing adventure.  Or a reading adventure.  Or a wash my hair adventure.  Or any other kind of adventure than a laundry adventure.  In case you haven’t guessed, laundry is not quite my favorite thing.  And sitting in a laundry room waiting for clothes to dry?  About as much fun as watching paint dry.  I’m lobbying for our next motorhome to have its own washer and dryer.  Yeah.  Like there’s gonna be a next motorhome any time soon.  Not.

However, even laundry day can be an adventure!  Today it’s an adventure in staying warm.  Because it’s about 45 degrees outside.


This is the laundry room at our campground. See those windows?  No glass in them.  See the door?  No door.  So picture doing your laundry outside.  While it’s 45 degrees.  Picture my freezing fingers typing this on my tablet.  You know your fingers are cold when the touch screen doesn’t work with touching because there is no heat signature in your fingers.  Cold, I tell ya.


Here are the dryers.  Our clothes are in them right now.  And I’m considering crawling into one of the dryers myself.  Did I mention it’s 45 degrees outside?  Is this really June?  I’m trying to decide if I have to go to the bathroom bad enough to use the freezing cold facilities next door.  I think I’ll wait.  TMI maybe?  Oh, well.

But you know the best part about laundry day?


I treated myself.  Did you notice these in the last picture?  It’s what’s sustaining me through the cold.  And making me need the facilities next door too.  Oh, the price we pay on laundry day!

Ha!  I’m a poet….
Barb, 45 degrees on June 4 – unbelievable

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8 Responses to Laundry Day!

  1. Suz says:

    I really don’t get the outdoor laundry thing…but it must keep it from getting crowded in there! Please tell me that not all Canadian laundromats are this way. They must think you “campers” are a tough lot. 😉 Thankfully, God made Timbits & coffee!

    • Barb says:

      It’s true, Suz. Campers apparently are a tough lot. And remember, this campground is only open from May to Sept. Apparently only polar bears do their laundry in the winter. I haven’t checked out any other Canadian laundromats yet. Might be next on my agenda.

  2. Cyndie in Ohio says:

    At least you had all 4 dryers to yourself so you could finish faster. All that fresh (cold) air will make you very sleepy later on and you will get the best nights sleep. 🙂 I would definitely investigate a city laundromat.

  3. Cathi says:

    That is a bit chilly to be sitting waiting for your laundry to be done!! Didn’t the dryers help warm up the area a little bit?

  4. Oh please! The price of Timbits is never too high! Some refreshing cool air, free time to write, clean clothes and a place to sit – what more do you want? Now stop yer whinin’ and pass those little goodies around.


  5. Lynn Bynum says:

    I grew up in the north, never went anywhere without a jacket! New experience for you, you and timbits making the most of it!

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  6. Vicky T says:

    So…..why were you not sitting on that first dryer on the right or the first on on the left
    ? I would think it’d be a little warmer on the tush anyway.

  7. Barbara Callaway says:

    Maybe you could learn to make Timbits and bring them back to Texas??

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