Inklingo 101

I considered titling this post Inklingo for Dummies. But I don’t really like what that implies. I actually think it’s more like Inklingo for Intellectuals. Because Inklingo is so crazy easy that it’s the intellectuals that try to think it to death who take awhile to get it.

My friend, Linda, who is the genius behind Inklingo is doing lessons on the Inklingo blog. They just started today so you can jump right in on the ground floor. Sort of a reverse mystery because you know what the end result will look like.

Remember the mystery we did just recently? Well, of course mine isn’t finished yet. You do know me, right? And the fact that I have 4,328 projects started and none of them finished? I’m trying to set a record for PHD’s.*  I think I can stop trying now. But I am still working on the mystery quilt. I promise you will see it again as it progresses. And in case you want to view some completed ones, Linda featured a bunch of pics of them on the Inklingo blog recently. Go ahead and go look at them. I’ll wait.

Tap, tap, tap………

Oh, you’re back? Good. Aren’t they gorgeous? I can’t wait to show you mine. Christmas 2015.  Hang in there.  (That’s me… talking to myself.)

So, as I started to tell you, today Linda started lessons on the Inklingo blog.  For the Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt.  And it’s just gorgeous.  And I’m desperately trying to restrain myself from working on 4,329 PHD’s. I mean after all, there’s a point where people stop being impressed by your genius at working on so many PHD’s simultaneously and just think you’re absolutely crazy. Do you think I’ve already crossed the line?

Earlier today I fixed another Fresh Veggie Hummus Pizza. This time with a white corn tortilla at Tammy’s suggestion yesterday.

Inklingo 101

But the tortilla was much smaller. So I had to pile the ingredients high. It was challenging, but I was able to get my mouth around it.

I know you’re not surprised.

*PHD – Project Half Done

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4 Responses to Inklingo 101

  1. Cyndie in Ohio says:

    I am so amazed at the whole Inklingo concept. It is so revolutionary to quilting that when more people discover it, look out quilters everywhere, Inklingo is one of the best things to ever happen to the quilting community, it’s like the rotary cutter, no going back…..
    Thanks for blogging, I feel like we had a visit. 🙂 Marty painted walls Sunday, carpet going in today, we are making progress! Yeah!

  2. Cathi says:

    Oh, my goodness — what does this say about those of us who just jumped in and started using Inklingo like it was second nature?? LOL


  3. Absolutely nothing about you surprises me, Barb. Well, there is the hummus thing, but other than that – NOTHING!!!


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