Houston Lives On!

I still have way too many pictures of quilts from the Houston Quilt Festival to let them go to waste.  So we’ll see how many we can cram into one blog.  And if there are leftovers, I’ll show more with the Thanksgiving leftovers.  We’ll have an “all about leftovers” blog.  With food and quilts – our two favorite things!

Moving right along……

How about this special quilt?  Swwweeet!

I loved this “tea quilt” too.  So much that it deserves a closer look.

Great teacup.  Fabulous quilting.

It’s just too cute…. lots of great things to see up close.

Cupcakes growing on vines and cute little spoons all the way around.  Very cute quilt!

Amazing piecing in this one.  Want a closer look?

Oh, my!  I don’t even want to speculate on how many little pieces are in this quilt.

I love log cabin quilts and thought this one especially striking.

Fabulous.  Bling and all.

I especially love the way the quilting stands out on this one.  Beautiful.

Sweet penguins.  A fabulous quilt.

How about all these barnyard animals?  What a happy farm!

You have to back away from your computer to fully appreciate this one.  It’s Boo!  And he comes into focus better from a distance.   Cool cat!

Here’s a really beautiful Baltimore Album.  Unbelievable.

It deserves a closer look too.  Look at all those teeny, tiny circles.  Berries and more.  Oh, my.  It takes my breath away.

Fabulous applique.  Unbelievable.  Awesome.

Don’t even get me started on describing this one.  Words fail me.

And I loved this whimsical little quilt.  Especially the treatment on the edge.  But you have to see it up close.

There’s more……..

I just loved this one for some reason.  So whimsical and clever.

It just makes me happy looking at it.  And such detail.  One more….

OK – I can move on now.  I just loved that little happy quilt!

This one gets a closer look too.  I love closer looks.  In case you couldn’t tell.

I have no words.

This quilt was really amazing.  But you have to see up close of the quilting to really appreciate it.  Have to.

Faces within the face.  Lots of faces.  There’s more.

Aren’t they amazing?  This quilt won Viewer’s Choice and you can sure see why.

You have to scroll back up to the picture of this whole quilt now to see how hidden these images are when you view this quilt from a distance.  Incredible.  One more.

This is the forehead.  Just in case you couldn’t tell.  The quilting in this just blew me away!

I still have pictures.  Lots more pics.  If you’re with me this far and you’d like to see more, give a shout out in the comments on this one today.  Just a little “Yes!  I need to see more!” would suffice.  Otherwise we will leave Houston quilts and move on to other things.  Your choice!  Don’t be shy.  Just let me know.

Happy quilting!

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22 Responses to Houston Lives On!

  1. Lani says:

    WOW! They’re all so unique, artistic,and fantastic! It’s hard to choose a favorite, because they all have something to be admired…design, quilting, artistry, fabric choice, and color schemes. I still don’t know how you don’t get completely overwhelmed at Houston?? Thanks for sharing so I can enjoy it in my living room;-) And, YES, I’d love early morning entertainment in the days to come.

  2. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    I would love to see more, thank you so much for taking such awesome pictures, I really feel like I’m getting to look at these beauties in person.

  3. Bertha Mallard says:

    More, more, more! I’m begining to wonder if I went to the same Houston show!!!
    Thanks for the close-up shots.

  4. Cyndy says:

    Thank you so much for the eye candy. More please.

  5. Carolyn says:

    I was there but your pictures have helped me see quilts and details in quilts my eyes missed when I was there so positively yes, MORE, pretty please.

  6. Suz says:

    More quilts! More quilts! More quilts! I loved lots of those same ones!

  7. Kaye says:

    Oh, YES, Please !! As you said, words fail me. There are not enough adjectives in the English language!

  8. Judy Terry Linn says:

    I’ll add to MORE!!!

  9. Peggy says:

    More, more, more…………..for those of us who didn’t get there this year! Quilts are fabulous!!! Love the more traditional, applique and amazing quilting.

    Thanks, Barb

  10. Sally says:

    Can we ever get tired of enjoying beautiful and totally amazing quilts? No Way! I vote MORE, MORE MORE!!!!

  11. LaNelle says:


  12. Patty Spinelli says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these great quilts. I so miss going
    to Houston. I have shared your blog with friends up here in the
    hills. We would love to see more quilts…Thanks so much.

  13. Elisabeth says:

    Hello from Vienna, Austria. Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing. Give me more, please!
    Regards Elisabeth

  14. Pam Barr says:

    I also vote for more! What an amazing job you do reporting the wonderful things you see! Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. Donna K. from N. TX says:

    Keep them coming!

  16. Judy Terry Linn says:

    WOW, Barb,
    Comments from Yosemite and Austria!!!

  17. Carolyn says:

    These are stunning, truly outstanding. More please…. and Thank You.

  18. Tami B says:

    The creativity and skill level of the Houston quilters are beyond any I have seen. Do these artists quilt independently or do they quilt as a group?

  19. jean says:

    where on earth do you find patterns for the red quilt, red&kaiki and the tea cups I can’t find things like this anywhere I would do more quilt trying if could find this type patterns please email me at j63pup@yahoo.com

  20. Mary R Morris says:

    Yes, I want to see more quilts!

  21. Nancy A. says:

    Oh YES, I need to see more. Oh, and THANKS for wanting to get a CLOSER look.

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