A Yummy Salad

It’s hot in Texas.  I mean really, really, really, really, really hot.  Some people are saying it’s the hottest summer in 100 years.  Not sure what that means, but it’s hot. 

So nice cool salads hit the spot these days!  This recipe was given to me by a friend (thanks, Sandi!) and we tried it a couple of days ago.  Even Dear Hubby declared it a hit.  And it’s not only yummy – and even yummier the second day after it’s had time to chill out in the fridge – but it’s also quick, easy and most of all, healthy!

I was in a hurry to get it made and in my mouth, so the pics are limited today.  But I’ll walk you through all the ingredients.

You start with a can of black beans and a can of kidney beans.  I drained them in a colander and rinsed them well.

Chop up a red onion and add it to the bowl.  It’s looking good already to me.

Then chop up a yellow bell pepper……

….. and a couple stalks of celery.  I like to add the leafy part of the celery too.  It packs a punch of extra flavor.

Chop up an apple too.  I used a Granny Smith, but you can use any kind of apple you’d like.

The dressing is made with these yummy ingredients and is probably what makes the salad so good.  3 Tbsp balsamic vinegar (yum), 2 Tbsp olive oil (more yum), and 2 tsp agave nectar (yum, yum, yum) – I just dumped them on top of the other ingredients in the bowl and stirred everything together.

Oh!  And you also need to throw in about 1/2 tsp of salt and a little ground pepper.  And the recipe says to toss 1/4 cup of chopped cilantro on top as a garnish, but I chopped up a bunch and just stirred it in too.  We love cilantro at our house.  I put it in almost everything.  Well, maybe not oatmeal.

So this was dinner the other night.  Roasted asparagus with garlic (also very yummy) and Crunchy Bean Salad.  I had seconds on the salad.  OK, thirds.  And the next day we ate it again and Dear Hubby declared it even better after it sat in the fridge overnight.

My Dear Sis from Illinois is coming for a visit next week and this will definitely be on the menu.  She says she wants to eat only what I eat while she’s here and is hoping to lose 10 pounds. 

In order to accomplish this I’m also going to make her ride the stationary bike at least 5 hours a day….. shhhhhh – don’t tell her.

UPDATE:  Cindy’s comment reminded me that I thought a little fresh lime juice might also add a little extra flavor to this salad.  I squeeze fresh limes into my water all the time and love the flavor.  Today’s lunch was the rest of this salad so I added the lime juice.  Even more yummy than before…… just sayin’.

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6 Responses to A Yummy Salad

  1. Cindy says:

    Barb, this salad looks really good. I will probably leave the onions out, but it will still be really yummy, I’m sure. While we were in Libya I learned to make a pretty simple salad which we all love. I put equal parts of chopped carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and sliced black olives. Then the dressing is just lime juice and salt. It is really tasty, especially in the summer time. It will last longer if you add the lime juice to each portion and not put it on the entire salad.

  2. Susan says:

    WOW look at that scarlet fiestware – have you tried the Marigold??? special color for the 75th year…. also they have a new bowl shape – rice/dessert — but it is going to be for rice in this house….. which is the basis of most meals these days….. I will probably double the onion and the vinigar….. on the lime front…… drink a lot of sodas with lime….. my gut loves the acid boost…. what do you eat that “fills” you up…… this would not last two hours in my system…… just wondering……

  3. Judy Terry Linn says:

    Peyton and I made ‘yummy salad’ yesterday. She is so diligent in reading step by step. She moves to the kitchen and cutting board. “Look, Gramma, I DID IT!” she exclaims when she cuts more than one strip of pepper at a time! I cut the onion and I added extra, ’cause I love sweet red onions! Pop Pop almost ate my share. Sherry took some home and said she plowed through it! Thanks, Barb!
    Susan, by the time I served this on a bed of greens, I was waaaay full! I’ll go ck out Marigold!
    Cindy, thanks, I am in a salad series too!
    Happy summer salads to all!

  4. I recently posted a very similar recipe – but now will be trying out yours.

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