Bee Day continued….. The Quilts!

OK enough already with the comments about the lack of quilts in yesterday’s post.  You know you loved seeing the food.  And the quilts were hidden.  You had to look hard for them in the pictures.  And you all failed the hide-the-quilts test.  So there.  And besides… maybe I was saving the best for later?  So…….. on with the quilts!

Hmmmm…….where to begin……

How about Susan’s sweet, intricate, fabulous, beautiful – OK I don’t have enough adjectives – embroidered 50’s dress blocks!  And she had loads of help with ideas for how to put them together.  Get busy, Susan!  We want to see this one completed by the next Bee, don’t we?  But you need to see some of them up close and personal.


Cute……. love the poodle….

I think this one is my favorite.  OK – so how many of us had these dresses in our closets?  Raise your hands.  I see you!  They are so cute!  Good job, Susan!

These are Cindy’s wool blocks.  We have a lot of diversity in quilting in our group!  These blocks have sent Susan on a frenzy of looking for wool projects now.  I think Cindy must be in cahoots with the wool industry.  She ought to get commission for all the business she sent them with just Susan this week.  She really went crazy.  I mean really.  Just ask her!  She’ll tell you.  Go ahead and tell them how crazy you went, Susan.

Look at that devious smile on Cindy’s face.  She knows she hooked Susan and reeled her right in with these cute wool blocks.  Way to go, Cindy!  The wool industry thanks you.

Some people in this group have projects that have nothing to do with quilting.  I think it just fits, Davene!  OK, maybe not……  Davene has the best laugh ever.  I can hear her laughing right now as I write this.

Look at these smiling faces.  Can’t you tell how much fun they are having?

Sue H made a cool T-shirt quilt.  My niece wants me to make her one of these with her T-shirts.  In fact we are meeting tomorrow to buy fabric for her quilt!  She reads my blog even though she’s not a quilter and she blesses my heart.  “Hi, Janna!  See you soon!”

This little quilt is a joint effort by Sue H and me so far.  I did some of the applique and Sue completed that and quilted it.  I believe it’s going to be bound by someone else?  And then it will become a Silent Auction quilt for our guild Quilt Show in September!  We hope it makes lots of money for the guild!

Betty is hand quilting this pretty purple quilt.  She makes more quilts than anyone else in this group.  Except maybe Lani.  But Lani has been busy moving to NEW YORK CITY?!  (You have to say it loud like the Pace Picante Sauce commercial – thus the all caps.)  Betty also does not have a computer and is not on the internet.  I could say anything I want here without fear of Betty reading it.  But I won’t – Betty is a sweetheart!  OK – now someone is in charge of telling her how cute she was in the blog this week.  Go ahead…. call her right now and tell her…… she’ll love it if she get 10 calls today telling her how cute she is in the blog.

Judy made this cool quilt for a friend who was supposed to be having a baby boy.  But it was a girl.  Oops!  This airplane quilt didn’t quite cut it for a little girl!  I believe this is now going to be given to a charity for auctioning.  Susan wants to win it and was very interested in information about the auction.  (Susan is a pilot and loves airplanes.)  I think we should all find out information and bid too and drive the price up for Susan.  Wait!  Susan just spent all her money on wool projects (see above.)  We’ll be kind, Susan, and not drive up the bidding on you…..

Isn’t the little biplane fabric cute in the middle of the stars?  Susan really wants this quilt….. more than she wants wool even.  I hope she wins.

Judy also made this little tool pocket thingie – what do we call these things? – for her little Featherweight machine!  Cute fabric to use with the FW.  It holds your scissors and seam ripper and other sewing tools and sits under your sewing machine – with the tools all in the pockets hanging down in front.  Somehow I think I just lost you all in that description.  Maybe we need an action shot of it, Judy?  Next time…..

 Sue O had a great log cabin quilt to show with a cool Baptist Fan (or Methodist Fan, according to Sue) quilting pattern on it.  She had a story to tell about this old quilt, but I can’t do it justice the way Sue can.  So just ask her about it the next time you see her, OK?

Look at the cute toes in this picture!  All polished and ready for sandals and summer in Texas.  Sorry.  I think we’re supposed to be looking at the quilt blocks from the Kaleidoscope class that Sue O and Nancy went to last weekend.  I just got distracted by the toes for a minute there.

More blocks…….

And more….. you can blow those pics up by clicking on them if you want……

Nancy wants Sue to explain why her fabric was so much easier to cut out for Kaleidoscope blocks than Nancy’s was.  Good thing Nancy bought a LOT of fabric!

Judy R’s fabulous wool blocks.  Don’t look, Susan!  Quick!  Scroll past this one!  Too late….. I bet she’s on the phone right now ordering more wool.  Poor Susan.  The wool industry is very happy today.

Patti’s quilt – very nice, Patti!

Peggy’s beautiful quilt – I think from Jo’s Club.  Is that right Peggy?  Boy!  I’m going to have to take better notes to go with the pictures for this blogging stuff!

Pat’s beautiful Lone Star quilt.  Good job, Pat!

Pat’s It’s OK Sampler quilt.  Several of us are going to take the class to make this quilt in June.  It will be fun to see how different they all look with the different fabrics that I’m sure each one will choose.  Pat might even make another one of these – and she already made this quilt twice!  It apparently is a fun quilt to make.  I’ll share pics of the new ones after our class!

We had several Moms join us this month.  This is Cindy and her Mom, Donna, who recently moved to Texas from California to be near Cindy.  Please pretend you are also seeing pictures of Karen and her Mom, Sue H and her Mom and Suz and her Mom here too.  They were all there, but I failed to get pics of them……sigh…….

And here is my Show ‘n Tell…….

In all fairness, I do have new projects at the shop where I work.  They are class samples and they are hanging on the walls there.  You’ve seen them in previous posts here too.  So I’m not a total slouch when it comes to completing projects.  Half a slouch, maybe, but total slouch?  Definitely not.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

And one last picture….. just because I took it and I have to share……

Isn’t Suz cute?  Don’t she and hubby make a cute couple?  Sorry….. just had to share that one.  Too cute!

Now I expect good comments today, girlfriends.  A quilting blog with lots of pictures of quilts – what a novel idea!  I hope you enjoyed them all.  Until next time……

Happy quilting!

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6 Responses to Bee Day continued….. The Quilts!

  1. Susan says:

    I woke up tired and groggy, but a cup of coffee and your blog snapped me right out of it! Barb, you are a RIOT! Yes, Cindy did get me all crazy for wool (hilarious picture of the devious face!!!!), but it’s partly Peggy’s fault, too, because I think it was a year or more ago when she showed us a huge, gorgeous, wool quilt that blew my mind, and I have been thinking about it ever since…then Cindy shows up with hers…and I almost passed out on Thursday when I saw Judy R’s wool blocks! Peggy sent me a cool website yesterday for other wool projects, too, and I think even Barb spent most of her day looking at those with me…online…via emails where we oo-ed and ah-ed over different designs. I was JUST about to finally start with the drapes in our house, but now I spent it all on wool and have no more money. Oh, well, next year. This group is unbelievably talented, I am always amazed and constantly inspired! No one should ever miss a JSS Day! There should be a law!

  2. Judy Linn says:

    FANTABULOUS pics, Blogger Barb! New pics, new vocabulary, new people at JSS – opps – scratch the last one. New laws – opps – scratch that one. No rules! Susan, no worries – now that Judy R. has returned we have Dr. R’s charge card…. Ha! We will see if Judy R is reading the blog yet!
    Yes, the smiles are great! The twinkle in eyes, the laughter in my head! Good for the heart, body and soul!!! WHAT A GROUP!
    Is that all 997 pics? Sprinkle more to us each day!

  3. Suz says:

    That was GREAT b/c I missed parts of show and tell while I was in the kitchen! And THIS is how I find out that Susan is a PILOT? REALLY? How did I miss this before? I spent a whole retreat with her and YOU GUYS who never mentioned it! HA! How funny….anyway, love the airplane quilt…and ALL the others! Fantastic group of quilters!

  4. sarah says:

    Barb, you are the best! I know that you are not doing this blog just for me and all the other out-of towner JSSers, but it is so great to see all the show and tell and the photos of the food. I could almost taste it. It is so wonderful to share the day with all of
    you vicariously. The quilts were all wonderful. You are all such talented ladies. Thanks again Barb for the blog. I read it religiously.

  5. Patti says:

    WOW, buckets of inspiration. I just have to find a way to stay focused and not go crazy. Great blog Barb. You are all the best. So much talent in one group, I just hope I can absorb some of the talent.
    Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

  6. carol parker says:

    Quilts, quilts, quilts – all are definitely a work of art!Thanks for posting them along w/your witty comments.

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