Quilts, Quilts & More Quilts!

It’s time for a retreat slideshow of quilt projects.  I know you’ve been waiting patiently.  There is much more to tell, but for now it’s…… On with the Show!

Yesterday Suz’ quilt looked like this …..

…. and this.  But today….

It looks like this!  Way to go, Suz!  A completed quilt top.  The completion of my project on Monday has really motivated people to finish their things.  Not.  Suz was already a Completer of Projects.  She didn’t need any motivation from me.  (Go Rangers!)

We all thought Dori was trying to give us a new way to display things on the design walls.  Just tack some fabric up there and make it look like you’re doin’ somethin’!  But then Patti set me straight and showed me….

That all those bottom squares are quilted for a rag quilt!  And today……

There are little quilted squares too!  Dori is going to have this finished in no time.

On Monday this wall of Sue’s looked like this.  Very cute pinwheel quilts.

Today the same wall looks like this!  I have no idea what happened to the quilt on the right.  But I think perhaps it is bordered, quilted, bound and on its way to the happy recipient.  That Sue really has been busy!

Because now these cute Jack-O-blocks have taken the place of the pinwheel quilt that was on the right.  And as I type this 2 more blocks for an entirely new quilt have gone up too!  I can’t keep up.  Might as well stop trying.  And I don’t mean keeping up with the sewing either.  I mean keeping up for the blogging!  Keeping up with sewing is not even worth talking about for me.

Betty’s quilts went up and down so quickly that I only got a pic of these fabrics hanging where quilt blocks had been.  That Betty is a wonder.

Earlier this cute quilt looked like this behind Madelyn’s sewing machine.

Now that quilt top is finished with cute little pieced borders too.  And those other two blocks are an entirely new project and 5 more blocks have been added since I took that picture.  Remember how I said I can’t keep up?

Sally always wins the award for Overachievers.  I don’t know when she made this cute little laptop bag (years ago), but it is quilted with absolutely perfectly straight quilting lines.  And a bag for power cords to match.  Who makes a bag for the cords to match their laptop bag?  Obviously Sally does.  Overachiever.  You’ll really understand when you see her next quilt.

There’s a big, huge story attached to this quilt.  Sally is working hard to finish it in time for the quilt show in September.  And it is fabulous.  You’ll have to come to the TVQG Quilt Show (Sally’s in charge) to see the finished product.  I predict it will have lots of ribbons hanging on it.  Big important ribbons. 

Look at her beautiful hand embroidery.  And she colored in parts of the background.  You’ll have to talk to Sally to get the full story.  Or come to the quilt sho……. you get the picture.

Here’s more.  You just needed to see these.

And crazy quilt blocks too.  These are just wonderful!

One more up close.  This quilt is Sally’s tribute to the women in her family.  What a tribute.  And once it’s quilted?  Oh, man.  It will really be somethin’.

Suz brought this already pieced top from home and quilted it the first day.  It has miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles of straight-line-in-the-ditch quilting.  I know this because I’m sitting right across from Suz and my table shook the whole first day.

See?  It’s so in-the-ditch that you can’t even see the stitches!  Fabulous fabrics.  Fabulous quilting.

Barbara started this quilt in a workshop last Thurs.  And came to retreat with very little of it completed.  I think this was at the end of day one.

Here it is today.  All blocks finished and all sewn together.

You do remember that I finished a project this year, right?

Davene and Karen discuss the laying out of Karen’s quilt earlier at retreat.

Here’s this one now!  Totally together.  And fabulous.

Sarah has her nose to the grindstone working on her appliqué.  With Cheerio snacks on the side.

Here it is up on the design wall.  Wonderful.

Now Sarah is working on this cute baby quilt.  And I see that as I’ve typed this blog today, more has been added.  I give up.

Davene is amazed with the amount of cutting that she accomplished on her project.  We were all amazed at her amazement.

But here it is now.  A cute little doll quilt!  Quilted and everything.  She really picked up the pace in the last day.

Barbara decided to take some lessons from Dori and put her fabric up on the wall for her next project.  Love the cows.

This is how this quilt looked just before she took the completed top down off the wall to pack up for home today.  Wow.  We miss you, Barbara!  And those cows and daisies are very, very, very cute.

Barbara from San Antonio is working on a paper pieced project and I see that another block has been added to this one too.  Beautiful.  And the little bag on the right is to hang by the bed for the TV remote controls.  It’s made out of wine cork fabric from the CA wine country.  Brought to all of us by LaLa!  Retreat surprises are such fun.

Patti was only with us for a short time, but she was very productive and had this quilt up on the wall.  I believe all the holes were filled in before she left this morning.  But she took it down too fast for me to get a picture.  Or maybe I slept too late?  Nah.

Peggy was also here for way too short a time.  Peggy was here, wasn’t she?  I think I saw her beautiful Kaffe Fassett applique quilt up on the design wall, but I totally missed getting a picture.  How could I?  Peggy, come back!  Or did I just dream she was here?  Wait.  This is Peggy working on the circle borders for that quilt so she must have been here.  If any of you have a nice pic of her quilt, please email it to me and I’ll update with a pic of it here.  In the meantime, picture it gorgeous.

Davene is now working on this cute quilt and the wall is changing faster than I can type.  Those strips on the right are already cut up and being added to the sides in checkerboard fashion on each block.  Picture them fabulous.

The little embroidered blocks are so cute, you had to see some of them up close.  The Quilter.

The Knitter.

The Seamstress.

And The Embroiderer.  Cute.

Sally also made a little project and we all want one.

When it’s opened up it’s a swell little portable ironing surface.  But when it’s closed….

It’s a fabulous little bag for carrying your hot iron home from class, retreat, any time you need to carry an iron along.  I want one!  Ha!  I’ve already completed two projects at this retreat.  I think this one will have to wait for next time.

And Sally left early too!  I think we have to make a new rule that you can’t leave retreat early.  We are in withdrawal and the room is getting way too empty.  But dinner smells fabulous.  I’m ready.  And those gals are gonna really be sorry they left.  I bet they are sorry already.

Now I better go take some more pictures.  The design walls are blooming again.


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4 Responses to Quilts, Quilts & More Quilts!

  1. Sueme says:

    Thanks for the pictures. I am so jealous…. I want to be part of all the fun!

  2. Lani says:

    I don’t even know where to begin with comments…they’re ALL SO FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing all the retreat inspiration! What a talented group!

  3. Jennifer Hudsonp says:

    Can I purchase one of the ironing bags from someone, or st least get the pattern? I love this and I have not seen it anywhere else. Thanks.

    • Barb says:

      The little bag for the iron is a pattern by Sisters’ Common Thread called Caddy Pad, Jr. I’m sure you could just do an internet search for that name and find them!

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