Party Food!

I gained 10 pounds just editing the pics for this post today.  Seriously.  If you haven’t eaten, you’d better go get something before you go any further.  I’m not kidding.  You’ll never make it through if you’re hungry.

These JSS Bee gals can cook.  And I think we need to make it a rule that we put nametags next to the dishes at these gatherings.  Because I want recipes for all of them.  And I need to know who to ask.

Let the food gazing begin!


This is our favorite JSS Bee gathering breakfast food.  Karen brings it.  And except for the food I brought to the party, this ends my knowledge of who brought what.  And I only know this one because Karen brings it all the time.  Because we wouldn’t let her in if she forgot to bring this dish.  It’s mostly cream cheese, cinnamon, sugar and pastry.  How can you go wrong with that?  It’s a crowd favorite.  And I promise not to have this many comments on all the food presented today.  Or you’ll still be reading this when it’s time for dinner. 

And it’s your last chance to go get something to eat.  I’m not kidding.  Go pour your coffee and at least get a piece of toast.  Or you’ll be sooooorrrry.

This is one of those breakfast casserole things.  With eggs and sausage and lots of other goodies.  A salty delight to cut all the sweet from Karen’s dish.  And do not ask me who made it.

More yummy sweets.  With cinnamon.  Rolled up.  Mmmmmmm.

How about this French toast-y dish……..

…….with syrup, of course.

A crunchy addition to breakfast.  And don’t you just love the way the light shines in on Judy’s table?

Chips and homemade dip.  Just what every buffet table needs.  And I know it’s homemade because I made it.

Yum.  Brittle.  I was going to say peanut brittle, but I’m not sure it’s peanuts in this one.  And it’s just the thing to round out breakfast, don’t you think?

Chocolate.  You can’t have a JSS party without chocolate.  Notice there is more chocolate hiding in the box behind these treats on pretzels.

I absolutely love cream cheese and anything.  If it has cream cheese in it, it just has to be great!

More cream cheese.  This time with pineapple and nuts and I’m not sure what else.  But I do know it was delish.

Olive spread.  And for this one I can even link to the recipe!  Because it’s from The Pioneer Woman.  I didn’t make it, but I know where it came from.  And even if you don’t want to make this olive spread (but if you like olives at all, you need to make this), you really must go to the site and read the recipe.  It will make you laugh out loud.  And right about now you might need a good laugh, right?

PW’s Olive Cheese Bread

She actually spreads this stuff on bread and then bakes it so the cheese melts over the bread.  But halfway through the recipe she tells you how great it is as a cracker spread.  And that’s the part that will make you laugh out loud.  Promise.  You can kick me if you read it and don’t laugh or, at the very least, smile real big.  Really.

This beautiful concoction has apples, cranberries, oatmeal and lots and lots of sugar.  Yum.

Here’s an overview of the whole table.  Only every time I strolled around the table and took pics, things got added.  And there was more in the kitchen.  It was a day for eating.  Lots of eating.  Have you gained weight just looking at the pics yet?  There’s more….

Scones.  I love scones for breakfast.  Wish I had some right now, don’t you?

Pumpkin spread.  And a little fruit just to make things healthy.  Yeah, right.

I don’t know what these are, but they were wonderful.

Chocolate anyone?

More fruit.  Just keepin’ it real.

Hot cider on the stove.  See the steam?  Yum.

Is it possible to have a party this time of year without some of this stuff?  Ultra-pasteurized – Grade A.

This braided bread thing was as pretty as it was yummy.


…………….. times two.

Here’s a full plate!  And this was just breakfast.  Wait until you see lunch!

Cucumber sandwiches.  I love these.  I’m sure there is cream cheese involved.

This corn relish/salad/dip was spectacular!  Who made it?  I have to have the recipe!  Please comment!  I want some now!

Cute little sandwiches.

A wonderful salad.

Fabulous bundt cake.

Little sausages in barbecue sauce.  A holiday party must!

Yummy little sandwiches.

A really delicious carrot salad.

Blackberry cobbler.  Brought by a newbie.  She’s in.

I think these had spinach inside.  They were soooooooo good.

Hang in there.  I know it’s time to fix dinner.  Only a few photos to go…..

We could have had only this and it would have been enough.  Oh, my.  And this blog would have been oh, so much shorter.

Shepherd’s Pie.  Really, really good.

My plate at lunch.  And of course I filled it 65 more times in order to have one bite of everything.  But I’m only making you suffer through one picture.  I see you applauding.

Here’s a big portion of the gang grazing around the table.  We each made 24 passes.  Because we didn’t want to miss anything.  The worst part was getting full too early.  Life is tough, isn’t it?

And here’s Suz waving from way across the room (I zoomed.)  We know she’s waving because her hand is one big blur.  Let’s just pretend that she’s waving goodbye.  Because this is the end of the food.

But it’s definitely not the end of the party.  I still have more Show ‘n Tell things to show.  And some other random pics from the day.  Remember.  I took 518 pics.  There is more to come.  We might, just might, finish in time for the next JSS Christmas party.  In 2011.

Merry Christmas!

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9 Responses to Party Food!

  1. Susan Bancroft says:

    Ummmmmmmmm… was all really yummy, I can attest to that. However, by party’s end, I was so full that I hadn’t been able to taste it all and therefore demand that we do it over! 🙂

  2. Judy Terry Linn says:

    OK – That’s IT! We need to do this ALL OVER AGAIN!

    I did NOT see half that food, nor did I taste half that food. I must have stopped after 34 rounds.

    Hmmm mmmm good!!!

  3. Diane Wyte says:

    I just shot my diet looking at this blog – makes me want to go and cook – no eat—- Everything looked so yummy and colorful – and I was only cyber-grazing too! Now – a new idea for a 2011 project – a JSS cookbook of party favorites! Can that be made into a challenge?

  4. Pam Barr says:

    Love the cookbook idea! I’m SO hungry after reading.

  5. Laurel H. says:

    Good googamooga; how long were u gals partying and eating?!!

  6. Peggy says:

    I was thinking ‘cook book’ too………..and adding it to the challenge next year gives us all plenty of start time………..right??? We really do need another project! The food is always great and we sure know how to enjoy eating it! Just will help to keep the party going on and on and on………….

  7. Patty Spinelli says:

    Oh yum!! I am so glad I ate breakfast before I saw these pictures. Everything looked so good. I would be interested in a cookbook!!! What a wonderful idea…I really need to come to next years Christmas Party. It looks and sounds like such a wonderful time. Thanks Barb.

  8. Madelyn Norville says:

    OK, it’s after 9:00 PM and I don’t have anything in my kitchen that looks that good! Now what should I do? And don’t tell me to fast!

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