We have been dog-sitting for the past 4 days.

Sadie (7)

Meet Sadie.  She’s a long-haired chihuahua.  I know, I know.  We are a cat family.  But sometimes it’s OK for the cats to have a dog around.  It gets their hissing throats cleared out.


Sadie made herself at home the first evening here.


And she has tried out every favorite cat napping spot.  I think she is part cat!  She sleeps on the quilts on the back of the couch (Panda’s favorite spot) and on the backs of chairs in the living room and the big red chair in the sewing room (Boo’s favorite spot.)  She has not tried to climb Panda’s cat tree yet.  Panda is very happy about that.

Sadie (4)

She likes to be right in on the action – like when Dear Hubby was cracking peanuts to eat the other night.  And she sleeps on the bed with us and Boo.  Panda decided it was too crowded and stayed away.

Boo and Panda have accepted Miss Sadie as a part of the family.

Sadie (5)

And when it’s time for treats, everyone lines up in the kitchen.

Sadie (6)

Notice who finishes first.  Panda keeps an eye on her.

Sadie (8)

At this particular treat time, Panda decided to watch from a distance.  Notice her little pile of treats….

Sadie (9)

And when Sadie finished her treats, she walked right over and ate Panda’s too!  Did I mention that I think Sadie is part cat?

Boo and Panda are having fun with Miss Sadie.  I think they will miss her when she is gone.


So if Sadie’s parents are reading this, all I can say is, Don’t bother coming to pick her up.  We’ve decided to keep her.

Barb, Dear Hubby, Boo, Panda & Sadie

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5 Responses to Sadie

  1. Cyndie in Ohio says:

    Oh little Miss Sadie you are so cute and now I miss my little black and white Chihuahua Miss Katie. Chihuahua’s are very cat like in their behavior, our Katie had to pounce and kill her treats before she ate them……. I wonder if they could learn to use a litter box or maybe just paper trained.
    Thanks for sharing pictures of your sweet little visitor.

  2. How cute! The animal version of an Oreo cookie! I’m not so sure the cats will really miss the dog, but sure, you can believe it if you want to. Can’t have too many lap sitters in my book!


  3. Lani says:

    Barb, I must admit I never expected a blog about dogs from you!! Of course, I loved it!!

  4. Brenda Foster says:

    Well, I am just now getting this! Barb, thank you for taking care of Sadie for us. She has a way of winning EVERYONE over, even cat lovers. She is a sweetheart…and so are you and Mark!

  5. Yvonne says:

    I can totally understand, she is so cute!

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