Baci and Bella

Boo has friends.  He may not have actually met them, but they are his friends just the same.  I believe they have emailed each other when I wasn’t looking.  They are beautiful friends.  I’m sure Boo would like them if they ever met.  Yeah, right.  After they finished scratching each others’ eyes out.

This is Bella.  Bella is beautiful just as her name suggests.  Boo would fall madly in love and want to move in with her if they ever met.  I’m keeping them separated.  I would hate for my friend Susan to steal Boo away to live with Bella.

So Bella just calmly relaxes her days away.  Wonder if Mom is off the computer so I can email my friend, Boo? 

But first I think I’ll just take a little nap.  Cats are good at that nap thing, you know.  We can learn all about naps from cats.  And the benefits of stretching just after a nap.

This is Boo’s friend, Baci.  Miss Kitty would fall madly in love with Baci if she ever met him.  She would shower him with kisses.  Just as his Italian name suggests.  Baci does not like his picture taken and he told me so.  Perhaps if I keep moving and make all her pictures blurry, she will go away.  A cat can always hope.  But I was relentless.

No, I will not look at the camera.  Baci’s coat is the silkiest soft you’ve ever felt in your life.  Bella’s too.

Just appear nonchalant and she will go away.

Oh, alright.  But I refuse to open my eyes.

There.  Are you happy now?  Can we stop with the pictures already?  Poor Baci.  He did not want his picture taken.  But I insisted.  I wanted to share them with Boo and Miss Kitty.  He was better when he realized I wasn’t going to bother him with that pesky flash.

I am so bored with this whole photo op thing.  Ho hum.  Pictures, pictures, pictures.  It’s a tough life being a beautiful cat when I’m around with my camera.

Oops.  Better run.  Boo is asking for computer time.  He and Miss Kitty really want to email their friends.  Tell Baci and Bella I said hello, Boo!  And thanks for the photo op for my blog.

Hugs & cat kisses,
Barb, Boo and Miss Kitty

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9 Responses to Baci and Bella

  1. Staci says:

    Wow! What gorgeous creatures! What kind of cats are they? Are they Occicats?

    • Barb says:

      Susan will have to jump in here with the correct thing, but I believe they are Bengal cats. Right, Susan? They are truly beautiful and soooooo silky soft!

  2. Cyndie says:

    Aww, what gorgeous kitties. Thank you for introducing them. All these pictures of pets makes me wish I had one too or two too. They do work best in pairs. 🙂

  3. Willadene Chapman says:

    Those cats have markings similar to Missy’s and looks like their faces are larger than most. Missy’s is too. She would like to meet Baci and Bella — yeah, I’m suree that’s not true.

  4. Cindy Smith says:

    Beautifull kitties!

  5. Aha! Now we have proof of cat emailing! I always suspected my cat Cali of communicating with others of her kind. I just never realized felines were so dexterous. Who knew? I just hope they don’t start plotting some big rebellion. Not as long as we control the catnip!

  6. Susan Bancroft says:

    That’s hilarious that you blogged Baci & Bella, Barb!! Yes, they are Bengals–they’re a cross between a domestic and a small Asian Leopard Cat. It takes about 4 or 5 generations to get a domestic out of the cross. Great cats!!

  7. lovely post. I love cats. hugs

  8. Willadene says:

    If Miss Kitty, Boo, Baci, and Bella sleep as much as my Missy, I don’t know when you could find them awake long enough to get pictures. Didn’t know cats could be so darn sweet. I absolutely love Missy and she knows it. She wakes me up in the mornings, nuzzling me.

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