Clean or Dirty?

It’s laundry day here at my house.  Among many other things.  Too many things, too little time.  Story of my life.

So as I was buzzing around doing forty-seven things at once, I dumped a load of clean undies on the couch to fold.  Thirty-four seconds later when I was ready to fold them, this is what I found:

So now my question for you is…… are they clean or dirty?

Doesn’t Boo have that “touch these clothes at your own peril” look in his eye?

And fifty-two seconds later this is what happened:

Doesn’t really matter if they are clean or not, they will remain untouched until this guy decides it’s time to move.  You see, cats rule at our house.  Rule Numero Uno at our house is, “If you have a cat on your lap, you can’t get up.”  Which is really quite great because if you need anything, the other person in the house has to get it for you.  Unless he has a cat in his lap too.  Then everyone just has to wait. 

Unless the bathroom is what you’re needing.  Then the cat just has to understand getting dumped off.

But I digress….

By the way, I vote for clean.  We are cat lovers at our house.  Everything we own has a little cat hair on it.  We’d be in big trouble if cat hair made things instantly dirty around here.

It also looks like the folding of the laundry is going to have to wait a bit.  But since I have 4,673 quilt show pics to organize for a blog post and the guild website, I suppose I can find something else to do while waiting.

And yes, I just displayed my underwear for all the world to see on the internet.  Dear Hubby’s too.  I’m sure that makes him very happy.

Happy Saturday!

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7 Responses to Clean or Dirty?

  1. Susan Bancroft says:

    That was hilarious!

  2. Diane Wyte says:

    Cats are cuddly – but I can hardly wait to see the quilt show pics!!!! Diane

  3. Brenda Foster says:

    YOU CRACK ME UP! You took a picture of your underwear…and Dear Hubby’s. You are on the funny board!!!

  4. Davene says:

    I agree. Everything goes with cat hair – including cats! Pthew! These fur balls are killing me!

  5. Donna K. from N. TX says:

    Boo is happy you know the rules and that you don’t consider him as a dirty factor. Funny!

  6. Kaye Bowling says:

    Ahhh…a nice warm pile of clothes to nap upon. You are so kind to provide that for your kitty. Definitely….Clean!

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