Which Block Doesn’t Belong?

Things happen in the night at JSS Retreats.  It is not safe to go to bed.  Things move around.  Quilt blocks play games.  It’s like all the toys in Toy Story coming to life.  You never know what’s going to greet you in the morning.

This morning as the gals at retreat get out of bed, they are greeted in the sewing room with a new game called, “Which Block Doesn’t Belong?”  And you get to play along!

We’ll start with some easy ones so you can get the hang of it……

Can you pick out the block that doesn’t belong in Madelyn’s quilt?  I bet you can.  This one was extremely easy.

How about this one in Lani’s?  Again, not too hard.  Don’t be fooled because there are two.

This quilt by Kay got a little extra touch of color.  I bet you found it right away.

The block that doesn’t belong in Karen’s quilt is at least close to the right color.  I bet you found it anyway.

Surely you can find the block that doesn’t go in this cute Dr. Seuss quilt by Newbie Barbara.

And you should be able to find two blocks that don’t belong in this quilt by Newbie Barbara since you saw it here the other day.  Even if the fabric almost coordinates. 

By the way, Newbie Barbara is being way too productive.  We’re going to have to put her on Newbie duty today before she outshines us all.

The game’s getting just a bit harder now, isn’t it?  Can you find the wrong block in Debbi’s beautiful quilt?

Uh, oh.  I’m not sure who’s making this quilt!  Sue G, maybe?  Well, anyway, your job is to find the block that doesn’t belong!

This one is probably hardest of all and there are two blocks to find in Peggy’s fabulous T-shirt quilt.  Can you find them?

Now wasn’t that fun?  What a great way to start your day.  You got to see beautiful quilts by JSS ladies and enjoy a fun game over your morning coffee.  Who knows what will happen next at the JSS Retreat!

By the way, quilt blocks are not the only things that move around while we sleep here.

Sometimes thread just has a mind of its own……

Happy Day!
P.S.  Thanks for voting in the “To Green or Not” blog.  Janna’s quilt is coming along quite nicely!  More pics soon…..

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2 Responses to Which Block Doesn’t Belong?

  1. Diane Wyte says:

    Ok – I played the game and now I want MORE! Seriously, Barb – thank you for doing all the extra work of blogging for those of us in distant pastures – we love being part of it! But – I think I found all the blocks that don’t belong – except only found one in Peggy’s – glad that girl is cranking them out again! 🙂
    Also – never got to the computer much yesterday – long day in the big city of Wilmington!!! I think an extra green border — my vote!
    Love watching you all! Diane

  2. LaLa says:

    Hi Barb, I just now got to see this Blog on all the Retreat quilts!!! What a creative way to display the JSS quilts-on-the-wall at Retreat!!! I had fun over hot tea this morning picking out all the blocks that did not belong!!! Again, i can just feel the excitement of the Retreat thru your Blogs!!! Thank you so much for sending us “out of towners” your fun spirit!!!
    Now, I am really looking forward to visiting you’all at the JSS Christmas party!!!! Yippee!!

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