Showin’ & Tellin’ at Retreat

I know you’ve all been waiting very patiently for more retreat pictures.  Well, wait no more!  You can now go back to being impatient again.

This is Pam not showing her cute star block.  The star has a bit of a problem with its points.  And I won’t even tell you that she stitched it again and had to rip again.  Just flipping that top row did not yield the correct results.  But the third time was charm.  And Pam was very happy to set that block aside and call it done!

As you can see from this pic, she was successful in getting the block together.  And she pieced together this entire quilt top too!

Cindy pieced together this beautiful partial top.  She probably has the whole thing together and half quilted by now.  Hand quilted.  She’s a whiz, that Cindy is.

Just give me a call when you need some rhyming poetry written.

Cindy put this one together too.  A nice way to show off a novelty print.

These incredible appliqué blocks belong to Maggie.  Her work is impeccable!  And she was a Newbie at this year’s retreat.  But she was taught by the best…… Susan!

I couldn’t resist showing you a closer look at one of the birds.  Maggie’s appliqué is the best!

Suz made nine patch blocks at the last retreat for an exchange with another Bee.  You remember the video we made, right?  For a good chuckle, you can watch it again here.  This retreat Suz added sashing and put together this fabulous quilt out of her exchanged blocks. 

Madelyn had some great fabrics to show us that she picked up in some fancy foreign country. 

One of these was given to her by our dear friend and used-to-be retreater, Dianne.  She’s living in one of those fancy foreign countries now.  I can’t remember which one Madelyn got as a gift.  You’ll have to talk to her to get the whole story.

In the meantime, here’s a closer look at that fabric.  Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Madelyn also pieced together this one.  These girls are amazing with what they produce at retreats!

Pam made this one from a kit that Karen gave her.  She worked on it at the last retreat too.  You might remember pics of how organized she had to be to get this one together correctly.  It was a puzzle!

And Pam also made this little tablerunner from a charm pack.  Nice job!

Sue made this gorgeous blue & white quilt this retreat.  Now I want to make a two color quilt!

Davene made a bunch of fun things.  This cup buddy for storing all your tools close by….

……………..a big bunch of books for grandkids……. with cool piping.

And Christmas stockings too!  She was a busy girl, that Davene was.  And her laughter filled the room.  Can’t you just hear it, fellow retreaters?

Melinda made six of these little bags for the gals in her other Bee.  I hope they weren’t supposed to be a surprise and she hasn’t given them away yet.  I may have just let the cat out of the bag.  Or the bag out of the bag.  Because those gals read my blog too.  Ooops!

We’ll just move right on to Melinda’s other quilts.  She whipped out quilt tops right and left!  Everyone wanted the fabric for this fabulous snowflake one.

And how about this great floral one?

Loved this great black, white and red too.

And everyone wanted to take the fireflies home.  This one sparked a lot of conversation about “where have all the fireflies gone?”  Or is it lightning bugs?

Patti made this great batik quilt.

And also these cute pink hearts!

This one was Betty’s.  I wanted to take it home and give it to my Dad to cuddle up in.  Isn’t it a nice, manly quilt?

Betty threw this one together too.  While I had my back turned for 6 seconds.  She’s a wonder when it comes to piecing tops.  I need to take a lesson.

Karen made this one.  With help from her friends.  Who all wanted to claim this one and take it home.

There are no pics of my project from retreat.  That’s because I carefully did not take any!  Because I worked the whole time on my niece, Janna’s T-shirt quilt.  I was hoping to complete it to give to her on Easter Sunday.  And surprise her.  So I didn’t want to accidentally show a picture on the blog for her to see.  But alas.  I needed one more day to get it finished.  And one more day I did not have.

I told Janna about it at her house on Easter Sunday where we had a fabulous dinner.  Janna, who knows me too well, said, “But Aunt Barb, you won’t have another day for at least six months!”  Sigh.  But I vow to surprise her one of these days.  When she least expects it.  And I’ll be sure to have my camera to document the moment.

Here are a few other pics I took around the retreat room…..

Just what a retreater needs next to their Brother………

Such colorful bottles.  With fabric lurking in the background.

Brands I’d never heard of.  But then again, I don’t like beer.

And for a teetotaler in the group….

This pic looks as if it was taken after a few of those other bottles were consumed.

And for the morning after?

And now you know the secret of fabulous quiltmaking.  Beer, Dr Pepper and Advil.  Bet you’d have never guessed it in a million years.

Here are the shining faces of the whole group from this year’s retreat.  I’d tell you who they all are, but I have a T-shirt quilt to finish.  Shhhhhhh.  Don’t tell Janna…..


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6 Responses to Showin’ & Tellin’ at Retreat

  1. Janna says:

    shhh… don’t tell Janna. LOL! I’m hoping that maybe I’ll get my quilt for my birthday this year (September 7!)!!!! but even sooner would be an awesome surprise! I was hoping that you had at least taken a pic of the progress you made since you had told me about it, but I guess I’ll have to wait. I’m getting tired of waiting! 😉 just kidding!

  2. Carol Parker says:

    It’s fun to see your blog again. beautiful quilts as expected. can’t wait to see the T-shirt quilt!

  3. Peggy says:

    Looks like a fun time was had again by all………as always! So sorry I missed it, but time spent with my girls was great. Hopefully I’ll be there next time! Loved seeing all the pictures. This IS a very productive and creative and fun and mischevious ……you get the picture ……!!!

  4. Alycia says:

    Thanks for sharing all the quilty pictures – I think they are all wonderful – but that plaid quilt…. that one is perfect for a man! Love it.

  5. Lani says:

    Barb, Thanks for filling my quilting bucket when I don’t have time to quilt. Love ALL the colors, designs, and inspiration! And what a great picture of the group! I’m going to put it as the screensaver on my computer so I can see all those beautiful smiles every day!

  6. LaLa says:

    Barb, FABULOUS fix for my quilting thoughts!!! Loved seeing everyone & their quilts! JSSers are just sooooooo amazing & talented! And NOW, cinematophotography too! Loved the 9-patch 101, with Karen directing Suz and hearing Sue H and all the gang in the background!!! I had to go eat a Tootsie Roll off my “snack” table to feel your JSS ambiance!!! Loved all the FUN!!! Hugs, LaLa

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