Just an Ordinary Day

Well, sort of.  Ordinary, I mean.  Except for one pretty special customer.  Not that all the customers aren’t special.  But it isn’t every day that you get to sell fabric that will become a baby quilt for a celebrity baby.  I mean movie star celebrity.  And I thought it was pretty exciting.

This is the pretty fabric.  Picked out by the Grandma to the new baby who is expected in early December.  Grandma is the one making the quilt.  And you can’t tell from this picture, but the white fabric has little music notes on it.  Because the baby’s Daddy is a musician.  And the Momma is a famous actress!  You know her as Calleigh in CSI Miami.  Her real life name is Emily Procter.

I made the Grandma promise to bring in pictures after she visits California in December to see the new little one.  And I hope she’ll share the finished quilt with us too!  Because it is certainly not an every day occurance to pick out fabric for a baby quilt for a movie star.

And if Emily and the new baby ever show up at the shop with Grandma, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Ugly Fabric Challenge Update!

Here are the two cute bowls that I forgot to show you in the previous blogs about this challenge:

Aren’t they cool?  I just wanted you to see them.  I thought you needed to see them.

By the way – the winners have been chosen.  So here are the results.

First Prize!  And this quilt was inspiration for the baby quilt mentioned above.  Grandma intends to make a scrappy nine patch similar to this one.

2nd Place.  Turns out many thought that this fabric made great pineapples!  So maybe it’s good she didn’t go with the giraffes?  But I heard that one customer thought that if you took off the pineapple tops, you’d have turtles.  This fabric just speaks.  “Pineapples, giraffes or turtles.”  It’s talking fabric.  Even if it is ugly.

3rd Place.  Apparently many thought these little ruched flower centers were very creative.  And the fussy cutting on the feather “ugly” fabric was creative too.

Also – here is the sign that was displayed.  With as many of the ugly fabrics used as we had swatches for – we ended up not having pieces of all the fabrics included.  But this is a good sampling of them.

It’s amazing each year to see what everyone makes out of these “challenging” fabrics.  And they are definitely inspiration to us all!

And I close today with this picture of how I’d like to be sitting this evening in front of the TV…..

Hot dog in flatbread, sun chips, diet Dr Pepper and the Rangers.  Feet up on the couch, kicked back, relaxing.  But I can’t!  I have a class to teach.  And seeing how the new T-shirt that I wore both Saturday and Sunday did not have a good effect on the outcome of the games, I will not be wearing it today.  In fact it’s in the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper.  I hear that superstition is a part of baseball.  And I’m all about doing my part.  Even if it means buying a new red t-shirt.

Go Rangers!
Your Newest Fanatical Fan

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3 Responses to Just an Ordinary Day

  1. Lani says:

    I’m already looking forward to next years ugly fabric challenge,and all the challenge, inspiration, and fun around it(!!!) BUT have to complete a “few” JSS challenges from years gone- by first!!! I’m feeling very inspired and motivated after reading your blog so I’d better go back to my sewing table. See you in 5 days!

  2. Judy Terry Linn says:

    Enjoyed so much seeing the Ugly Fabric Challenge! The KY JSS Compass Retreat Goers will be traveling to TEXAS this week, so we will be coming to Quilter’s Dream to view the projects in person. GREAT responses to this challenge. NOW onward to the JSS challenges!
    You make every day an EXTRA-ordinary day with your writing and sharing, Blogger Barb!!!
    BIG hugs!

  3. Mona Ruud says:

    DIET DR PEPPER……. I have not had one since August 12th 2009………………..
    PS/Barb the pics r great 2, but DIET DR PEPPER…………………….

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