Stars, Timbits & A Last Weekend Outing

It’s my last day in Montreal and I’m packing.  Ready to head home and not ready all at the same time.  I’m sure Boo and MK feel forgotten although they’ve had a very good sitter while I was away, who reported on all their antics.  I am blessed with great friends.

How is it that two weeks can fly by so fast?  It feels like I just got here.  Of course, the fact that I fervently stitched 4,379 stars while I was here ought to give me a clue as to how long I’ve been here.  My fingers have been flying!

Here’s a first look at the stars being stitched together.  I took this picture Monday night so more have been added since then.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  I am loving Inklingo and hand stitching these stars.  I think I’m becoming a hand piecing snob.

Sunday afternoon Dear Hubby and I headed a few miles north to the small ski town that we visited the first time I was here.

Here’s what the ski slopes looked like when I was here in April…….

……and here’s what they look like now.  Just a wee bit different, eh?  Love the green of the grass and the trees.   Everything so full and well…. green.

Driving toward Saint Sauveur the hills get bigger and bigger.  Nice blue sky, isn’t it?  It was a really great day for a drive. 

Please disregard the bugs on the windshield.  There are not big funky birds in the sky.

As you cross the bridge and pull into town, the church steeple stands out from the buildings and the trees.

Here it is up close.  Such a shiny, silver steeple.

There are loads of flowers everywhere.  Love the bright pink color of these.

These were all in front of a Christmas store.  Love the fabulous pots and all the bright colors.

Here’s a look from across the street.  Cute little window boxes too.

Lots of art galleries in this little town.  But this one was fermé, not ouvert.  (That would be closed, not open, for you not of the French persuasion.  And do not ask me how to pronounce those two words.  I have no idea.)

The view up a residential street is very inviting.  Lots of different colors of green.  Cute little town with cute little shops.  But I do not want to live there.  (See above reference to signs.)

How about this flower container?  Cute.

And a nice little waterfall and fountain.  And two cute little girls.  Whose Mama was trying to keep them from falling in.

All of the restaurants have outside seating and/or they have big doors that open the whole dining area to the outside. 

Like this one where Dear Hubby and I had lunch.  We sat at the table on the right.

Here’s the view from the inside.  At our table.  Where, as any good blogger should, I took a picture of my plate……

…… after my meal was consumed.  Bad blogger!  It was good, really it was!  Some sort of salmon with cream sauce and pink peppercorns thing.  Yum. 

We also had an appetizer that was called “parmesan fondue.”  Apparently fondue is not the same thing to the French as it is to us in the English speaking world.  We expected bread cubes to dip in a fondue pot!  But we got two hunks of parmesan, breaded and apparently deep fried.  With olives and tomatoes and cucumbers on the side.  They were good, nice and creamy inside.  Just not what we expected.  And the waiter acted like we were silly when we asked if we’d gotten what we ordered.  If I could write with a French accent, I’d tell you what he said.  I don’t know how to spell those words.  Just use your imagination.

Kind of like the picture of my lunch above.

This store intrigues me.  It’s a shoe store.  Apparently it’s a chain.  There is one right down the street from Hubby’s apartment.  Who names a shoe store Yellow?  Is there a Red store too?  Maybe Blue wants equal time?  Are the shoes all one color?  I’m going to have to check it out next time I’m here.

I can just hear it now.  “I’m going to go buy me some Yellow shoes to go with my pink dress.”  “Really?  Do you think yellow is a good color for that dress?”  “No, silly, Yellow shoes.”

You get the idea.

So today was packing day.  Actually yesterday for you.  Since you’re reading this tomorrow.  That’s almost as confusing as Yellow shoes, isn’t it?  Actually as you’re reading this I should be at the airport.  Or depending on what time you’re at your computer, I could be winging my way back home.  Or maybe I’m already home.  How am I supposed to know what time you’ll be at your computer? 

Never mind.

And I did have to make one last stop……

You didn’t think I could head home without one last Timbits fix, now did you?  And a can of TH coffee so I can make it at home too.  And how about that big pile of stars?  4,379 to be exact. 

Give or take a few thousand stars…..

Homeward bound!

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5 Responses to Stars, Timbits & A Last Weekend Outing

  1. Peggy says:


    Will be good to see you again, but love the travel blogs from you and Lani!

    Thanks for sharing and glad you got your 4000+ diamonds made!!! A real quilter…..


  2. Susan Bancroft says:

    I love the Yellow shoes–hilarious! It’s fun seeing where you are and what you’ve been up to in Canada, and I am so sorry you had to leave Mark today. 😦 I love your stars, they are so pretty! 🙂

  3. Lani says:

    Barb, I love the pictures!! I think this will probably be the first year in 20 odd years that we won’t be taking a summer vacation to Vancouver. At least you’ve given me a glimpse of the beautiful flowers, GREEN hillsides, and blue skies that makes Canada so wonderful!
    I don’t think you’ll every see a picture of MY suitcase on a blog……. unless it’s of how much I’m trying to STUFF into it!!
    Enjoy your TImbits!

  4. Barb, I think I counted 4,326 stars in the pile. Better double check! Be sure you don’t leave any in Canada! Or Canada as we French say. Don’t eat all the TBs at one time. Oh, go ahead! See you soon!


  5. LaLa says:

    What a fabulous trip Barb! Thanks for sharing!!! Hugs,

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